Dorm Discipline for Helen Lei and Morgan Mae

Holly spanks Helen over her knee

Dormmates Helen Lei and Morgan Mae are getting on each other’s nerves and demand that resident advisor Holly resolve the problem. Holly decides the fair thing to do is punish them both. Helen begs for the spanking to end and promises she’ll stop complaining so much, but Holly wants to make sure the lesson sinks in.

Morgan is still claiming that Helen started the trouble, but Holly is determined to be the one to finish it. Even before Holly has tugged Morgan’s plaid panties down she is complaining that she’s being spanked too hard. Poor Morgan…

Holly spanks naughty cheerleader Morgan Mae

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It’s another really nice spanking movie at punished brats, this time all-girl! Helen gets a good spanking but the highlight here was seeing Morgan Mae’s big, plump bottom get a very hard hand-spanking at the end. Hot! Watch it all in full at…

Punished Brats