Spanking Model Stats

If you’re the kind of person who enjoys statistics you may enjoy these spanking model stats taken from this website over it’s entire duration (10 years or so). So, these are the top 21 spanking models over the ten years in order of the number of times we’ve mentioned them on this website. Just cold hard stats!

  1. Sarah Gregory
  2. Clare Fonda
  3. Veronica Ricci
  4. Kay Richards
  5. Snow Mercy
  6. Amelia Jane Rutherford
  7. Chelsea Pfeiffer
  8. Lana
  9. Madison Martin
  10. Katherine St. James
  11. Dana Specht
  12. Spanking Sarah
  13. Pixie
  14. Christy Cutie
  15. Alison Miller
  16. Samantha Woodley
  17. Koko Kitten
  18. Miss Chris
  19. Chloe Elise
  20. Leia Ann Woods
  21. Sinn Sage

Readers could maybe have guessed at the top 5, but for me there are some surprises. There are some models who I didn’t think I’d talked that much about, and there are others who I thought would have been higher than they are.

Because it’s taken over the 10 years, this really is a list of some of the most hard-working models over that time. There will be very famous spanking models we haven’t featured as heavily as maybe they deserved.

Plenty of spanking models have come and gone in that time. Most of the list was not filming spanking 10 years ago, I believe. I like that it’s quite a diverse range of spanking models from the USA/UK that includes those famous for being dommes: Dana Specht, Chelsea Pfeiffer, Snow Mercy and Miss Chris… those famous for purely being spankees: Pixie and Amelia Jane Rutherford… and all the rest, who you could say are probably known equally well for giving and receiving.

Readers will know that we love ladies who switch, so the fact that most, if not all, of the ladies here have done at least some switching may reflect our tastes somewhat.

We stretched the top 20 slightly to fit Sinn Sage onto the list, but there are plenty more big names just outside the top 20. For example, Maitresse Madeline, Dane Kane and Veronica Bound, three ladies are are best well-known for being on top but who have occasional appeared as a bottom, are all in the top 30 along with the likes of Casey Calvert, Lily Anna and Missy Rhodes.

It’s going to be interesting how this list will look in another 10 years time. Sarah Gregory is going from strength to strength so I think she may still be top in another 10 years, but there will probably be a whole lot of names who we’ve never heard of yet.

I hope you found my top list of spanking models interesting.

EDIT: There is an updated “All-Time Top 10” list on Top 10 Spanking Model Stats 2016.

Bathtub Spankings

Samantha Woodley is dragged out of the bubble bath for a spanking on her wet bottom

These two bathtub spankings are good examples of why bathroom spankings can be so sexy.

In the first scene Samantha Woodley is dragged out of the bubble bath for a spanking on her soapy, wet bottom on the side of the tub. Not only is sexy brunette Samantha totally wet through and naked, but she’s joined in the tub by her sexy blonde girlfriend, Katherine St. James, who watches her punishment close-up.

Sexy Samantha Woodley's wet bottom gets spanked in this bathtub spanking

Then, in this next scene Amelia Jane Rutherford stands up in the bathtub and bends over, leaning on the side of the tub for her strapping with the detective’s leather belt…

Amelia Jane Rutherford bends over for the strap naked in bathtub

Totally nude, Amelia Rutherford’s bath strapping is hot in every way in Safe House! Detective Earl Grey hears an illicit phone call, so her bare bottom gets 46 with his belt.

Watch these two sexy bathtub spankings at Firm Hand Spanking!

Firm Hand Spanking

Stephanie Murray’s 12-stroke caning

Stephanie Murray is in trouble with Alison Miller in the Private School

Brunette hottie Stephanie Murray has had poor grades and has had a bad attitude in the “Private School” series at Firm Hand Spanking. So Alison Miller decides to give her a caning to improve her attitude towards her studies. The flame-haired beauty asks the naughty senior to bend over a desk, then she swings the swishy cane across her skin-tight skirt. After four warm-up strokes over the skirt her bottom is bared and her pert booty cheeks are given the remaining 8 strokes of the cane.

Stephanie Murray bends over for a caning on her bare bottom from sexy Alison Miller

But this pretty senior isn’t expecting 12 strokes with a swishy cane, eight of them on bare skin!

Alison Miller’s style in this scene is very passive. She quietly gets ready then swings the cane efficiently at Stephanie’s lovely bottom without saying a word or making mush noise at all. You can see her straighten up after delivering the stroke as she waits patiently for Stephanie to count aloud. When Stephanie takes a few moments to compose herself Alison looks over at her, but there’s not much interaction really apart from that. Towards the end of the punishment Stephanie’s reactions get more pronouced at the sting of the cane increases on her lovely round bottom.

Stephanie Murray reacts as the swishy cane bites into her pert booty cheeks

This scene together with flavour of the month Stacy Stockton getting strapped and Kat St James and Samantha Woodley getting hand-spanked OTK can be seen at Firm Hand Spanking!

Firm Hand Spanking


Katherine St James and Samantha Woodley pose after their canings

This is a “Mid March” update for some of the scenes on Firm Hand Spanking this month. There are some nice updates with some sexy ladies, including the two usual suspects, above, Katherine St James (blond) and Samantha Woodley (brunette). These two cuties each get a bare bottomed caning when they get caught stripping for money instead of studying for college.

Another beauty is sexy glamour model and pornstar, Dani Daniels, who has made a seamless transition from being easy on the eye to being hard on naughty girls’ bottoms. She is one of the newer tops and is quite unique in that I can’t remember seeing her actually getting a spanking herself, which is unusual for such a sexy lady (although she has been tied up and punished in lesbian BDSM on Whipped Ass.)

Here Dani is breaking in another newbie with the help of a leather tawse, the spankee is called Stephanie Murray. Dani plays the principal and Stephanie plays a naughty student in this school-themed bare-bottom strapping. Compared to Dani’s very glamorous looks Stephanie is the typical girl-next-door in what seems to be one of her first ever scenes…

Principal Dani Daniels observes naughty student Stephanie Murray after her punishment with the leather tawse

Another sexy lady who is in for a hard time is gorgeous blond, Adrienne Black who is looking hotter than ever in this scene…

Attitude, short spandex shorts and a skimpy top in the office earn Adrienne Black an ass strapping to remember: 80 swats with a wide leather strap from boss Jonny Stockton. He’s mad as hell with her attitude in Problem PA. See her cheeks ripple in slow motion!

Adrienne Black looking smoking hot in tight black hotpants before she is strapped

Another newbie is Jodi Biltmore, who like Stephanie, is also in a school uniform and is also an amateur, girl-next-door type. Jodi plays a student with a very long list of misdemeanors to her name. Her correction at the Reform Academy starts off with a nice OTK hand spanking on her bare bottom…

Jodi Biltmore gets an OTK hand spanking in a school uniform

Finally for this mid-March 2014 update there is the caning of Belinda Lawson, below. Belinda has reached the end of her “Executive Privilege” punishment and Earl Grey finishes off by giving her an 18-stroke caning on her bare bottom. What makes this particular scene even better is that Belinda must bend over and touch her toes for the caning. Very nice!

Belinda Lawson shows off her striped bare bottom after her caning

And, we didn’t even mention that Amelia Jane Rutherford also gets punished with a leather paddle in another scene. That’s a lot of strapping and caning and a nice OTK spanking, there are fan favorites and newbies, M/F and F/F. With the mixture of very glamorous ladies and the two new girl-next-door models we think there’s probably something for everyone at Firm Hand Spanking at the moment!

Firm Hand Spanking

Momma’s Strap!!

Sarah and Kat kneel side-by-side on couch for a strapping

Momma, Dana Specht, notices that some of her money is missing. The culprits could only be her two daughters, played by Sarah Gregory and Katherine St. James, who both deny the theft in the latest update at Momma Spankings.

Getting to the bottom of the situation, literally, results in hard, bare bottom spanking for both girls with hand, hairbrush and strap, as well as corner time. Finally, Momma Dana employs her trusty strap to teach the two daughters a thing or two. Sarah and Kat kneel on the couch with their backs and bottoms facing Momma. She draws her arm back a long way, then swings the leather through in an arcing motion that brings the strap crashing down upon their tender bottoms. Side-by-side the two are strapped expertly by a very annoyed Momma…

Momma Dana swings the leather strap at Sarah's blushing red bottom

When the truth is finally uncovered, both girls are left with blazing red bottoms…

By the end of the punishment both ladies have sore, red bare bottoms

Fans of Kat St James will like this disciplinary scene when she and Sarah misbehave and are naughty before getting an old-school thrashing. Kat and Sarah go together like peaches and cream, or turkey and stuffing. Petite, blond Kat has this little bubble butt and is quite quiet and reserved; brunette Sarah tends to be the louder of the two and has a big, round bottom.

Sarah Gregory and Kat St. James are strapped side-by-side by Momma gallery

This is the finale of a scene where both girls take turns in getting their round bottoms slapped and smacked hard, taking several trips across Dana’s lap until they are sore and red… and ready for the strap. While there is a mixture of different styles of spankings on Momma Spankings, the scenes tend to be quite hard disciplinary spankings. You can join Momma’s website along with Sarah’s personal website together at Sarah Gregory Pass.

Sarah Gregory and Dana Specht in Momma Spankings

Two strapped nude

Samantha Woodley and Kat St James spanked and strapped nude

Here, two of the most famous spanking model beauties are together and completely naked getting strapped side-by-side. The thing I like about this scene apart from the two naked beauties, red bottoms and bouncing breasts is the seriousness and reactions of the two ladies. It’s clear that this strapping is the real deal…

Sunbathing naked has already cost stunning Samantha Woodley and Katherine St James a sound spanking in “Brotherly Love”. They’re still fully nude for a second licking of 70 hand spanks and 95 with a strap, with breasts and bottoms bouncing like fury!

Samantha Woodley and Kat St James spanked and strapped nude at Firm Hand Spanking

For more sexy spanking with pretty girls, such as Samantha Woodley and Kat St James, and bubble butts in various sexy scenarios check out Firm Hand Spanking!

Firm Hand Spanking

Spanking for a Pranking

Sarah and Kat congratulate themselves on setting up the prank

When Sarah Gregory and Kat St. James play some pranks on Sarah’s Daddy these two naughty ladies are going to get their buns roasted. The two are full of glee once the pranks are set up but that joy soon turns to some different emotions when Paul “discovers” the pranks and both girls find themselves in trouble.

Sarah is the first lady to go over the knee but then it is Kat’s turn. Sarah Gregory looks very pleased to see her naughty girlfriend get a good OTK bare bottom spanking…

Sarah watches as Kat gets her buns roasted by Paul

Katherine St James and Sarah Gregory get spanked bare bottom OTK by Paul – gallery

This spanking is a very exciting new scene from Sarah Gregory Spanking that was filmed at the Crimson Moon Spanking Party. There are plenty of exciting things happening at the moment at Sarah’s site, more news soon, watch this space…

Sarah Gregory Spanking

Computer Error

Kat St James has to explain herself when Paul finds the laptop is all sticky

You should have heard of famous spanking model, Kat St James, before, she’s a beautiful and sexy blonde who goes together with spanking like peaches and cream. Some models just seem to be perfect for spanking and Kat is one of them. She looks like she may be a bit of a princess and have the occasional tantrum and her bottom is just perfect!

In this scene Kat is complaining to daddy that her computer is broken and won’t work. She admits to spilling soda on the keyboard. Daddy is very upset that she has not taken care of her belongings. She is spanked hard on her bare bottom, then with a hairbrush.

Paul gives Kat St James a hard OTK spanking on her bare bottom then reaches for the hairbrush

You can watch this movie in full and see much more of Kat St James, Sarah Gregory and the many lovely spanking models you’ll find at Sarah Gregory Spanking!

Sarah Gregory Spanking

Naughty stepsisters get what’s coming…

The stepsisters find poor Kat doing her chores

This scene is a very fun spanking based on a popular fairytale, Cinderella. For me a lot of the books and stories when I was growing up seemed to be about good/evil, or as in this case a lowly maid being persecuted by her elder stepsisters. It’s a happy ending but at the beginning Cinders is basically a submissive slave to the demands of the other two. I hadn’t thought about it in a spanking-sense before so this role-reversal is long overdue in my book.

So, back to the spankings in hand. Sarah Gregory and Carissa Montgomery play the two stepsisters with petite blonde Kat St James playing the submissive younger sister… or is she!? As you can see it is not long before Kat has started to dominate her lazy siblings.

The stepsisters find poor Kat doing her chores

Stepsister Carissa gets her bare bottom spanked OTK while Sarah faces the wall

Stepsister Carissa gets her bare bottom spanked OTK while Sarah faces the wall

Both Carissa and Sarah go over her knee one at a time and are given a nice, hard handspanking. Then Sarah gets the wooden hairbrush while Carissa rubs her sore bottom facing the wall…

Kat uses the hairbrush on naughty Sarah’s bare bottom

Kat uses the hairbrush on naughty Sarah's bare bottom

This scene is a very fun three-girl scene with a real fairy story feel to it with all the bright colored clothing and brightly spanked bottoms. You can see much more of brunette beauty Sarah Gregory and her girlfriends on both ends of a good, hard spanking at Sarah Gregory Spanking!

Sarah Gregory Spanking

Sarah’s Naked Aruba Spanking

Sarah Gregory gets spanked naked in the bathtub in Aruba
Sarah Gregory gets spanked naked in the bathtub in Aruba

You may know that Sarah Gregory and Kat St. James recently went on vacation to Aruba with some other friends. Here Sarah proves that even on vacation there are still times when she needs a spanking. This scene is particularly sexy as both ladies are naked in the tub with some striking tanlines and white bottoms.

Sarah and Kat are on vacation in Aruba. Kat is trying to take a relaxing bath and Sarah wants to get in. Kat says she will let Sarah in if she pays the price. As Sarah gets in, she is pushed around to find herself bottom up and getting spanked. Apparently that was the price to get in. Sarah gladly takes her sensual spanking and then gives some back to Kat.

This is the latest update at Sarah Gregory Spanking, where you can see a whole lot of Sarah on both ends of a good spanking with all her kinky spanko friends.

Sarah Gregory Spanking