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The judge gives Riley Evans the option of time in jail or a hard spanking

Ms. Evans (Riley Evans) is a very wealthy lady, but sometimes even those ladies commit silly crimes like theft! Even though she has plenty of money her boss catches her on CCTV stealing money from another employee’s locker, maybe she was looking for an extra buzz to brighten up her boring day. She gets invited into her boss’s office and it becomes clear that her thrill-seeking gets her into trouble. Ms Evans will get punished in a way she would have never dreamed of. She’s given the option to either be thrown in jail or get a hard spanking. She, of course, chooses the latter and gets spanked on her expensive skirt first, then on her pantyhose and then her pantyhose came off and she got spanked on her panties…

Ms Evans' skirt is lifted up and she is spanked over her pantyhose

When her panties where about to get pulled down she put up a little fight but eventually her panties were yanked down and the hard spanking continued. In addition to the hard over the knee spanking she got, she was also bent over the desk and given even harder spanks on her nice round bubble blonde bottom. Hot girl, amazing movie…

Wealthy lady Riley Evans gets a richly deserved hand spanking from the judge

Riley Evans' punishment continues on her beautiful, tanned, bare bottom

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Bad Tushy

Ms Quinn

Ms Quinn spanks a girl in another FF spanking movie

Today, we have a kind of tribute to a very sexy spanking lady: Ms Kayla Quinn. Ms Quinn is the complete package. She is good looking with big boobs (that she is not afraid to show off with a low-cut dress) and not only does she spank hard but she has a mean line in lectures as she spanks her naughty students. See her in action in the first of these classroom spanking movies.

Like the teacher says, she will not tolerate insubordination in her classroom and the naughty girl is soon bending over the desk as her ass is paddled by her busty teacher.

In the second clip there is some delicious “backhanded spanking”. Ms Quinn is facing us with the paddle in her right hand and kinda flicking it out to paddle the girl who is just to her right. As she’s spanking away from her body her big, bra-less boobs jiggle very enticingly. Some of the perks with a big-boobed spanking are seeing the occasional flash of nipple, some excellent down-blouse action, a nipple poking through a tight top, and in this case, a nice big breast swinging gently with each stroke.

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Bad Tushy

Cheating Schoolgirl Spanked in Classroom

Cheating Schoolgirl Spanked in Classroom

Ms Quinn is a strict teacher.. she’s also busty and beautiful. When she takes on a new class she makes sure that they know right from the outset that she does not tolerate cheating at all. What’s more she tells her class all of her classrules and she tells them what will happen if any girl should dare to break them… a severe paddling!

Unfortunately for this girl she must have been absent or missed that particular lesson because she has cheated in a test and left the evidence for the teacher at the end. Ms Quinn is not happy at all and this cute babe’s bottom will be very hot and angry aswell after Ms Kayla Quinn is done whacking it with her punishment paddle in these paddling movies.

She certainly does get a very red and sore ass as her teacher makes her take off that little skirt and those panties and beats her nice, round bottom with a long and thick, leather paddle with the naughty girl bending over the desk. Hard paddle smacks on a beautiful round bottom! There is yet more punishment as she is dragged over her teacher’s knee for some more OTK paddle punishment followed by a good long hand-spanking with her teacher’s wet hand so it stings all the more. See the girl’s full ordeal only at…

Bad Tushy Schoolgirl Spankings

Exam Cheating earns a Hard Ass Spanking

Exam Cheating earns a Hard Ass Spanking for naughty girl

Ms Quinn is a strict teacher. Her strictness is only equalled by her sexy big boobs. When this sexy, busty redheaded teacher sees bad behaviour in HER classroom it is time for the spankings to begin. This time a naughty blonde girl has been caught writing the answers to the exam questions on her hand. This is cheating!! See how she is punished in these classroom spanking movies.

I have always been a fan of Kayla Quinn and her new role of being a sexy spanking MILF is her hottest yet. She ignores the naughty girl’s cries and yelps and spanks her pale buttocks hard with the large, leather paddle. Seeing a sexy girl getting spanked is nice but seeing a beautiful spanker and a beautiful spankee can make the temperature rise off the scale. Especially when the strict teacher spanks as hard as Ms Quinn does.

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Naughty Girl Spanked for Phonecall in Class

Naughty Girl Spanked for Phonecall in Class

Ms Quinn is a strict lecturer at University. She does not take any nonsense from her students, especially not taking phonecalls in class when they should be studying. Nicole breaks this rule and soon finds the cellphone yanked from her hands and watches in horror as her teacher tells her friend that “Nicole can’t talk any more she’s about to get her bum spanked“.

Already humiliated by the strict teacher Nicole is bent over the desk and her skirt is lifted up so that she can slap her tender, white cheeks. There is a hard spanking in store for the babe who doesn’t take college seriously. When Ms Quinn has had enough of spanking her with her hand she reaches for the strap and slaps the thick strap across her sore ass until she squeals, and even then the punishment is not over for this little minx, the strapping continues, this time over the knee of her powerful, dominant, busty teacher!

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