Bare Bottom Birching

Amelia Jane Rutherford is about to get a Bare Bottom Birching

Firm Hand Spanking has a classic scene with two spanking models we’ve seen plenty of before: Amelia Jane Rutherford and Niki Flynn. It’s a cosplay scene with the two ladies dressed up in old-fashioned clothing for their double punishment. By this stage they are only wearing tight-fitting bodices and I’m not sure what the old-fashioned panties are called… bloomers, britches, pantaloons? Whatever they are they are very loose-fitting and even have a large crotchless area that is perfect for spanking through. However these undergarments get removed and the ladies are punished in nothing but their sexy bodices. Here we see Amelia getting her bare bottom birching while Niki watches…

The spanking series is called “What the Dickens?” and it looks like it may have been filmed some time ago, especially because we haven’t seen much of Niki Flynn recently. The short-hair brunette from America filmed for many spanking websites all over the world in her day. While she is American she may be best known for her work in the UK and Europe where she seems to have worked with everyone who’s anyone. In the USA she worked with the likes of Clare Fonda, Amy Hunter and Kailee. She also did a scene with Samantha Woodley on Firm Hand Spanking but this one must have slipped through the net…

Amelia Jane Rutherford is birched on her Bare Bottom

Here is the scene description…

Jutting bare bottom perfectly presented, Amelia returns with Nikki Flynn in the classic period series What the Dickens? Amelia is birched for flaunting her body: Christian Fennington soon has her yelping from the sting as the springy rods bite into her cheeks. Nikki looks on nervously, as she knows it’s her turn next. Perfect pairing!

Niki Flynn is next for the birch as Amelia faces the wall

Birching is one of the rarer form of spanking we see here. A birching will tend to be a harder than average spanking because it is like getting whacked with a handful of springy canes at once. Birching scenes can be brutal but this one is probably not the most severe birching ever. The English uncle with the distinctive moustache says to Amelia, “I want to see tears from you, Amelia” after she has pleaded with him to stop.

Fans of Niki Flynn and Amelia Jane Rutherford should definitely check out this classic bare bottom birching scene with two famous spanking models at Firm Hand Spanking!

Firm Hand Spanking


Kailee gets a naked spanking from Tom Byron

It’s a brand new year, new beginnings, changes are taking place everywhere! Snow is falling in some places, while elsewhere the heat of summer beats down.

Something else that has changed and is “beating down” is the Shadow Lane website! There is certainly a new design and lots of “beating”! I have to admit that it’s been a while since I last had a look over there but things seem to be much better than I remember. Shadow Lane have always had really nice quality scenes with big names in spanking in some lush locations. They’ve tended to be more into videos and DVDs but now they have arrived as a membership site.

So far the website looks like a good mixture of old and new with some older scenes and some of the latest models out there. Some of the male doms they’ve featured over the years have been the likes of Keith Jones, Danny Crighton, Steve Fuller and Tom Byron, and on the female side the likes of Clare Fonda, Chelsea Pfeiffer, Stephanie Locke, Snow Mercy and Miss Chris should be familiar to readers. Of course, as time went on there was often some blurring of the boundaries with plenty of the doms getting themselves spanked aswell as spanking gorgeous ladies such as Amber “Pixie” Wells, Dia Zerva, Sarah Gregory, Cheyenne Jewel, Dani Hunt, Samantha Woodley and Madison Young. Later shoots have also included plenty of sex to go with the sexy spanking.

And Shadow Lane scenes have always seemed very sexy to me. The scenes always seem very elegant and classy, while the action is hard and often nude, like this scene with gorgeous Kailee.

For plenty more of the stars of spanking check out the newly revamped Shadow Lane!

Shadow Lane

Kailee spanks Chloe Elise

Kailee looks hot in her black lingerie but it looks like Chloe Elise is in trouble
Kailee looks hot in her black lingerie but it looks like Chloe Elise is in trouble

In the next forth-coming episode at My Spanking Roommate Kailee and Chloe Elise are getting ready for a halloween party when it becomes clear that someone has earned a spanking!

I’ve always liked Kailee’s style, she started off looking quite gothic but these days she’s becoming a very hot and sexy model indeed. I’m not sure what it is but there are a few spanking models who seem to improve with age and I think Kailee is definitely one of them, not to say she’s old just slightly older. Here, in her sexy black lingerie she’s showing off her tight body, it looks like she’s been working out. While not being muscular the new-look, very slim Kailee is tanned and toned, and in perfect shape to deal with a naughty Chloe Elise.

Kailee holds Chloe's arm behind her back as she spanks her lovely bottom
Kailee holds Chloe’s arm behind her back as she spanks her lovely bottom

There is quite a struggle in this scene that actually sees Chloe take the power back and spank the sexy brunette back, but that does not last very long and soon Kailee is back on top. Chloe, meanwhile, is the perfect bottom! She’s playful and cute with a lovely, soft, white bottom that looks perfect for receiving a good, hard spanking!

This is the very next scene due up on My Spanking Roommate very soon!

Clare Fonda's My Spanking Roommate

Jealous Snow gets her own back!

Snow Mercy spanks Kailee for going on a date with her boyfriend
Snow Mercy spanks Kailee for going on a date with her boyfriend

This is a story about infidelity, jealousy, secrecy, covering up, revenge… and, ultimately, regret. Yes, that’s right, just another day for My Spanking Roommate!

Kailee has been out with Snow’s boyfriend and Chloe Elise knew about it but did nothing about it. Snow Mercy decides to spank them both for what they have done and what they have not done. She first spanks them individually OTK, then bends both girls over the sofa and spanks them with her hand, a wooden spoon, then a large paddle.

With all three ladies in this love triangle scene being very sexy indeed, the action is not only hard but very hot! The sight of Kailee and Chloe both bending over the back of the sofa with their bare bottoms high in the air is truly a sight to behold! And Snow does not hold back when she appears behind them to alternate some hard smacks between the two naughty ladies’ bottoms.

Kailee and Chloe Elise bend over the back of the sofa to be spanked side-by-side
Kailee and Chloe Elise bend over the back of the sofa to be spanked side-by-side

In this spanking movie you really do get double-helpings of everything. Two lovely bare bottoms, two pretty faces crying “ouch” and, just for good measure, there are two paddles too. Very very sexy indeed…

The two naughty ladies' bottoms look delicious as they bend over together for their spankings
The two naughty ladies’ bottoms look delicious as they bend over together for their spankings

If you like to see different characters continually get themselves into trouble and end up with a spanked bottom, you can follow Chloe, Kailee, Kay, Madison and a few different ladies in their spanking adventures on My Spanking Roommate.

Clare Fonda's My Spanking Roommate

Snow gets Outnumbered

Snow Mercy spanks Chloe Elise

In episode 52 of My Spanking Roommate we see the classic power shift that happens in every spanking, only here that struggle gets reversed. Snow Mercy has not paid her rent again so her roommate Chloe Elise tries to punish her for it with a spanking, but in this case Snow is able to overpower Chloe and give her a spanking instead…

Gallery 1 – Snow spanks Chloe

But when Chloe recruits Kailee the two girls together are able to outnumber and overpower Snow finally give her the spanking she deserves. They take turns in spanking her, first with the hand, then with a ping pong paddle.

Gallery 2 – Chloe and Kailee overpower Snow and spank her

Chloe and Kailee gang up and spank Snow Mercy

This is a magnificent spanking that almost does not happen as for a while it looks like the villian of the piece, Snow, is not only going to get off Scott-free but has dished out a juicy spanking to poor Chloe in the process. Luckily, there is a happy ending and a thorough spanking is delivered to Snow’s ample, white posterior! The highlight for me is seeing Snow’s lovely bottom peeking though the slit in her sparkley, gold dress, but you’ll also love to see Chloe get the very unfair spanking at the beginning.

It’s another delicious all-girl spanking featuring three of the finest switches… download the full scene only at My Spanking Roommate!

Clare Fonda's My Spanking Roommate

Lana gets a Spanking

Lana gets a Spanking

One of the sexiest things in the world of spanking has to be the sight of a dominant lady getting unstuck and being forced to submit and take a spanking herself. Lana is a very dominant, hard-spanking lady and I know I am not alone in hoping that she would get spanked again on film. And now, finally, she is finally getting upended and her dominant bottom smacked into submission only at My Spanking Roommate

Lana gets a Spanked Hard by Madison – gallery

Madison Martin has gone to visit her sister Kailee to show off her fancy dress outfit for that evening. Lana thinks that the skimpy batgirl outfit is slutty and unsuitable to wear outside the house. This is as good a reason as any for Lana and she soon has the naughty white girl with the big bottom upended over her knee for a hard Lana-style spanking. After her OTK session, Madison is smarting in more than one way from the humiliating punishment in front of her sister, so she decides that the two of them can teach Lana a lesson. Madison convinces Kailee to overpower Lana and the two sisters give Lana a taste of her own medicine as she struggles across Madison’s knee.

While Madison gets Lana’s firm hand landing on her bare buttocks, Lana keeps the modesty of her summer dress in this spanking. But even with this thin layer of protection you can still see Lana’s firm, African-American booty bounce deliciously with each hard smack from the two sisters.

Watch this amazing switch spanking scene and stay tuned for much more of Lana and the sexy babes in more girl-on-girl OTK punishment movie in full only at My Spanking Roommate!

( rumour has it that there will be more punishment for Lana in the pipeline 🙂 )

Clare Fonda's My Spanking Roommate

Madison Martin’s Bottom

Kailee and Madison line up over the table for Lana's crop

I’ve mentioned Episode 26 of My Spanking Roommate before but I’m in love with Madison Martin’s bottom so here we go again to savour the delights of that big, round bottom…

The photo above sets the scene, Madison and Kailee are bending over with their blushed bare bottoms being beaten by Lana’s riding crop. Lana is one of the meanest over the knee spankers out there, she has a strong arm and a hard hand and she’s not afraid to use them on a defenceless bottom. When she’s using a crop like this and the girls are bending over and not OTK Lana is not quite at her best but it is worth it to see those two beautiful bums lined up together getting punished.

Anyway, back to the bottom, The more I look at Madison’s wonderful rear the more I like it. I could write poetry to an ass like that! The below picture is amazing and even gives you a peek at her pretty pink pussy…

Madison Martin's beautiful big bottom and pink pussy

Madison has a pretty face, she almost has a spoilt, bratty look to her when she wants to. With her slim waist and large rear she certainly has all the curves and seeing her play and have fun in the scenes is amazing, especially when she gets a really good hard spanking from a strict domme such as Lana, or the Danny Crichton. Most of the episodes feature at least one of Kailee, Madison and Kay so I know that every time I logon I’m going to witness a special spanking. Anyway, see more at…

My Spanking Roommate

Triple Trouble

Alison Miller bends over holdiong her ankles for a hand spanking

Today’s star-studded update features some of the brightest talents in spanking, in Alison Miller’s case you could say that she has the brightest hair aswell. In the above photo we can see just how bright her dyed red hair is as she bends over holding her ankles for a hard bum slapping from Cindy Wallace..

“I was spanked until my hands were sweaty!” complains Lindsay Lohan look-a-like Alison Miller, after her latest hot spanking. Bikini bottom pulled down, holding her ankles, Alison grits her teeth and proves she’s up there with girls such as Amy Denison for taking a fast and furious spanking. Her ass cheeks bounce crimson as she learns that keeping Ms Wallace waiting is a very bad thing!!

It’s always good to see a hot chick in a tiny bikini get dragged inside for a hard spanking on her bronzed buttocks, especially when the gorgeous lady has a body like Alison does.

And, if you liked update one, you’ll love two and three. In the second installment Kailee Robinson gives Abigail Whittaker a “punishment shower” and over the knee spanking in the bathroom for bringing lots of strangers back to the house to do who knows what.. and Number three sees the always lovely Samantha Woodley, this time getting a hard dose of the cane as the finale of her “Hell’s Kitchen” series. She bends over in her sexy pink panties for 12 sharp, stinging swats from the cane on her beautiful, round bottom.. mmmmm…

Alison Miller, Abigail Whittaker and Samantha Woodley get chatised gallery

These updates are the three updates a week, with more updates every week at…

Firm Hand Spanking

Cheating sisters get punished together by strict teacher

Cheating sisters Madison and Kailee get punished together by strict teacher

Clare Fonda’s My spanking Roommate is one of my favorite spanking websites mainly down to the two main characters, the roommates: Madison Martin and Kay Richards. The site has various episodes which tell the story of these two naughty roomies, like a soap opera, which is why I call it a spanking soap opera. Each episode is beautifully crafted and often references other episodes and other characters that we might have met, or are about to meet.. Madison and Kay are joined by various other characters including work colleagues, neighbors, friends, college teachers and ex-boyfriends. Of course, each encounter leads to a spanking. Such as today’s new spanking with “sisters” Madison and Kailee, we know they are sisters because in a previous episode Kailee was spanked for trying to help her sister get out of a modeling assignment by Mr Ford. Here’s the episode description…

Kailee has paid her sister Madison to do her homework…. and Simone catches them. First she makes Madison spank Kailee over her knee. Then she decides to really teach them a lesson – so she bends them both over the dining room table and whips them with a riding crop. To add insult to injury, Simone forces Kailee to compete her assignment during the punishment.

Madison drives me crazy and Kailee has been one of my favorite spanking girls for a while, especially because she has a very distinctive look and is actually looking better and better. This scene is brand new. It is currently being added to….

My Spanking Roommate

Kailee spanks Abigail Whittaker

Abi is confronted by Kailee in the livingroom

The more I see of Kailee (or Kailee Robinson, as she’s also known), the more I like her. She has been around the spanking scene for a few years now. She used to look gothic, moody and almost had a permanent naughtiness in her eyes. Now she is a little older and more sophisticated. She is also growing into a force to be reckoned with for other naughty ladies as we see her more and more taking control in these situations. Here Abigail Whittaker (Abi) has crossed her and is swiftly up-ended by Kailee who looks amazing with her sleek hair and tight, black top. As you can see, she still has her black fingernails, so she is still hanging onto her gothic-ness…

Abigail Whittaker soon finds herself over the knee getting her bare bottom hand-spanked

This is just a beautiful gallery with the natural sunlight pouring into the open-plan room and one sexy female spanking another. Abigail is a very sexy hot teen on the spanking scene and Kailee lays into her lovely, bare bottom with venom. Very tasty!

Abi rubs her bottom after her spanking

Delicious! Hot action that is extremely easy on the eyes. Check out the rest of the photos and movies at…

Firm Hand Spanking