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In the Crack is a website that features mainly hot chicks getting naked with close-ups of their ass and pussy. They have a range of angles and a mixture of close-ups and shots from further out, but the emphasis is mainly on the booty. I call it a booty fetish website. It’s a glamour/masturbation website that also has some lesbian scenes. As such, the ladies tend to be pornstars and glamour models who have a nice ass, and are very spankable.

Because the ladies are famous pornstars who are often known for their asses, there is a lot of crossover between spanking websites and In the Crack. Here are some of the ladies who have given nice close-ups of their pussy and ass while masturbating, and have also been given a good spanking in one of the featured posts on this blog…

Goldie at In The Crack

Goldie (aka Goldie Rush or Miss Goldie) had a nice scene where she discussed spankings in an interview and got spanked. The petite blonde has a very spankable personality as well as a hot body.

Anikka Albrite did some nice scenes and she reminds us a lot of Gigi Allens who has a similar build and hair and went on to do many more spanking scenes. Anikka did quite a few scenes, though, and we also enjoyed seeing her here, where she is the blonde in the center of these three naked ladies. All three are oiled up in a lesbian scene at In the Crack

Anikka Albrite at In The Crack

Chloe Amour is possibly one of our favorite pornstars ever. The sexy Latina has a hot body, and is slim but with a juicy ass. She also has a great personality which really comes across in her scenes where she always seems to be smiling…

Chloe Amour at In The Crack

Vicki Chase is an Asian MILF who did quite a few spanking scenes. It’s sometimes easy to forget how many scenes different models have appeared in, but looking back Vicki got some really nice spankings…

Vicki Chase at In The Crack

Mandy Muse made her spanking debut quite recently, so she may have more scenes on the way. She is a gorgeous natural-looking brunette pornstar who we’d love to see much more of…

Mandy Muse at In The Crack

Alyssa Reece is a beautiful petite beauty who brought some glamour to some nice spankings. She mixed it up a lot both giving and receiving and was the perfect pretty switch…

Alyssa Reece at In The Crack

We love ebony chicks in spanking, and Skin Diamond is no exception. Skin has not only done some spanking but also is known for very rough hardcore, often involving some bondage…

Skin Diamond at In The Crack

Finally, glamour model Jenna Sativa has done quite a few spanking scenes by now. She was in a spanking scene with Mandy Muse recently so she may well return in the near future. Like many of the ladies here she was a switch and was seen on both ends of a spanking in the different scenes she has been in…

Jenna Sativa at In The Crack

Of course, these are only the ladies in recent years who we recognise from spanking scenes, there are plenty more hot models and spankable asses. See much more of all the ladies in the gallery at In the Crack! In this post I have just given a taster of the scenes each lady is in, every scene at In the Crack includes some very close-up masturbation action of their sweet pussies and assholes.

In The Crack

Mandy Muse’s Spanking Debut

Jenna Sativa, Madison Martin and Mandy Muse at My Spanking Roommate

This is the first spanking scene we’ve seen pretty brunette pornstar Mandy Muse in, but we have seen her in this kinky lesbian scene with some spanking here. Mandy’s debut is alongside gorgeous brunette Jenna Sativa and strict school counselor, Madison Martin. Mandy and Jenna are both dressed in school uniforms and are… unresponsive… to Madison’s counselling. Or rather the two ladies bend her over her own desk and pull her panties up into her butt crack. Wedgies for the My Spanking Roommate school counselor no less…

Two schoolgirls give their teacher a wedgie

This act of rebellion cannot go unpunished by a counselor such as Madison, and she is not the sort of person to delay a punishment or get bogged down in paperwork. She start their punishment immediately, dragging Jenna over her knee for an OTK spanking.

Teacher Madison spanks naughty schoolgirl Jenna

Then, after Jenna Sativa has been thoroughly dealt with, it is time for Mandy Muse to get her medicine too.

Mandy Muse's Spanking Debut

Of course, both ladies are given wedgies to go along with their spankings. This shows off both ladies’ lovely bottoms. Mandy especially has a very pert and round-looking ass…

Mandy Muse's ass is very round and pert as Madison gives her a wedgie

It may look perfect but Madison lays into it with gusto.

Mandy Muse gets a bare ass OTK spanking

See more of Mandy Muse’s spanking debut in this three girl spankfest at My Spanking Roommate.

Clare Fonda's My Spanking Roommate

Confusion leads to… Spanking!!

Snow Mercy spanks Jenna Sativa in Spanked and Confused

Jenna Sativa and Snow Mercy are two ladies we’ve seen plenty of over the past few years. We’ve seen more of Snow, but Jenna has appeared on a surprising amount of the Clare Fonda Pass websites too. We’ve seen them together before here but this is another worthwhile look at these two brunette beauties.

The scene is called “Jenna and Snow Spanked and Confused” and it’s on Spanked Callgirls! So, with Snow as the madam and Jenna as a hooker there is some confusion over a client. With anything like this we’ve grown to expect a spanking, and true to form sexy little Jenna goes over Snow’s knee for a hand and paddle spanking on her perfect, round bottom…

Snow Mercy paddles Jenna Sativa's perfect ass

But when they find out it was Snow’s mistake, turn-around is fair play.

And so, the balance of power shifts and the spanker gets her own ass slapped! Snow Mercy is one of our favorite spanking models because as a real life dominatrix she can give a very hard spanking, if required, and also as a bottom she can also take a hard punishment. Jenna Sativa had been wronged and she makes up for it on Snow’s lovely bare bottom, even using the same paddle that was used on her a few minutes earlier.

Jenna Sativa gets madam Snow Mercy back by giving her an OTK spanking too

Watch this scene now on Spanked Callgirls, and see much more of these two spanking models in many different scenes at Clare Fonda Pass!

Spanked Callgirls

Halloween Party Spanking

Veronica Ricci and Jenna Sativa in Halloween Party Spanking

Halloween is coming and Spanking Sorority Girls has got in the mood early with “Episode 114: Halloween Party Spanking“. However, it’s never too early for redhead Veronica Ricci, who is here together with sexy brunette, Jenna Sativa.

These two beauties are a lot of fun and really get into the cosplay of this time of year. Sorority girl, Jenna, is wearing a school uniform and Veronica is about to go to the party in her Halloween outfit.

Sorority girl Jenna Sativa catches Veronica Ricci trying to sneak off to a Halloween party dressed as a cat girl. Veronica decides to teach her a lesson with a sound, over-the-knee spanking. But that won’t stop Jenna from telling the nuns. The only way to keep her silence is if Veronica agrees to a spanking. What choice does she have?

Veronica Ricci and Jenna Sativa in Halloween spanking cosplay

Jenna Sativa spanks cat girl Veronica Ricci

Jenna Sativa looks adorable in the school uniform and white panties, and Veronica Ricci is amazing as ever in her sexy costume with cute cat ears. Both are beautiful with lovely round bottoms.

It must be time to buy those pumpkins! You can watch “Halloween Party Spanking” at Spanking Sorority Girls.

Spanking Sorority Girls

Veronica Ricci Season

Veronica Ricci Season includes this scene where she spanks Stevie Rose and Jenna Sativa

This week is Veronica Ricci season on many of the Clare Fonda Pass websites. She appears in four different scenes on four different websites this week. One of the best is this sexy three-girl scene with Stevie Rose and Jenna Sativa at Spanking Sorority Girls.

The ladies keep their panties on and get spanked by Veronica with their panties pushed between their ass cheeks. This means that you get what is essentially a bare bottom spanking (i.e. the bare cheeks are spanked) but with a wedgie happening as the panties are yanked up…

Stevie Rose's panties are pulled up into a wedgie as Veronica spanks her with a bath brush

When Veronica catches Stevie Rose and Jenna Sativa acting naughty with each other, she bursts into their room and gives them each a painful spanking. She also gives each girl a hard wedgie to further teach them to behave. And since she believes that Stevie was the main instigator, she gives Stevie and extra hard spanking with a wooden bath brush.


Stevie Rose and Jenna Sativa kneel on all fours for their spankings

This sexy three-girl scene is on Spanking Sorority Girls, but there are also other scenes involving Angela Sommers and Emily Parker that came out this week and can all be found on Clare Fonda Pass.

Spanking Sorority Girls

Jenna spanks Star in the Kitchen

Star Bound and Jenna Sative in the sorority kitchen

Jenna Spanks Star in the Kitchen” is the latest update from Spanking Sorority Girls and features two ladies who we normally see on the other ends of a spanking. We’ve been used to seeing Jenna Sativa receiving a spanking, while Star Bound has often been dishing out the discipline. In this scene those roles are reversed and Jenna, the cute little brunette is dominating a much taller Star. While Star is very good as a top, this scene shows that it’s equally nice to see her taking a spanking too. And, Jenna is very cute and innocent-looking, the perfect spankee, but this scene shows she can be strict as well as dominant.

Jenna Sativa is still angry and sore about the recent spanking Star had given her so she gets her revenge in the kitchen when Star least expects it. She spanks her hard and even gives her many whacks with a wooden spoon, which she counts. After this spanking, Star threatens to get Jenna back some time soon.

Jenna Sativa spanks Star Bound in the Kitchen gallery

We’d love to see a re-match but for now Star’s bare bottom looks very enticing over Jenna’s knee…

Jenna Sativa spanks Star bound with a wooden spoon in the kitchen

Watch this scene along plus the earlier scene that Jenna is refering to, along with many more naughty sorority girls giving and receiving spankings (often by the pledge paddle) at Spanking Sorority Girls

Spanking Sorority Girls

Jenna Sativa’s Bottom

Jenna Sativa gets spanked in daisy dukes showing off her lovely bottom

Jenna Sativa is a new addition that has not gone unnoticed at the Clare Fonda Pass websites. The sexy spanking model / porn star (lesbian-only scenes in porn) has a sexy brunette girl-next-door feel about her but also has bucket-loads of glamour to bring to a scene. She’s quite similar to other pornstars who have also appeared in spanking movies such as Jenna Rose and Casey Calvert, but possibly younger and more innocent-looking.

On Spanked Sweeties, Jenna gets interviewed about the spanking experiences she had growing up, which there were many. Then, as is the custom for the website, she acts out some scenes that may be similar to real-life spankings she received. Playing her mom is one of my favorite switches, Snow Mercy. Her mom was very strict by the sounds of it and never missed an opportunity to spank her daughter when she was out of line.

And, you can see why, especially when Jenna is wearing tiny little cut-off denim hotpants like these. The shorts barely cover her ass cheeks, and actually do not cover them at all when they are bunched up slightly with her in the OTK position. It would be very wrong indeed to let such a scandalous piece of clothing go unpunished, and neglect Jenna’s lovely bottom, which as you can see, is a work of art…

Jenna Sativa's bottom looks amazing in tiny denim shorts over Snow Mercy's knee

In the other scene, I’m not sure whether she’s actually very tiny indeed or whether Snow is stood on something but there’s definitely an ageplay / giantess thing going on in this photo…

Snow Mercy towers above Jenna Sativa

Here, Jenna Sativa is wearing a pretty, dark blue dress. Maybe it’s a combination of the dress and the height differential and the expression on Jenna’s face but she looks very cute indeed here… and all too spankable! Which is just as well because that’s exactly what Snow has in mind for our delicious brunette heroine. Jenna reacts nice to her OTK spankings but the star of the show here has to be Jenna Sativa’s bottom!!

Jenna Sativa's bottom looks amazing as she inspects it after her spanking

You can hear Jenna Sativa talking about her feelings about being spanked in real-life and watch her re-enact a couple of actual punishments at Spanked Sweeties.

Spanked Sweeties

Jenna Sativa Spanks Peeping Tom

Jenna Sativa spanks her bother in P.O.V.

We’ve seen the sexy new Latina spanking model, Jenna Sativa, already in some F/F scenes on Girl Spanks Girl where she both spanks and gets spanked by Star Nine. But here she extends her spanking skills by taking the things she’s learned from switching with Star into a whole new realm: Femdom!

Here, in “Jenna Sativa Spanks Her Brother” she shows that she has no tolerance of her annoying brother when he spies on her working out at home. She puts her chubby brother over her knee to teach him a lesson. The naughty peeping tom gets a hard punishment at the hands of his petite yet fiery sister. The tiny Latina, despite her size, is able to really deliver a strong message to his bare bottom.

She spanks him with her hand and a wooden bath brush, finally giving him the discipline he lacks.

Jenna Sativa spanks her “Peeping Tom” brother – femdom gallery

Jenna Sativa Spanks Peeping Tom - femdom

If you like femdom spanking, Clare Spanks Men is the place to go. Many lovely ladies like cute Jenna Sativa spank naughty males hard over their sexy knees.

Clare Spanks Men

OTK Reactions

Jenna Sativa practices spanking with Star Nine's help

Following on from this scene, it’s now “Life Coach, Day 2” and the life coach, Star Nine, is back to pay a visit on naughty Jenna Sativa. The first real spanking in the scene is when Star teaches Jenna to spank, which takes the form of volunteering her own bare bottom for a nice OTK spanking. But, then the real spanking takes place and Star Nine lets rip of sexy little Jenna’s bottom. The first part may be more instructional than a punishment, but the second part is definitely a punishment and Jenna’s reactions show you everything you need to know!

Star Nine enters Jenna Sativa’s bedroom as her life coach, about to discipline Jenna for not doing her homework. But as her friend, she advices Jenna on how to get a girl she is persuing – by spanking and domination. She even lets Jenna practice by spanking her. But then Star turns to the dutiful life coach and puts Jenna over her knee to discipline her for slacking off on her homework.

Reactions are an important part of spankings, THE most important part for many, so Jenna’s OTK reactions are very nice indeed. The cute brunette has a lovely body, especially when wearing only her bra as she is in this scene. Her face is very pretty and she manages to be delightfully mischievous, shocked and pained in this sexy girl-on-girl scene. There’s also some sexy lesbian kissing…

OTK reactions: Jenna Sativa reacts to a spanking from Star Nine

You can see much more of Jenna Sativa’s OTK reactions and other story-based spankings of sexy ladies including the Exclusive Education series at Girl Spanks Girl!

Girl Spanks Girl

Jenna Sativa’s Life Coach

Jenna Sativa goes to meet her new life coach, Star Nine

There is a brand new spankee at Girl Spanks Girl… and she’s called Jenna Sativa! This sexy and petite Latina is cute as a button and looks amazing in her figure-hugging black dress and knee-high black leather boots.

The storyline for this scene is that Jenna is a little brat who hires a life coach who turns out to be dominant and spanks her naughty little bottom for her brattiness. The concept of a strict life coach to a strong independent woman who gives disciplinary spankings to help keep the client on the right path is very sexy. It might not work so well if the client was submissive or downtrodden but if the woman is strong or, as is the case here, bratty, it can be a very sexy scenario.

Star Nine is perfect as a beautiful, strict life coach with a twist. The twist is that as well as spanking her charge, she also fucks her with a strapon and then allows herself to be spanked in return so that she earns her bonus…

Strict life coach pulls sexy Latina Jenna Sativa over her knee

Star Nine has been hired to be the very bratty Jenna Sativa’s life coach. Jenna has never been spanked and lacks discipline, so Star’s first task is to teach her some. She dominates the young lady by spanking her over her knee right in her office, then making her write how she will improve on the board, then introducing her to the strap-on. But when Star finds out her bonus relies on Jenna giving her a good review, she must submit to a spanking from the feisty young latino.

Jenna Sativa gets a good old fashioned over the knee hand spanking on her bare bottom

Super cute Jenna gets a nicely reddened bottom at the end of this scene before giving it back to the life coach. Both ladies are hot with lovely bubble butts and there’s some nice lesbian kissing and lesbian sex with the strapon. Can’t wait to see much more of sexy little Jenna Sativa (and also Star who seems to keep looking better and better with time). There are more preview photos in the gallery!

You can see much more story-based hard spankings of sexy ladies including the Exclusive Education classroom spanking movies at Girl Spanks Girl!

Girl Spanks Girl