Sha Luciana

Sha Luciana gets in trouble with her husband for spending too long getting ready

Sha Luciana is a new spanking model, making her debut on Sarah Gregory Spanking in “Sha’s Real Discipline“. The curvy ebony beauty is getting a real-life spanking from her actual husband in this movie. When she spends too long getting ready and makes them both late, he drags her over his knee for a sound hand spanking over her tight jeans…

Ebony Sha Luciana gets spanked over her tight jeans

But, the punishment does not end there. The jeans get pulled down and she gets her large ebony bottom paddled with the hairbrush over her panties, then on her bare bottom…

Ebony Sha Luciana gets a hard hairbrush punishment from her husband

Sha has been spending too much time getting ready to go out when they have to be somewhere and her husband is sick of being late on account that she can’t seem to be ready on time. She knows how they handle matters of discipline. It is right over his lap for a hard hand spanking on her tight jeans. She is sent to fetch the hairbrush next and he has her pull down her jeans. She lays back over his lap and he brings the stinging Mason and Pearson hairbrush down hard on her beautiful bottom. She wiggles and kicks in pain. Just when she thinks her punishment is over, she must fetch the strap. she bends over reluctantly as he straps her until he feels she has learned a proper lesson!

But, even then, after the spanking Sha’s punishment is still not over. With her jeans still bunched up around her knees, she bends over on the couch and gets her big, brown booty strapped…

Sha Luciana bends over the couch and gets her big ebony booty strapped

When the spanker and spankee know each other very well, the resulting spanking can often be spectacular. That’s what happens here. The husband is obviously used to giving his wife a good OTK spanking. He starts off steadily, then gradually increases the speed and force of the punishment.

Sha Luciana ebony spanking gif

Watch ebony cutie Sha Luciana in this movie getting a nice hard, real-life spanking from her husband at Sarah Gregory Spanking!

Sarah Gregory Spanking

Hard Paddling Reactions

Ashley Thomas's Hard Paddling Reactions at Firm Hand Spanking

At the moment Firm Hand Spanking is all about Belinda Lawson and Helen Stephens. Those two ladies are two hot spanking models, but variety is the spice of life and it’s nice to see this old scene with Ashley Thomas and her hard paddling reactions to mix things up a little.

We asked our four editors for their favorite videos of all time. Says editor Maxine Wallace, “I was blown away by this first-timer taking a hard paddling, looking directly at the camera so you see every emotion as she struggles to take the sting of the paddle. AMAZING!” Stunning Ashley Thomas stars in a totally realistic 12-swat school paddling with Patrick Bateman, followed by Ashley’s interview about the shoot.

Hard Paddling Reactions GIF

Ashley is a glamorous looking brunette who kept her blue jeans on as she bent over for the hard wooden paddle. With the camera pointing directly at her pretty face we can see every slight variation in her expression as the large wooden paddle swings and lands on the seat of her pants. We have featured Ashley a few times on this blog, but another time is always welcome, especially when it’s such a nice reaction cam video.

Check out more of Ashley Thomas, plus the current updates feature a lot of the sexy UK duo of Helen Stephens and Belinda Lawson, at Firm Hand Spanking. You could say that the “reaction cam” is one of their specialties.

Firm Hand Spanking

New Spanking Model: Violet Kat

New spanking model Violet Kat with Sarah Gregory

We saw new spanking model, Violet Kat, in this masturbation spanking but that was filmed after this scene. Today’s update was her very first spanking scene! In it she chats briefly with Sarah Gregory before the two get down to some spanking action. Violet is the spankee and Sarah is the spanker! It’s always fun watching Sarah get to know a new model through the videos on her website. Here she seems to be having a lot of fun with Violet in “Violet Kat’s Intro“.

Violet has dark red hair, so dark that she may look brunette in certain lighting. Being quite pale she has an almost gothic look about her, especially with the smattering of tattoos she has over her body. She’s from South Carolina and seems to have chemistry with Sarah right from the beginning. Both ladies are wearing everyday clothes, Violet is wearing a vest top and a pair of jeans. After a short chat Sarah gets right into spanking the new model over those blue jeans…

Meet new spanking model, Violet Kat, a super cute red head from South Carolina. I am happy to introduce her as a new spanking model on my sites. In this first film we did with her, I interviewed her a bit about spanking and her thoughts before taking her over my knee to warm up her cute round bottom over her jeans, and on the bare.


This is not a hard, disciplinary-style spanking, it’s a lot more casual and laid back with plenty of chatting and joking between the two ladies throughout. Sarah plays the role of a big sister and leads Violet through the scene. Finally, Sarah inspects Violet’s spanked bottom…

This is a lovely introduction for a brand new babe as long as you are not expecting to see a very severe punishment! It’s a nice, playful interlude between two beauties who are definitely having fun together. This scene is a nice addition to the many many movies now at Sarah Gregory Spanking. Recent scenes include the huge “Strictmoor Academy” movie which is split between the two Sarah Gregory Pass websites.

Sarah Gregory Spanking

Samantha Woodley Paddled Hard

Samantha Woodley from the Firm Hand Spanking archives

Firm Hand Spanking seems to be updating with some vintage scenes at the moment. This scene with Samantha Woodley has been brought to life recently after sitting in the archives for a while, but it’s a nice hard punishment for a very cute and bubbly spanking model.

Samantha Woodley is one of a handful of famous spanking models in recent times who are known for their brattiness and longevity. Being mainly known for getting spanked herself, as opposed to spanking others, Samantha inhabits a similar space to Pixie, Amelia Jane Rutherford and Kat St. James. All three ladies have had long spanking careers and have been spanked on different websites and also DVDs.

What makes Samantha stand out among similar spanking models is that while similar submissive spankees tend to be blondes she’s a brunette! Not only that but she’s a cute and sexy brunette with tons of brattiness who reacts amazing to a nice spanking. With her medium-length brown, wavy hair she looks like a cute and natural girl-next-door, often playing cheerleaders or college students.

Samantha Woodley paddled hard over her tight-fitting blue jeans

Whereas she looks amazing in either a cheerleader’s outfit or a school uniform, here she is wearing neither. She is wearing some tight-fitting blue jeans and a hot pink top. And, where most spanking scenes tend to be OTK, this scene has Samantha standing up and bending over for a large wooden paddle. To begin with she is whacked with the punishment board over her jeans, then they are removed and she is paddled on the bare bottom. She has her hands leaning against the wall and we get a nice view looking up at her reactions from underneath…

Cute brunette Samantha Woodley's reactions to the hard paddling

“I always dread the school paddle,” admits Samantha Woodley. “My palms sweat, you can see my legs shake and it burns like hell. I guess that’s why people love to see me paddled, especially bare bottom!” See this exclusive, never-seen-before bonus video, with Samantha taking a full swing 10 swats, five of them bare!

Samantha Woodley's well paddled bare bottom

There are more Samantha Woodley scenes from different websites here. But the biggest archive of different Samantha Woodley scenes over the years is probably at Firm Hand Spanking, where these paddling photos and movie are taken from. If you like Samantha in a cheerleader’s uniform there is another scene with her in a sexy red and white cheerleading outfit getting strapped on the bare bottom right now at Firm Hand Spanking!

Firm Hand Spanking

Rosie Ann’s Nude Punishment

Rosie Ann gets told off by sorority sister, Sarah Gregory

It’s time, once again, for another punishment for cute British redhead, Rosie Ann. This time she gets naked at Sarah Gregory Spanking. Rosie Ann’s nude punishment is for her bad grades, and she is punished by head sorority sister, Sarah Gregory in “Rosie’s Humiliating Punishment“.

Rosie Ann begins the scene wearing a long-sleeve checked shirt and jeans. Sarah takes her over the knee and spanks her over her tight jeans, then over her sexy black panties, then on the bare bottom…

Rosie Ann gets an OTK bare bottom spanking

In front of the plain white wall with Sarah’s vivid blue dress and Rosie Ann’s bright red hair this is a very striking and colorful scene. And, it also gets very sexy when Sarah gradually undresses the petite redhead until she is completely naked with her wrists tied above her head.

Rosie Ann gets spanked in the nude with her wrists tied above her head

Rosie’s grades have slipped and this is unacceptable! She is sent to head sister, Sarah, to be dealt with. Punishment is in order for this naughty sorority sister. First it is over Sarah’s knee for a hard hand spanking over her jeans, panties, and then bare bottom. Then, she is made to strip for the more humiliating part of the punishment. This includes having her hands tied over her head, being completely naked and fully exposed for her spanking and paddling.

Rosie Ann gets spanked nude by strict Sarah Gregory – gallery

Sexy British redhead Rosie Ann's Nude Punishment

Both ladies look amazing here. Tiny little Rosie gets her big bottom well spanked but Sarah who gets stricter with every movie. With all the white in the background, Sarah’s long dark hair and Rosie’s deep red hair (and reddening bottom) this scene has a quite gothic feel to it. As well as looking strict, Sarah also looks beautiful and she gives Rosie a hard hand spanking and a very kinky and humiliating punishment.

Watch all of Rosie Ann’s nude punishment and the sexy redhead’s humiliation at being tied up naked and spanked at Sarah Gregory Spanking.

Sarah Gregory Spanking

Angel Lee’s Spanking Buddy

Angel Lee is in trouble with John Osbourne

In “Domestic DisciplineAngel Lee gets a hard spanking from her partner in a D/s relationship. John gives the naughty brat a very hard punishment-style spanking and strapping. He really goes to town on her bottom! To begin with Angel is wearing jeans (a harsh material for any spanker to spank over) so John reaches for a leather spanking buddy (something which fits like a flip-flop on the hand to aide spanking) to even the odds somewhat against the thick denim.

John uses a leather spanking buddy over Angel's denim jeans

“You know why you’re here, don’t you? Don’t ever do this again! You put yourself at risk, others, and you upset me.” John says to his submissive as this video opens. Angel and John are in a D/s relationship. The premise of this video is Angel has misbehaved and she is waiting for her dom to punish her. We as the viewers don’t know exactly what it is that she is being punished for except that she has put herself and others at risk. Her punishment includes, hand spanking, HARD strapping, and a caning. She will not soon forget this difficult lesson.

Finally Angel's jeans come off

As the spanking continues Angel’s jeans and panties finally come off when she kneels over the couch for a stinging dose of the leather strap on her bare bottom.

See more of Angel Lee in this scene at Sarah Gregory Spanking which is also a part of Sarah Gregory Pass!

Sarah Gregory Spanking

Adrienne Black paddled over Jeans

Adrienne Black takes a trip to the Principal's office
Adrienne Black takes a trip to the Principal’s office

Texting and using profanity in class has cost senior Adrienne Black a bottom-reddening paddling from the Principal. The tall, elegant blonde reports to The Principal’s Office where she is about to have her bottom paddled in her tight blue jeans! She puts her hands on top of the Principal’s desk and bends over, making her jeans even tighter against her bottom. Bending over the principal’s desk, she grits her teeth as she waits nervously for the swats she’s been prescribed. The slim and glamorous model holds herself in position as he swings the school paddle twelve times at her fleshy rump.

Adrienne’s bottom is very red after a paddling over her tight jeans- mixed spanking gallery

Adrienne's bottom is very red after a paddling over her tight jeans
Adrienne’s bottom is very red after a paddling over her tight jeans

Adrienne Black is very beautiful. She has pretty blonde hair, good looks and a perfect, slim body with large bottom. These attributes make her the perfect spanking model!

Adrienne is fairly typical of the ladies you’ll find getting spanked at Firm Hand Spanking, they tend to go for slim and pretty models with a glamorous look.

Firm Hand Spanking

Two shapely bottoms

Stevie Rose gets spanked OTK over tight jeans

Here are some recent updates at Sarah Gregory Spanking that feature two cuties with shapely bottoms…

First, Stevie Rose is in trouble with her daddy and gets spanked in and out of her tight-fitting jeans on the couch, above.

Daddy is not happy when his daughter Stevie arrives home on the back of a motorcycle. He is waiting on the couch looking out the window when she pulls up and he knows that she shouldn’t be riding on the back of such dangerous contraptions. Daddy gives Stevie a chance to tell the truth as she doesn’t know that he has installed a new video security system. Of course Stevie lies and daddy is very disappointed. He gives her a hard over the knee spanking bringing her close to tears.

Sarah Gregory bends over and paddled by Principal Rogers on her bare bottom

Then, a very youthful-looking Sarah Gregory plays a cheerleader who gets called to the principal’s office…

Principal Rogers is not happy when he sees head cheerleader, Sarah Gregory’s, name and photo in the local newspaper for posing in an adult shop wearing her school cheer uniform. He calls little miss Sarah into his office to punish her as he sees fit, with a good otk hand spanking and 6 hard licks from the wooden paddle.

You can join Sarah Gregory Spanking together with Momma Spankings on Sarah Gregory Pass!

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Cheyenne Jewel

In “Nice Girls Don’t Fight” tomboy, Cheyenne Jewel, has been in a fight with a boy! Fighting is not acceptable so Dana bends her over and starts to spank over Cheyenne’s tight jeans. After a nice warmup over the denim it’s time for the jeans, and those white panties to come down and the real punishment to begin…

Cheyenne’s lovely pert, tomboy bottom gets a roasting from Dana’s firm hand as she kneels on the armchair.

Dana Kane spanks naughty tomboy Cheyenne Jewel over jeans and on the bare bottom – gallery

For plenty more naughty ladies and men getting spanked hard by smart and sexy Ms Kane go to Dana Kane Spanks!

Dana Kane Spanks

Sarah Spanked in Denim

Alicia Panettiere is less than impressed with Sarah Gregory's attitude

There is something about girls in denim! I don’t know what it is but it is very sexy! So, when two ladies one wearing jeans, the other a short denim skirt get together it is denim heaven… and a spanking scene!!

Sarah’s boyfriend was right, his sister is a bitch….or at least she becomes one when she is called one. Alicia finds out that her brother’s girlfriend is not planning to attend his graduation ceremony after he flew her out there. She is not happy and confronts Sarah. Sarah calls her a bitch and that earns Sarah a trip over Alicia’s knee.

In the “You’re Such a Bitch!” spanking scene Alicia Panettiere is back and gives our heroine, Sarah Gregory, a proper over-the-knee spanking when she pushed up that denim skirt and pulls down the panties. I like the way these photos look very homely, perfect domestic discipline! And, while I don’t have a foot-fetish I like those shoes Sarah is wearing with the wooden high-heeled soles. It’s hard to explain but it’s a nice girl-on-girl scene…

Alicia Panettiere spanks Sarah Gregory in “You’re Such a Bitch!” gallery

Alicia Panettiere spanks Sarah Gregory for calling her a bitch

She has certainly outdone herself this time with her brattiness, calling someone a bitch is a surefire way to get a spanking in “Spanking Land”. But, we’re glad she did. Watching Sarah’s development as she gets spanked until she learns her lessons (if she does) is a beautiful thing. This scene looks like it is slightly older than some of the updates at Sarah Gregory Spanking, and Sarah herself looks a little bit younger. It’s interesting to watch older scenes and compare them to more recent scenes and see if we think Sarah has learned anything at all, or whether her education has only just begun.

Sarah Gregory Spanking