Kiki gets the Cane!

Kiki gets her firm, round bottom spanked by Sarah's paddle

Kiki thinks she is alone as she spanks and plays with herself on webcam for her boyfriend. BUT, teacher Sarah returns and catches her and is determined to teach her a real lesson. Naked she is first of all paddled and then made to stand and bend over whilst Sarah delivers a full force caning to her bare bottom. Poor Kiki takes a real hard caning, no mercy shown here.

Kiki gets caned by Sarah gallery

Kiki sticks her pert, round bottom out for Sarah's cane

Kiki is very sexy indeed with a nice round bottom and a tight, curvy body with nice tan and tattoo piece down her back. Whether she’s lying on the bed with her bubble butt protruding up in the air, or touching her toes for the cane her butt is very spankable. I even like her hair tied up in bunches and her little white socks.

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Three Naughty Ladies

Sexy Kiki strips naked and spanks herself for her boyfriend

Kiki is out on a trip to a stately home with her school, when they go off she decides to have some fun on an antique bed. She calls her boyfriend on her phone and after removing her uniform plays with her body for him to look via his mobile. She then decides to spank and paddle her bottom for him, she bends over showing everything and gives herself a real hard whacking exciting herself and her boyfriend. This beautiful young girl paddles her own bottom til its bright red.

MILF Sarah bends over for the cane on the bare

English MILF Sarah opens her toy bags for you to see some of her favourite and least favourite spanking and CP instruments, her ‘toys’. A wicked looking riding crop comes out first, not a thing she likes but should we take note of that? depends how naughty she is. Next a full length heavy dragon cane, this one really stings and so Sarah has to bend over, bottom bare and take a real caning, no holding back on this lovely bottom, just a good full force whacking.

Leia Ann Woods gets paddled on the bare bottom

In the second part of The Prisoner Leia Ann Woods has to face her probation officer knowing she has an escaped prisoner in the house. He suspects that she is up to something but is not quite sure. The arrangement he has with Leia Ann involves corporal punishment, to help keep her out of trouble and he thinks that now would be a good time to apply his strap and paddle to Leia Ann’s bottom. She removes her clothes and bends over for a no mercy whacking on the bare bottom.

All three of these updates come from Spanking Sarah where you can join now to watch the full movies and much more British spanking action.

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Naughty stable hand gets spanked

Sarah discovers stablehand Kiki's naughty plans

Today we have a mini gallery from English website, Spanking Sarah. This scene, “Spanked in Shorts”, has a country feel to it being in the stable surrounded by bales of hay, and the two ladies are dressed accordingly. Both Sarah and Kiki are wearing tall boots, ideal for country life, and naughty little Kiki looks gorgeous in her little denim shorts.

The story goes that stable hand, Kiki, has planned a picnic in the barn for her boyfriend followed by a love making session amongst the hay. Her boss, Sarah, has other ideas when she finds out about Kiki’s illicit plans and to prove a point puts Kiki over her knee and gives her denim clad bottom a good spanking.

Sarah pulls Kiki straight over her knee for a spanking over her denim shorts

It is not long before the pretty and naughty stable hand’s daisy dukes are lowered and she is spanked over her lacey, white panties.

Naughty Kiki gets spanked over her white panties in the stable

Sarah makes sure she pulls the panties tight into the lovely girl’s bottom exposing her round cheeks to the firm spanking.

Kiki's white panties are pulled tight into her ass as she's spanked

Finally, the boss lowers those white panties, making the poor stablehand blush tanning her bottom a bright, blushed red. Kiki has a lovely, round bottom that looks great over Sarah’s knee as it gets a very pleasing shade of red.

Finally, the naughty English stablehand's panties are pulled down and she is spanked on her bare bottom

This is the latest adventure on English MILF Sarah’s website, Spanking Sarah, that sees Sarah topping a lovely English babe. There are plenty of very sexy scenarios on her website that often involve Sarah herself getting spanked or spanking the lovely English girls in her suburban neighbourhood.

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