Whipped Indian Asses

Indian Whipped Ass

When India was a part of the British Empire I’m sure the domestic servants were subject to some corporal punishment. Indian babes are very cute and exotic, they can be all shapes and sizes from very tall and thin to shorter and curvier. I like shortish, petite women, of which there are many from India. Punishing asian ladies is one of the prettiest of the spanking niches. Whereas in Japanese spankings, the girls seem very submissive indeed and squeal delightfully as they are spanked, Indian ladies are slightly less overtly submissive they are certainly able to be taught a hard lesson.

In Indian Whipped Ass the naughty Indian girls are punished in many different ways. There is plenty of nudity and the punishments range from the strap and the cane to melted wax getting dribbled over their round bottoms and clothes pegs attached to their nipples. So, this is the harder side of spanking and it does merge into BDSM at times.

One of my favourite updates is the Indian Group Spanking, described below…

Six Indian girls have done things to make the Mistresses mad and must be punished. At the hands of two very capable and tough female Doms, the girls take a variety of spankings, with hands, switches, paddles, canes, and straps. The tears fall as freely as the blows. Pain is mandatory in this hard group spanking scene.

If you like pretty Indian ladies and hard spankings and kinky nude BDSM you’ll love Indian Whipped Ass!