The Paddle for Lying

Principal Lana Miller wants Sunny X to tell her about the slumber party but when she won't tell it's spanking time

It’s the final part of “Exclusive Education 11” on Girl Spanks Girl and Sunny X is in trouble with Principal Lana Miller when she gets the paddle for lying!

We’ve seen Lana spank Sunny over a bed before, but this is an OTK hand spanking followed by the hairbrush and then a large wooden punishment board paddling. This part of the movie is set in the Principal’s office and Principal Miller is trying to get to the bottom of what happened at the slumber party and she wants to get all the info from Sunny. However, Sunny is less than co-operative and holds out, so the strict principal starts to extract the information from her through the tried and trusted means of a spanking…

When she lies, she gets some with a large, wooden paddle.

Sunny X gets the paddle for lying

And, there you have it, the worst punishments in spanking movies come from lying! Why do you do it girls? This large paddle might also be called a school paddle or a punishment board. The large, thick wooden implement looks very mean indeed, and probably stings even more. Sunny X’s large ebony bottom gets a good ass whooping from Lana who is definitely in no mood to be lied to on this occasion.

Exclusive Education 11, part 3 – gallery

After the spanking Principal Miller goes back to her desk and leaves Sunny X doing some corner time and rubbing her big, ebony bottom…

Sunny X does corner time after her paddling from Principal Miller

Pretty ebony fetish model Sunny X really does get a sound beating in her school uniform in part 3 of Exclusive Education 11. You can catch up with the rest of the movie and the whole Exclusive Education series, only at Girl Spanks Girl! And, for more from both Sunny and Lana Miller sign up to Clare Fonda Pass!

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Exclusive Education 11

Teacher, Bella Bathory, and naughty girls in nightwear have a slumber party in Exclusive Education 11

As I write this it’s the end of 2016, going into 2017. The days are getting longer, spring is around the corner and to make things even better “Exclusive Education 11” has arrived! We’re used to seeing the annual school-themed Exclusive Education movies in the summer during what would be school holidays, but this time the series starts off in winter to warm our hearts and these naughty bottoms…

You’ll recognize a lot of the faces this year, we’ve seen all of them before. Bella Bathory is the teacher and we start off with the class having a sleepover. If this installment had a subtitle it should be “boobs and bottoms” because in their sexy nightwear these ladies have curves in all the right places, and teacher Bella, also in a nightgown, is ready to spank them all. The ladies here are peroxide blonde cutie Stevie Rose, tall redhead Maddy Marks, pint-sized brunette beauty Elori Stix who gets “slut” written across her ass, busty babe with short blond hair Tori Avano and everyone should know stunning Angela Sommers by now.

Cute and curvy Elori Stix has slut written on her bare ass then spanked

It’s a slumber party and when a pillow fight breaks out each girl goes over teacher’s knee in turn for a bare bottom hand spanking and hairbrush paddling. But then the teacher leaves the room and the girls turn on teacher’s pet Angela with all the girls spanking her at once. But, Bella returns in time to catch them all red-handed…

When Bella leaves the room, the other girls start spanking Angela, lead by instigators Maddy Marks and Elori Stix. Bella decides to give each girl an over-the-knee spanking and lets Angela do the same. Bella uses the paddle on the instigators with lots of red sore buns in part 1 of this epic series.

Teacher supervises as teacher's pet Angela spanks Stevie Rose OTK

With all seven ladies in nightwear for part one of this feature-length spanking movie, things have got hot really quickly. The all-star cast are all looking very sexy and we’re loving the boobs and bottoms this year! Stevie Rose seems to be everywhere at once at the moment so of course she would also be in the centerpiece of Girl Spanks Girl too, it seems like she, Maddy Marks and Angela Sommers have been very busy with spanking scenes in 2016. Other ladies such as Elori Stix may not have been as prolific in terms of quantity of scenes, but the cute and curvy brunette is a real jewel in this spanking crown, among bigger names in spanking she really stands out and possibly steals the show. You decide!

Watch all of “Exclusive Education 11” as it gets added to Girl Spanks Girl bit by bit until very soon the full-feature-length movie will be available to download. You can also catch all ten previous movies only at Girl Spanks Girl!!

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Exclusive Education 10

The naughty schoolgirls in part one of Exclusive Education 10

Readers will know about the Exclusive Education (EE) tradition that always happens once-a-year on Girl Spanks Girl. Well, normally it appears in the summer but this year (technically 2016, but it’s for 2015) the classroom spanking drama is a ray of sunshine to light up the wintertime. With it’s two parts and many of the hottest spanking models, “Exclusive Education 10” is one of the biggest ever!

There are two parts, with different models in each part, but for now we’ll focus on part one as that’s what you’ll see to begin with.

The teacher is Bella Bathory, who we’ve not seen a huge amount of so far, just a very severe BDSM scene, Top Domme, where she gets tied up and punished by Snow Mercy. In that scene she was a submissive, but here, as the teacher, she is definitely on top and takes no nonsense from the six naughty students. The students are: Angela Sommers, Maddy Marks and Stevie Rose (who you’ll recognise from these pages) plus Elori Stix, Tori Avano and Marie (who are new)!

First impressions are that Bella Bathory makes an amazing domme, Elori Stix looks like the pick of the newbies and Angela Sommers wins the prize for being most glamorous…

Teacher Bella Bathory spanks naughty schoolgirl Angela Sommers in Exclusive Education 10

So, even the first part of Exclusive Education 10 is huge. As with previous years the running time is way bigger than most spanking movies and has a cast much larger than most spanking scenes you’ll see. All the models here, as always, are over 18 but the classroom setting and school uniforms definitely adds an ageplay element to the action.

Stevie Rose spanks Maddy Marks OTK with Elori Stix and teacher Bella Bathory watching

It has been 10 years since we started sharing our annual big school girl shoot and EE10 is one of the best ever. Teacher Bella is leading detention with 6 naughty girls who are just begging for an over-the-knee hand spanking from this powerful (and beautiful) lady. They each get a firm hand spanking from from her, then she has the girls spank each other with a hairbrush. And finally, the instigator gets 15 with a large paddle from Miss Bella.

Part one of Exclusive Education 10 – gallery

Bella Bathory spanks the main culprit Elori Stix OTK with the punishment board

So, in this one huge part six naughty schoolgirls get spanked by teacher, then spank each other with the hairbrush and finally, ringleader Elori Stix gets paddled with the punishment board over the teacher’s knee. That’s a lot of spanking! As with every year, one of the things to look forward to is the lineup of spanked bottoms. This year the lineup looks very nice, especially with the sexy blonde teacher looking strict and sexy at the end holding the large paddle…

Exclusive Education 10: lineup of spanked bottoms

2016’s Exclusive Education 10 looks like it certainly keeps up the standard of previous years, and with part two yet to arrive there is plenty of variety aswell as scale. This year’s new teacher fits right in and adds some glamour, along with sexy student Angela Sommers. There is no Snow Mercy this year which is a shame but you can always re-watch the first 9 EE movies to see the likes of Snow, Clare Fonda, Sarah Gregory and Pixie in the cast. You can watch EE 1-9 and download the latest movie as it’s added at Girl Spanks Girl!

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Cheerleader Spanking Epic!

Cheer coach Snow Mercy starts a round of cheerleader spanking in Exclusive Education 9

As reported recently in this preview, “Exclusive Education 9” has arrived on Girl Spanks Girl and this year’s twist is that all the naughty ladies happen to be cheerleaders and are all wearing their sexy uniforms for the summer Cheer Camp with coach, Snow Mercy.

As is the case every year, there are a lot of girls – each and every one gets several OTK spankings. And every year there is a good mix of different models, this year being a particularly good year with a very diverse mix of naughty cheerleaders. The main protagonist and the reason for all the spankings that follow, is Christy Cutie, who instigates all the spanking when she gets into a fight with Willow and forces the other cheerleaders to all spank her while the coach is out of the room. These photos are from when the coach returns and finds her favorite cheerleader, Christy, getting picked on by the other girls. This leads to her taking each cheerleader one-by-one and spanking her over her knee with the hand.

Exclusive Education 9 – Cheerleader Spanking gallery

Ebony Chanell Heart is the next girl in line in this cheerleader spanking epic

Snow Mercy then invites poor Christy, who she still thinks is the innocent party in all this, to help her spank the cheerleaders. The two of them spank back-to-back with both the hand, then the wooden hairbrush, in a style that will be familiar to anyone who has seen one of the previous “Exclusive Education” movies…

Willow Lynn gets spanked with the hairbrush on her bare bottom OTK

Every year the latest “Exclusive Education” is much anticipated, and every year there is some kind of new twist and a different set of ladies who have their lovely behinds bared for a good spanking. This year’s crop is as good as ever with big names Christy Cutie and Alex Reynolds, being joined by emerging spanking starlets Willow Lynn and Koko Kitten, and pornstars Chanell Heart, Lana Lopez and Yasmine DeLeon, not to mention Lilly.

You can watch much of this cheerleader spanking epic right now at Girl Spanks Girl where you’ll also find the rest of the Exclusive Education movies (all 8 full length spanking movies)!

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Exclusive Education 9 Preview

Cheerleader Christy Cutie gets caned by Snow Mercy in Exclusive Education 9

It’s summer which can only mean one thing… a new Exclusive Education movie on Girl Spanks Girl!

This year we’re up to number 9. There is always some kind of twist in every Exclusive Education movie to make each one different from the ones before. In 2014 a fresh batch of ladies go to Snow Mercy’s Cheerleader Camp. There have been Cheerleaders in the movies before but here there are eight cheerleaders all getting spanked in one epic spanking movie, that has to be a first! Then there is sexy teacher/cheer coach Snow Mercy to keep them all in line.

Exclusive Education 9: Cheerleader Camp has naughty cheerleaders Willow Lynn, Koko Kitten, Alex Reynolds, Chanell Heart, Lana Lopez, Yasmine DeLeon and Lilly… with the main protagonist and star of the show being Christy Cutie. Every year there tends to be a good mix of naughty bottoms to get spanked by the teachers but this year there seems to be more diversity than ever. Fetish/spanking models to pornstars… white, Latina, ebony and Asian… well known models to lesser known newbies.

The long-awaited Exclusive Education 9 will start getting added to Girl Spanks Girl in the next few days!

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A Bare (Bottom) in the Woods!

Snow Mercy bends over Missy Rhodes and gets her bare bottom spanked in the French sunshine

It’s day 3 of Exclusive Education 8 and the ladies are on a hike in the French countryside. Teacher Snow Mercy was caught smoking and drinking by some of her students. So, when the girls go on a hike with their teacher in the woods of France, they decide it’s time for a little payback. They bend Snow over little Missy Rhodes and spank her hard with their hands, and she even gets 10 whacks with a wooden brush by Nikki Rouge while students Missy, Veronica Ricci and Koko Kitten watch and laugh…

Snow Mercy bends over Missy Rhodes and gets her bare bottom spanked in the French sunshine in “Exclusive Education 8”

Teacher Snow Mercy gets paddled with a wooden brush in Exclusive Education 8

As fall turns to winter this year’s Exclusive Education is coming to an end. All the students on the field trip have been well spanked by their strict and sexy teacher, and this little twist in the tale makes the story all the sweeter. You can watch the summer’s hottest spanking movie, EE8, in full plus all seven previous Exclusive Education movies now at Girl Spanks Girl!

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Exclusive Education 8

Teacher Ms Snow gets ready to discipline her class while on vacation in the South of France

Exclusive Education 8 is finally here and the eighth installment of the classroom spanking drama is a little different to the norm. This year a class of ladies and their teacher go on a field trip to the South of France.

As always, this is a school-themed spanking movie but all the ladies involved are over the age of 18.

But, we’re leaping ahead of ourselves, first of all Veronica Ricci finds out that two ladies have cheated in a test. You may remember Celeste Star and Ela Darling have already spanked each other over the same offense in this post, but now that Veronica knows aswell it’s up to her to punish the two cheats. If she tells the teacher the two won’t be able to travel to France with the rest of the class so, of course, the solution is for the two naughty schoolgirls to be spanked by Veronica over her knee…

Veronica Ricci spanks Celeste Star and Ela Darling in return for not telling the teacher about their cheating

…but when Veronica goes back on her word and tells the teacher anyway the trip is over before it’s begun for the two naughty schoolgirls. To get their own back they both hold Veronica down and spank her with their hands, and even give her a paddling with a wooden hand mirror. At the end they strip sexy redhead Veronica naked and she is forced to leave the room with her bright red bottom on display for the world to see…

Veronica gets a revenge spanking and is left naked with a bright red bottom

“Exclusive Education 8” is starting now on Girl Spanks Girl! Parts two and three see the rest of the ladies (Missy Rhodes, Koko Kitten, Nikki Rouge, Buffy Buffington, Veronica Ricci and teacher Snow Mercy) on location in the French sunshine where there is, of course, plenty of spankings.

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The Governess Returns!

Syren De Mer spanks Veronica Ricci in the Governess Returns

The Governess Returns” is the current feature at Girl Spanks Girl. The strict Governess, Syren De Mer, is back to instill her brand of discipline on the two naughty sisters Veronica Ricci and Kay Richards. The sexy tanned MILF with the sculpted figure and the loving of discipline waists no time in getting straight to the bottom of things with some fantastic over the knee spanking.

The Governess series is not only about two beautiful and naughty ladies getting punished by their busty domme, it’s also about age-play with some nostalgia thrown in for good measure. To begin with the two naughty girls (of course, when we say girls they are both over 18 years old) are in their dropseat pajamas, adult onesies or rompersuits may be fashionable among some people at the moment but I don’t think most of them have dropseats in them, so for an adult-sized all-in-one suit to have a dropseat is particularly kinky and perfect for age-play. If this wasn’t enough Syren also makes the two dress up in “toddler outfits” with pacifiers in their mouths. Both the all-in-ones and the “toddler outfits” are extremely kinky and definitely nod to times gone by.

Even if you’re not excited by the ageplay here there really isn’t much not to like. Syren De Mer is fast becoming one of my favorite spanking tops and Veronica and Kay are two of my favorite spankees. When all three come together with a sexy storyline sparks seem to fly from Syren’s hand and hairbrush as she teaches the two some very hard and painful lessons.

For more photos from “Governess Returns” take a look at some of the photos in this gallery. There is some nice photography on show too, as well as the crystal clear movies we’ve come to expect from all the Clare Fonda Pass websites.

With “Exclusive Education 8” almost upon us now is a great time to join Girl Spanks Girl and get all seven of the series so far in full. Each new installment of the classroom drama introduces some new aspects as well as a classroom full of the hottest female spankees around. This summer’s eagerly anticipated eighth Exclusive Education is set to be very different from the previous ones but the schoolgirl theme remains, as does the large cast and sexy girl-on-girl spanking. We can’t wait…

Girl Spanks Girl is known for it’s longer feature-length spanking movies and the hottest girl-on-girl spanking action! “The Governess Returns” is no different and is a must see!

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Unruly Schoolgirls thrashed in Class

The class of Exclusive Education 7 sit and await their punishments

Here’s some more from the “Spanking Event of the Summer”! Exclusive Education 7 is here and the class of 2012 are one of the hottest line-ups so far with plenty of fan favorites and newbies to see, not to mention this is one of the best storylines.

If you’ve seen any of the previous Exclusive Education movies you’ll know that Lana plays Principal Miller, this year teacher, Snow Mercy, has a teaching assistant, Sarah Gregory. There is also the introduction of the principal’s assistant, Kay Richards, who is looking very sexy in her smart dress suit and hair tied up.

Ms. Snow is called to the Principal’s office where Principal Miller is dealing with a naughty schoolgirl. While she is out of the room, Snow leaves her teacher’s aide to watch over her class. With the teacher gone the class becomes unruly and Christy Cutie begins stripping off Paris Kennedy’s clothes. When Ms. Snow returns chaos has broken out so she and Sarah spank all the students over their knees, two at a time, first with hand, then with hairbrush. The instigator of the disruption, Christy Cutie, is also a major brat and gets 20 with the cane for her part in the naughtiness.

Christy Cutie with her hands on her head is ready to go over Ms Snow's lap

This year’s schoolgirls are also some of the nicest yet with some real beauties with lovely figures. Christy and Veronica Ricci are two of the main characters here and both are very pretty with big boobs, round bottoms and slim waists. Other schoolgirls include familiar faces Phoenix Askani and Katherine St. James who are joined by less familiar, but equally in need of discipline, schoolgirls Koko, Riley, Edanya and Ginger S. Exclusive Education 7 proves to be not only the biggest movie in terms of the size of the cast (15 ladies), but with all the different parts of the plot there is plenty of action and twists as not only the students but the teachers aswell get a good spanking.

Schoolgirls Christy Cutie and Paris Kennedy get spanked together at the front of the classroom

Christy Cutie and a class of eight schoolgirls get spanked in the classroom – gallery

This scene is just one part of “Exclusive Education 7”. You can watch the full spanking movie as it gets added and the first six movies are already up in full on Girl Spanks Girl…. and as always you can join Girl Spanks Girl as part of the great-value Clare Fonda Pass!!

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Exclusive Education 7 Preview

Hot off the press on Girl Spanks Girl is the new and eagerly anticipated “Exclusive Education 7“. The seventh year of this mold-breaking spanking movie series is bigger and even better than the previous six. This time around there are more ladies, more twists and turns and more bare bottom spanking in the classroom.

Among the cast this time Principal Miller (Lana) and teacher Snow Mercy are joined by new teacher, Sarah Gregory. Veronica Ricci returns as a naughty schoolgirl along with Kat St. James (Kat is now a brunette), Paris Kennedy, Phoenix Askani, Christy Cutie and some ladies you may not have seen before such as Riley, Edanya, Ginger and Koko.

You can watch the full “Exclusive Education 7” movie as it gets added and the first six movies are already up in full on Girl Spanks Girl…. and as always you can join Girl Spanks Girl as part of the great-value Clare Fonda Pass!!

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