Working Out!

Here are two “working out” spanking updates come from Firm Hand Spanking.

These days exercising and working out really polarizes opinion. You’re either a gym freak or a couch potato. They gym-toned ladies may have firmer, perter bottoms and the undisciplined non-exercisers may have larger, softer rears. But, what about if a good girl has a gym routine that she tries to stick to but on one occasion skips a session? Or, what if spanking is actually a part of the workout routine? These two scenes have two very kinky uniform spanking scenarios with two sexy ladies…

Military discipline can he harsh, as Naval Cadet Kelly Morgan learns when she cuts the mandatory morning exercises

Military discipline can he harsh, as Naval Cadet Kelly Morgan learns when she cuts the mandatory morning exercises. Capt. Frank Reed is firm: this cadet must be punished. The sexy naval cadet gets 95 strokes of the strap in her uniform with her panties down… that should motivate a pretty young lady!

Gym-toned beauty Kelly Morgan strapped 95 strokes for cutting a workout

A hard, bare 53-stroke paddling is part of spy, Leia-Ann Woods’ training regime. “Impressive, you’re learning very fast,” says hard-ass spy trainer Thomas Cameron as he strikes Leia-Ann Woods on the bare buttocks vigorously 53 times with a leather paddle. Her wobbling red cheeks and her reactions show that Military Training for spies may work!

A hard, bare 53-stroke paddling as part of Leia-Ann Woods’ training regime

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Pretty Kelly Morgan gets Paddled

Hitting a teacher earns pretty Kelly Morgan a paddling in The Principal's Office

Most of the spankings we have here are bare bottom, or at least over panties, but there are occasional spankings that happen over a fully-clothed butt. This is one of those occasions and is a nice example of a hard paddling over jeans.

The naughty lady in question is cute blond Kelly Morgan, who’s bottom looks very nice as she bends over in her tight jeans. Kelly has been sent to the Principal’s office for striking a teacher, a very serious offense, that is treated very severely in this college. Kelly bends forwards and rests her hands on the sat of a chair while the denim stretches across the seat of her pants. Ms Morgan will get 12 strokes of the dreaded punishment board. The only leniency Kelly will get is that she’s allowed to keep her jeans up, but that does not mean that the Principal is going easy on her. The strokes are full force across her delectable bottom. Mr Anderson paddles hard! The long wooden paddle smacks loudly against her naughty bottom, with each reaction being captured in the Reaction Cam.

Bending over with her hands on the seat of a chair Kelly gets paddled over her jeans with the punishment board

The Principal takes his time and smacks the school paddle a dozen times across Kelly’s lovely rear. Kelly, counting each stroke aloud, takes her punishment well but it is obvious that it is affecting her by her reactions. After her hard punishment pretty Kelly Morgan looks sheepish but she has learned her lesson, for now at least…

Pretty Kelly Morgan looks serious after her hard paddling

While jeans offer plenty of protection in a hand spanking, they only help a little when a big, wooden paddle is being used at full force. What little protection there is can be offset by the fact that the spanker can see the effect of the paddle on the naughty bottom in question so could easily be spanking a bruised part of the spankee’s rump. Luckily, Kelly’s paddling was restricted to twelve strokes so we know that her beautiful bottom has not been damaged by this expert disciplinarian.

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Cheerleader spanked to tears

Cheerleader Kelly Morgan gets spanked to tears with the leather paddle

At Firm Hand Spanking Kelly Morgan fesses up to changing the music for another cheerleader’s routine in the “Cheerleader Captain” update. To have any hope of getting her place in the squad back she has to speak to Mr Johnson. The strict teacher gives the naughty cheerleader 31 swats with a leather paddle as she leans over a pool table, with ten swats on her bare bottom. The punishment brings tears to her eyes and a very sore butt as the mischievous cheerleader starts to genuinely regret her actions.

Mr Johnson gives Kelly Morgan a hard paddling so that she can get back on the cheerleader squad

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