Darcy Grey at the House of Correction

Darcy Grey strips naked for a body search and spanking from Katie

A brand new series starring Katie (AKA Katy Didit), Sarah, Mr. Stern and some really great spanking ladies. In this first episode Darcy Grey reports for her first day at the house of correction and is soon disabused of the idea that her stay will be a holiday. After being made to strip she is given a body search and then gets an introductory spanking as she is bent over the punishment stool. Katy makes the perfect governess for this strictly run establishment and knows just how to dish out a painful spanking to a young girls bared bottom.

Darcy Grey gets spanked naked over the punishment stool gallery

Darcy Grey gets spanked naked over the punishment stool

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Spanking Sarah

Wiping the smile off her face…

Jenna Jay bends over and Katie paddles her big, bare bottom

Sometimes when you start smiling or laughing it can be hard to stop, especially if you are a naughty lady like in this update. Here the act of smiling or grinning is almost a sign of defiance, it is certainly a further sign of naughtiness. Stop the smile and you not only punish the crime but halt the defiance.

When Jenna Jay comes for a job at Unladylike Manor she is not at all bothered that she will be paddled and otherwise beaten as a part of the job. Indeed, it is hard to stop her smiling. In an effort to wipe the smile from her face Lady Sarah gives Katie the job of paddling her over her tights.

Katie paddles Jenna when she is standing up and her pussy is on display

This first attempt at stopping Jenna from grinning does not work, she smiles all the way through the punishment. Next the paddling is given on her bare bottom, this really hurts as Katie lays the paddle on really hard.

Can Sarah and Katie stop Jenna from grinning?

You can find out whether Katie manages to stop Jenna from grinning on Spanking Sarah.

Spanking Sarah