Galas’s Red Round Bottom

Sarah Gregory spanks Galas Loonar's red, round bottom

Another mouth-watering update from Sarah Gregory Spanking today featuring two hot, curvy models that it’s a joy to watch get into a steamy lesbian scene.

In “Red Bottomed Revenge” Sarah Gregory had been spanked by her lesbian girlfriend, Galas Loonar, the previous night. The couple are in a D/s relationship but Sarah felt that her spanking was undeserved, so today it’s time for payback. She takes her short-haired girlfriend over her knee and spanks that curvy, round bottom as hard as she can. Sarah has already had cause to spank her once today so a second spanking on that luscious bottom is very painful… Galas screams as her already sore, marked, spanked bottom is spanked again!

Sarah Gregory spanks Galas Loonar’s red, round bottom in “Red Bottomed Revenge”

The two girlfriends makeup after the spanking and embrace in a passionate kiss

It seems that sexy Latina, Galas, is always changing her appearance. When I first saw her she was a slutty minx with peroxide blond hair in a tight fishnet dress, since then she has gone on to do many extremely sexy scenes either nude or clothed with different looks. Here she has gone for a tomboy look with short brown hair, but still manages to look very feminine with her pretty face and hourglass figure. At the beginning of the scene her round ass is almost popping out of her panties, which seem to be slightly too small for that big, round booty. Then, when Sarah pulls the panties down we get the full view of what is an amazing butt as it gets spanked til it is very red and sore!

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Wet Bottoms

Busty Sarah Gregory kneels in the bath tub naked to spank Galas Loonar on the bare, wet bottom

Some of the sexiest spanking scenarios involve nice, wet bottoms. Some nice examples might be a poolside spanking with wet bikini bottoms getting pulled off as her bubblebutt is spanked nice and red by the lifeguard, or a bathtub spanking where someone bursts in on a naughty lady as she is bathing only to pull her out of the hot water and spank her over the side of the tub. This wet bottom spanking is a little different in that two ladies are taking a bath together having just been spanked at school.

We’ve seen Galas Loonar before as a blonde but here she is as a brunette. She looked very slutty with peroxide locks and a figure-hugging seethru mesh outfit showing off her amazing curves, here with her brown bob she looks more sensible and much less slutty. But while she may look more grownup with this hairstyle there is no mistaking that big curvy bottom. If Galas looked like a slut with blonde hair, she looks like a girl-next-door who you can imagine being a secretary with her neat brown bob. And like all secretarys she may be smart, hard-working and professional in the office but in her spare time is a completely different story…

Gala's already spanked bottom hurts a lot when sexy Sarah gets it nice and wet before slapping it

The storyline os this spanking scene has lesbian girlfriends Sarah Gregory and Galas in the tub together comparing the spankings they got at school from their hot teacher. When Galas says she kinda has a crush on him, Sarah is not too happy. Sarah spanks her girlfriend on her wet bottom for crushing on someone else other than her. Then Galas decides to spank Sarah for the hell of it, which turns them both on…

Galas Loonar decides to spank Sarah back with both ladies still naked and wet

As you can see, talking about hair color, Sarah has blonde hair in this spanking and she looks amazing as she both spanks and is spanked on her lovely round wet bottom.

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Three Bikini Beauties get Spanked

Vivian, Sarah Gregory and Galas Loonar get tracked down in their bikinis when they go missing

Today’s preview comes from the “Spankings in Nude Orleans” episode of Sarah Gregory Spanking. It’s definitely a hot, summer spanking with three beauties starting off by stripping their bikini tops before Sarah’s “Daddy” catches them all and decides to punish them all.

As she is the one Paul is most angry with it is Sarah Gregory who goes first over his knee with her bikini bottoms taken down…

Sarah Gregory gets spanked hard by her daddy for going missing

Sarah Gregory is joined by her two friends Galas Loonar and Vivian. Sexy blonde Galas is next to go over Paul’s knee…

Galas Loonar gets her cute, round bare bottom thrashed

Then it is Vivian’s turn to get her little, round bubblebutt spanked, both with her bikini bottoms on, then on the bare. Vivian is a sexy lady covered in tattoos all over her body. The only place that isn’t tattooed are her lovely breasts, which she has nipple-pierced for good measure. She has pale, white skin, as most tattooed ladies have, the only places that aren’t white are her red lips and blushing bottom…

Vivian gets her bikini bottoms pulled down and her bare bottom gets spanked red

Finally all three naughty ladies are lined up next to each other on the couch with their already red bottoms in the air for a final group spanking…

All three almost nude ladies inspect their sore, bare bottoms after their spankings

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Pink Heels and a Red Bottom

The two ladies are surprised when Sarah's dad comes home early

This is the first part of the “Burn Sinner Burn” movie that sees Galas Loonar and Sarah Gregory getting spanked by Sarah’s dad for dressing up like sluts to go out to a club. The old man came home early and caught them as they’re about to leave dressed in their slutty outfits. Sarah’s dad is a preacher so he does not appreciate his daughter wearing a very short dress and going to a night club, especially when her friend looks like a hooker. Galas is dressed in a see-thru, red fishnet dress with black stockings and pink heels… And so, Galas is the first to go over the knee…

Pretty blonde gets her big, round bottom spanked hard as Sarah watches

…the curvy, perxide blonde with the shapely bottom gets a good spanking and that big, round bottom looks very good over a knee. Sarah watches as her friend gets put through her paces and gets a nice, red bottom to match those sexy pink heels.

Pretty blonde gets her big, round bottom spanked hard as Sarah watches gallery

After this it’s Sarah’s turn to go over her daddy’s knee for a spanking, as she gets her bottom spanked Galas rubs her reddened bottom in the background, very sexy indeed. You can see the full movie only at Sarah Gregory Spanking!

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