Kelsey Baker

Pretty brunette Kelsey Baker at Firm Hand Spanking

Kelsey Baker is a new model to come to Firm Hand Spanking! She is a very pretty brunette, see above, and this scene is a very promising first scene for her. Bending over the landing railing she gets her bottom slapped briskly until her ass cheeks are both rosy red…

Pretty newcomer Kelsey Baker’s new job as The House-sitter gets off to a red bottomed start as Patrick Bateman spanks her bouncing bottom cheeks 380 times for tardiness.

Kelsey is wearing a thong that is skin color and so leaves the whole cheek bare and exposed to the spanking. Patrick squats right down low and rapidly slaps her bare bottom cheeks. Each smack may not be super hard but the accumulation of 380 swats sure makes her pale cheeks turn a rosy red color…

Kelsey Baker gets hand spanked rapidly over the landing railing on her bare cheeks

Kelsey Baker is a newcomer to spanking but we’re sure you’ll be able to see more of her eventually as her scenes get added, plus of course this sexy hand spanking at Firm Hand Spanking!

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