Sinn Sage and the Submissive Schoolgirl

Teacher, Sinn Sage, with students Charlotte Cross and Harley Jade

Sometimes we have scenes from hardcore websites that have some spanking in them, other times, like today, we have people who we might asociate with spanking in other types of movies. Readers will probably know Sinn Sage from Chelsea Pfeiffer’s websites, including Good Spanking where she still does spanking scenes. These days Sinn seems to have moved into doing mainly lesbian porn, which this is a nice example. The sexy brunette has aged a little since she had her own spanking website and in this scene, she plays a teacher who dominates sexy female student, Charlotte Cross.

Sinn Sage dominates Charlotte Cross in front of new girl, Harley Jade

In “Submissive Schoolgirl” at Sweetheart Video, teacher Sinn dominates Charlotte while Harley watches, a little bit like yesterday’s classroom spanking scene. The difference here is that Harley Jade, like us, is a complete spectator who is there to observe, not be trained… yet. For now, Harley just watches what happens to other girls and learns that being submissive earns you rewards from the teacher…

Teacher Sinn Sage eats Charlotte Cross's pussy out on the desk

Sinn Sage and Charlotte Cross are about to show new girl Harley Jade exactly what goes down at the reform school. When bad girls misbehave they must be obedient to get rewarded. Sinn Sage dominates Charlotte doing whatever she wants to her submissive. They take turns eating each other’s wet pussies. Sinn Sage fucks Charlotte with her strap on till she is shaking and climaxing into orgasm!

This scene has quite a few elements of BDSM including the collar and leash, and the dominant/submissive relationship, along with plenty of lesbian sex, and the strapon.

Submissive Schoolgirl preview page

Charlotte Cross shows that she's obedient before taking Sinn Sage's strapon

Sweetheart Video is a lesbian website that features 100% lesbian sexy. But, some of the movies get a little kinky. There may not be the level of spanking we’re used to but there is definitely some power play and domination. It’s also a chance to see more of sexy brunette Sinn Sage in a more dominant role than we may be used to seeing her in.

Sweetheart Video

Molly Matthews’ Naked Leash Spanking

Molly Matthews shows off her sexy body over Chelsea's knee

I think I may be in love with Molly Matthews!

This sexy pale babe with long, straight red hair is unbelievably beautiful. Not only is she very pretty but the also has a body that looks amazing. She is slender with a nice round bottom and lovely breasts. For some reason her classic beauty goes well with a collar.

Molly's sexy, round bottom gets spanked til it's very red indeed

Here, in this scene with Chelsea Pfeiffer, Molly has a kinky, black collar and leash on. She’s naked except for a pair of black heels and that black collar and leash getting spanked by Chelsea as she kneels on all fours on the sofa. Then, Chelsea leads her around the floor, with her crawling on her hands and knees. A very sexy and very kinky sight…

Chelsea leads naked Molly around the room on a leash

As with all Chelsea Pfeiffer scenes there is a nice spanking with plenty of verbal humiliation to go along with the physical spanking, followed by some kinky toys. It’s is one of the newest updates on Chelsea Pfeiffer’s Good Spanking.

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