Audrey Sugarsmak

Audrey Sugarsmak gets spanked OTK in Spanking Wake-Up Call

Spanking Wake-Up Call” is Audrey Sugarsmak’s first outing at Sarah Gregory Spanking and sees her taking a lie-in when she should be up and ready already. Her dad, John Osborne, is less than impressed and drags her out of bed to give her an OTK spanking right there and then. In this scene, as always, Audrey has some fantastic reactions and dances around on John’s lap as he spanks her big, round bottom.

Audrey Sugarsmak's big round bottom gets spanked bare

Audrey was supposed to be up and out of bed and ready to go. Dad is very unhappy when he finds her still in bed. She is rude to him and begs for just 5 more minutes of sleep. What she needs is a good wake up spanking to get this brat out of bed. Dad pulls her out of bed and over his knee for some old fashioned discipline. She is not a very happy young lady and is soon contrite and sorry as his hand comes down upon her sore bare bottom.

Audrey has done plenty of nude spanking, but here getting spanked in her loose-fitting pink vest her breasts bounce around inside the vest probably more than they would if she were naked…

Audrey Sugarsmak's reactions to the spanking are priceless

There’s nothing fancy here, it’s just the good ol’ fashioned spanking of a naughty lady who refused to get out of bed. We love Audrey’s big, round bottom and her reactions.

We haven’t posted about Audrey Sugarsmak recently, but that’s not to say she hasn’t been naughty and getting punished for it at Punished Brats. Audrey is a sexy brunette who has a perfect round bottom and some of the nicest reactions to a spanking you’ll find. You can find more of her under her here: Audrey Sugarsmak on this blog where you’ll notice that she was once called Audrey Jeanine.

To watch this sexy scene with brunette, Audrey Sugarsmak, and plenty more famous spanking models getting well-punished go to Sarah Gregory Spanking!

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Curiosity gets Amelia spanked

Amelia Jane Rutherford goes snooping and discovers a BDSM play room

Curiosity gets Amelia spanked in the latest episode of Sarah Gregory Spanking. Amelia Jane Rutherford plays a maid who ventures into the forbidden room and finds something quite unexpected, yet fascinating. She has discovered her employers’ dungeon playroom. She’s shocked, yet also intrigued and curious. But, then she herself gets caught being where she shouldn’t be. The tall, blond maid must decide whether to satisfy her curiosity and take a punishment or lose her job in “Curiosity Gets You Spanked”.

In this case, a spanking is not your typical OTK. Amelia is stripped naked and tied so that she’s facing a St Andrew’s Cross. She is then able to have her bare bottom spanked while she is standing up and restrained…

Curiosity gets Amelia spanked naked tied to a St Andrew's Cross

Her boss, John, catches her snooping where she should not be. If she is so interested in what happens out here between him and his wife and she wants to keep her job, he will just have to show her. Being such a curious maid will most definitely get Amelia spanked, cropped, strapped, and caned.

Amelia Jane Rutherford tied naked to a St Andrew’s Cross and spanked – gallery

John punishes the naughty maid with several implements including the carpet beater

Everyone will know that famous spanking model Amelia Jane Rutherford is a tall beauty from the UK. Along with this scene, there is plenty more of Amelia and many more models at Sarah Gregory Spanking

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Casey’s Bedtime Punishment

When a lady has been very naughty the spanking should reflect that. Even though she may be good and very repentant during the spanking, the discipline must continue for longer to make sure she really feels the lesson. That’s what happens in “Casey’s Bedtime Punishment“!

Casey is quiet and docile on the bed in her pajamas waiting for daddy, John Osborne. Unaffected by her snivelling he delivers a nice, long steady hand spanking to her naughty bottom. He first spanks over her pajamas, then pulls down those pajama bottoms to spank her delicious bare bottom. Ignoring her pleas he continues to make sure she learns a very good lesson indeed on her little bubble butt…

One naughty brunette gets spanked in pajamas in Casey's Bedtime Punishment

Casey Calvert is one of our favorite spanking models! She has a nice, hot body and amazing little curvy bottom. In fact, not only does she has a perfect body, the sexy brunette is also very pretty indeed.

Casey’s reactions are not the loudest or most violent but she definitely gets some very nice and hard good girl spankings… even when she has not been that good. In this scene especially, Casey is the antidote to all those naughty brats who are constantly shouting and wriggling. She takes her punishment fairly quietly, in a way that might lead to a shorter spanking for her due to good behavior. However, that is not what happens here. Her daddy is completely unfazed and oblivious to any reactions she may or may not be giving and just plods on with what he thinks she deserves…

This is a short sharp shock punishment for Casey. Fade in on Casey waiting in her Pajamas for Daddy. She knows she has been a naughty girl and she knows how daddy handles naughty girls. In he comes and over his knee she goes. She pleads and says how sorry she is but daddy just keeps spanking her.

Casey Calvert spanked in pajamas gallery

Casey Calvert gets a handprint on her sore red bare bottom during her punishment

This is a nice OTK pajama spanking scene with a stunning brunette, Casey Calvert, who is a joy to watch. This scene and pretty much any scene with Casey is good for anyone who like “good girl spankings“. You can find plenty of GG spanking and a good mix of different types of punishments at Sarah Gregory Spanking.

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Amelia Jane the Wasteful Tenant

Landlord walks in on Amelia Jane Rutherford naked in the bath

Amelia Jane Rutherford is back and in her bathing suit in “Wasteful Tenant“. The tall, glamorous blonde is in the habit of taking one or more luxurious baths every day, using up the earth’s natural resources and costing her landlord money. The landlord, John Osborne, comes up with a way she can still remain in his property while taking the baths she enjoys. His plan involves giving the sexy blonde spankings to pay for her extravagant hot water usage. This, the first spanking, is performed with Amelia Jane wet and naked, fresh out of the bathtub. John sits on the side of the bath and spanks the tall slim beauty over his knee. He even adds more water to her bottom, wetting her to make the spanking sting all the more…

Amelia loves to take long baths, well actually multiple long baths a day. This wastes a ton of water and her landlord is not too happy with her. He walks in on her in the bath and she is very upset about this. He demands she not take so many baths, but when she refuses he says that the price to pay will be spankings in exchange for long baths. She hesitantly agrees even though she thinks it is gross and perverted. She has to take her spankings in order to not get evicted for wasting the water.

Amelia Jane Rutherford in “Wasteful Tenant” nude spanking gallery

Amelia Jane Rutherford gets a nude, wet spanking over the knee on the bathtub

You can watch the full movie of this scene with tall, slim Amelia Jane Rutherford with plenty more from Sarah Gregory and John Osborne at Sarah Gregory Spanking. Or, you can join together with Sarah’s mother-daughter disciplinary website Momma Spankings at Sarah Gregory Pass!

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Two Marked Bottoms

Angel Lee pulls Sarah Gregory's panties down and gives her a hard hand spanking

One of the things about being an actual spanking model is that, while there may be plenty of people who want to spank you, you can’t always play as you’d like to because there may be a shoot coming up that you don’t want to be marked for. It might also be the case at spanking conventions that the number of fans is too many to get a decent spanking from each one. Thus, it seems that Sarah is always saying “I’m Sarah Gregory” and asking people to spank her very gently. So, when she’s playing with naughty Angel Lee, she is more than willing to be spanked but needs Angel to play softly so that she’ll be ok for her next shoot. Angel, however, has different ideas. Tired of hearing the same old line from Sarah she decides to pull her panties down and give her a proper OTK spanking on her bare bottom. Sarah is less than impressed, and neither is her boyfriend, John Osbourne, who is very unhappy indeed with Angel for breaking Sarah’s trust. So, John takes over and delivers a hard spanking to naughty Angel. He spanks her over the knee with hand, leather paddle and two different straps to make her bottom even redder and more marked than Sarah’s was…

John punishes Angel Lee with the leather strap for spanking Sarah too much

For plenty more from Sarah Gregory, and plenty more F/F and M/F spankings go to Sarah Gregory Spanking or join together with Sarah’s mother-daughter disciplinary website Momma Spankings at Sarah Gregory Pass!

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Angel Lee’s Spanking Buddy

Angel Lee is in trouble with John Osbourne

In “Domestic DisciplineAngel Lee gets a hard spanking from her partner in a D/s relationship. John gives the naughty brat a very hard punishment-style spanking and strapping. He really goes to town on her bottom! To begin with Angel is wearing jeans (a harsh material for any spanker to spank over) so John reaches for a leather spanking buddy (something which fits like a flip-flop on the hand to aide spanking) to even the odds somewhat against the thick denim.

John uses a leather spanking buddy over Angel's denim jeans

“You know why you’re here, don’t you? Don’t ever do this again! You put yourself at risk, others, and you upset me.” John says to his submissive as this video opens. Angel and John are in a D/s relationship. The premise of this video is Angel has misbehaved and she is waiting for her dom to punish her. We as the viewers don’t know exactly what it is that she is being punished for except that she has put herself and others at risk. Her punishment includes, hand spanking, HARD strapping, and a caning. She will not soon forget this difficult lesson.

Finally Angel's jeans come off

As the spanking continues Angel’s jeans and panties finally come off when she kneels over the couch for a stinging dose of the leather strap on her bare bottom.

See more of Angel Lee in this scene at Sarah Gregory Spanking which is also a part of Sarah Gregory Pass!

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Lily Swan spanked for Peddling Protein!

Lily Swan demonstrates the benefits of her dietary supplement

Lily Swan has been selling a dietary supplement to her friend, Sarah Gregory that has come with some unwanted side effects. The special shake that she’s been supplying has given Sarah gas and she’s been farting a lot! John Osbourne , the boyfriend, thinks that the protein shake is just a scam so he invites Lily over to explain herself. Lily explains all about the benefits of her product but John is not convinved and takes matters into his own hands.

John thinks that the dietary supplement is a scam… and that may well be true, but these days with plenty of people working out in gyms and taking supplements to help them get in shape this is a common problem. How much farting happens in spanking? The position of the spankee over the spanker’s knee is prime for farting to occur. It’s almost surprising that more flatulence doesn’t happen in spanking vids.

John Osbourne spanks Lily Swan OTK on her bare bottom

Lily Swan is no stranger to the BDSM world, but this is the first time we’ve posted about her. She is a sexy, slim babe with a very flat stomach and looks great OTK being held in a “leg hold”. The leg hold while being fairly popular is still underused in spanking scenes. Often ladies will use their legs to put the spanker off his/her task, but this simple mechanism can keep them in place while the spanking continues. Similar to the hand being held into the small of the spankee’s back but easier to do as both hands remain free to spank, or hold the spankee.

John Osbourne spanks Lily Swan OTK on her bare bottom for selling his girlfriend a dietary supplement

John is well used to spanking errant young ladies and he inspects his handywork at the end…

Lily Swan gets her sore red bottom inspected by John

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