Justine Rosenberg earns the Strap

Justine Rosenberg earns the Strap for lying movie

Naughty redhead Justine Rosenberg has been lying to her boss, preferring to lie rather than do any hard work! However, the boss soon uncovers her weak attempts at deception and decides she either takes a bare bottom thrashing or she can leave without any pay! She needs the money and the job so the sexy redhead lowers her panties for the spanking. Bending over a chair with her cute, freckled butt in the air she gets a firm, hard smacking with her boss’s open hand. The hard hand smacks start to leave an impression on her pale rump and you can really see the handprints. Her ass gets redder and redder.. She takes her hand-spanking punishment fairly well, but when she is bent over for the nasty punishment strap you can hear her protests increase as she snivels and begs for it to stop!

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Justine Rosenberg earns the Strap for lying movie

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