Four Hot Bottoms

Hanging out instead of working costs Hailey Lockhart a no-nonsense spanking

It’s a good time for updates at Firm Hand Spanking with four very pretty girls, including one newbie, getting their lovely round bottoms spanked hard!

Pretty newbie Hailey Lockhart, above, learns that life as an intern is hard if she doesn’t deliver her work on time. She’s hanging out in the staff lounge, so her boss berates her before telling her to lift that skirt and kneel on a chair for a spanking! Her booty reddens as fast as her face, as she realises someone may walk in any moment – but she has to take it!

Then, Annabelle Lee has been spanked in real life, but never with an implement and never as hard as she got it for her Firm Hand debut! It’s all part of an exclusive interview with Annabelle. “Hearing an English accent was hot,” she admits of disciplinarian Earl Grey. But she couldn’t enjoy it, because of the intensity of the spankings! “It pushed my limits!”

Cheerleader Annabelle Lee gives an exclusive interview about spanking videos

To watch all three of these updates plus the huge archive of pretty babes reaping the rewards of their constant bratting and bad behaviour, check out Firm Hand Spanking.

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