Maggy Maggy Maggy

Maggy returns to Girls Boarding School and is spanked OTK

Maggy is back at the Girls’ Boarding School and she’s in trouble again! Not sure exactly why she’s in trouble, she’s making so much noise that it almost drowns out anything the strict teacher is saying, but needless to say that she is in trouble. The curvy redhead with large breasts starts off by being spanked over her trousers, then over her panties and finally gets her bare ass spanked good to finish off. This all takes place over the knee…

Maggy returns to Girls Boarding School and is spanked OTK movies

There are prettier, slimmer babes out there getting their pert little bubble butts spanked but Maggy remains a personal favorite of mine. She is a nice rounded chick with plenty of cleavage and you can spank her as hard as you like, she’ll wail and moan, but you can spank her hard and well until she’s learned her lesson.

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Girls Boarding School

School Uniform Hand Spanking

School Uniform OTK Hand Spanking

There are many different kinds of spanking porn. Many spanking movies are filmed with professional models or pornstars and some are made with amateur babes who are just really into the spanking scene.. spankos!

This School Uniform* Hand Spanking movie seems to be the latter, I’ve not seen this lady before and I’d say that she was definitely an amateur. Whether she’s enjoying the spanking I can’t really tell, all you can say for sure is that it’s a pretty hard and painful OTK session. Her big, white bottom gets smacked into a dark pink color so that when she’s doing her corner time at the end the sight of her well-spanked bottom poking out from under her school uniform and long, pretty hair makes her look like a very bad and naughty schoolgirl indeed.

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Girls Boarding School

* We are talking about adults (18+) in this blog post, and all posts on this website.

Ebony Babe Punished in front of her Sister

Ebony Babe Punished in front of her Sister

I don’t know what it is but I’m loving black babes at the moment.. generally speaking there are nowhere near enough ebony chicks in porn for my liking. I love white girls but it is always a treat to see a nice black, asian or latina girl getting spanked.

Here is a double treat as we have one black babe getting spanked and caned in front of another black girl…

Ebony Babe Punished in front of her Sister gallery

This may be a complete stereotype, and please correct me if I’m wrong, but black women tend to have nice, round bottoms.. from the busty, curvy ladies who have a large rack and big, round ass, to the slim teens with their perky titties and little bubble butts. Mmmm. Love it. Anyways, one of our favorite black babes to get a spanking is Sally who can be found getting spanked in various positions at…

Girls Boarding School

Lisa Strapped on her Hands – Topless

Lisa Strapped on her Hands - Topless

It is not surprising that Lisa should end up getting punished again. The sexy brunette is often spanked on her tight, teen bottom with either the hand, belt or cane. Here the naughty girl with the sexy, slim body and lovely, firm breasts is topless for a strap punishment on her hands…

Topless Lisa gets her hands strapped gallery

While seeing Lisa bend over and getting her amazing bottom slapped is the hottest thing in the world, this shows another side of sexy Lisa.. that is her breasts! I like the way she has to put the hand that is not being punished on the top of her head. She’s looking as hot as ever in her pigtails and the fact that this is a punishment on her hands means that we can see her face and breasts as she’s getting punished.. and that strap really looks like it hurts!

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Girls Boarding School

Lisa in trouble with her friend.. AGAIN!!

Lisa and her friend are scolded before their punishment

When Lisa and her friend write something on a piece of paper and stick it on the back of their teacher’s jacket they should not be surprised when he is less than impressed. It seems that today’s punishment will be for the two naughty ladies and instead of being over the knee or over a school desk, this punishment requires one girl to lift the other onto her back so her bare bottom can be thrashed. The two girls worked together to make the sign so they can work together in their punishments..

Strapping and caning movies

It works really well, you get the drama of changing from girl to girl with short bursts of the leather strap and cane. There’s minimal movement due to the obedience of the girls and the position they’re in.. it’s like one girl is helping to hold the other in place. Why aren’t more spankings like this??

Girls Boarding School

Lisa from GBS

Lisa from GBS

We’ve featured this spanking before but these photos of the aftermath of Lisa’s spanking are definitely worth a peek.

There are a few girls out there that have amazing bottoms. Each bottom is different but perfect in its own way. Lisa from Girls Boarding School has a slim body with what appears to be a small, pert, round bottom but when she is bending over the knee it becomes this tight, round package of goodness that is just made for spanking. She’s sooo cute.

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Girls Boarding School

Sophie’s Back

Sophie is strapped and caned to tears

Sophie AKA Spanked Cutie is back.. or should I say, Sophie has been bad. She has been very very bad and broken the rules again. You can see just how bad she’s been by watching these strapping and caning vids.

Sophie bends over the table with her light, summer skirt flipped up onto her back so that her big round ass is naked and on display. Her bottom is larger here than we remember but this cutie has always had an impressive rear.

First up, the teacher has the strap for her, or rather a long leather belt he has folded into two. Even a spanko like Sophie starts to blubber after only a few swats of the belt on her plump bottom. Readers will know that it is not the first time that Sophie has found herself bend over a table getting punished.. that particular position must either be her favorite or least favorite because she seems to find herself in it quite a lot. After every stroke of the belt we see Sophie wriggle and the tears are really flowing from her eyes.

The belt is followed by the cane which Sophie seems to be able to deal a lot better with. She stays in position, not moving her bottom at all, so he is able to get a steady rhythm as he canes her sore ass. While each stroke of the cane is followed swiftly by another this is a considerable punishment and not for the feign of heart. Sophie’s poor bottom gets very red and bruised as teacher canes her harshly for breaking the rules.

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Girls Boarding School

Very cute babe spanked to tears

Very cute babe spanked to tears over the sofa

We’ve featured this babe before but she’s so cute that we couldn’t not feature her again. The photo set itself is a very good example of a “faces” study, especially as the girl is spanked very hard on her bare bottom, so hard that she really does start to sob. These are very real tears people and she is soo cute. The only thing that would make the set any better would be to see her perfect bubble butt at the same time as her cute face but that is an impossibility so either you get a little box with the butt in or you just focus on her very beautiful face and imagine her naughty red ass.

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Hot babe with Nice Ass Caned!!

Hot babe with Nice Ass Caned!!

The Girls Boarding School really does have some nice punishments! Take this bare bottomed caning for example.

The naughty babe bends over with her knees on a straight-backed chair and her hands on the floor so that her ass is high up in the air. She’s cute and the perfect weight so even with her legs together we can still see her lovely shaved pussy as her ass is striped by the hard caning.

Another harsh but fair punishment from the good people at…

Girls Boarding School

Lovely Double OTK spankings for 2 hot girls

Lovely Double OTK spankings for 2 hot girls

This scene shows the petite girl in the tiny pink skirt demonstrating to her friend in the blue T-shirt how to take a spanking. And it is actually a very hard and fast hand-spanking with the teacher spanking with what must be full-force on the girl’s little bubble butt. When he pauses for breath to ask the quiet observer what she thinks of her friend’s spanking the girl does not say too much but the spanked girl re-assures her that it is very painful but that its not as bad as it looks. See some stills in this school spanking gallery.

I’m not sure how the girl knows how hard it looks, maybe she knows she’s been “ow”ing and wincing with every super-hard smack on her tender buttocks.

After a jolly good OTK for one girl it’s the spanking virgin’s turn to see for herself how it feels to get a good old OTK from the teacher!

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