Taught Discipline the hard way

Taught Discipline the hard way

Sometimes lessons of life can be painful. They certainly are for this girl as she’s taught Discipline the hard way.

It’s a cute spanking movie and the girl’s white buttocks get a good spanking and soon turn red as she is disciplined by a pillar of the community. She starts off resisting a little but eventually gets into position and holds it while her bottom is slapped. It’s not the best quality sample in the world but kinda nice clips for a day like today.

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Plump lady spanked with a belt

Plump lady spanked with a belt

In this spanking movie gallery the slightly plump lady learns that stolen ideas lead to spanking as she is spanked with a belt at work!

She gets found out while preparing a presentation on the white board and is immediately challenged about it by her colleague. When it becomes clear that she has sneakily used someone else’s idea and is more than willing to accept the credit for the idea there can be nothing for it other than a bare bottom spanking, and in fact, her large plump ass gets an extra lesson from a leather belt. This is a nice spanking scene that sees the chubby woman strip completely naked and bend over against the wall for the strap. The naughty lady is older than a lot of the spanking models on spanking websites so it’s a refreshing change and I like the way that she is very normal looking but still made to go through the embarrassment of stripping naked for her punishment.

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Sales rep asks for her Spanking

Sales rep asks for her spanking


When a female member of the sales team performs badly and gets worse results than even the newer members of the team she decides to ask for a spanking from her boss. See the results in these spanked at work movies.

This babe seems to enjoy geting her bare bum cheeks spanked and soon the temperature has risen to a point where she is jerking her boss off while he slaps her naughty bum. While she starts of counting the swats now she thanks him for each spank and even asks for him to hit her bottom harder. A nice spanking and sex movie.. looks like their employer/employee relationship may change from now on 😉

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Schoolgirl Bum Spanked

Schoolgirl Bare Bum Spanked

These are some nice schoolgirl spanking movies from a HOT new spanking website: Hit My Bum.

The girl in question has been a bad student and her teacher has finally had enough. It’s time for her to stand up and put both hands against the wall and get her pretty bottom smacked by the teacher. The male teacher for his part is very generous and lets her keep her panties and skirt in place for the first spanks. The problem with this is that its “spanking blind” – you can’t tell how red her bottom is getting – so inevitably there comes a point when the skirt has to be lifted up. In this case, the girl is wearing some white, lacy panties and her red bottom is plainly visible through them..

At this point we have to stop and think about why this naughty girl is getting spanked. She has been a bad girl in class for a long time now. So, is a clothed spanking going to teach her anything? Maybe it will, but we all know that the humiliation that comes from stripping a girl of her clothes helps her remember her lesson and makes the smacks sting that little bit more on her naughty rear.

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