Katrina Jade proves herself

Agent Katrina Jade gets interrogated

When Katrina Jade let it be known she wanted to be a top porn star on Brazzers Network, she was snatched by two hench-men to a secret location to test her porn prowess! The boss walks in but decides she’s not ready. But, from the get-go, Katrina yells at her examiners she could handle whatever cock they threw her way, no matter how big, fat, or relentless its pounding power.

The boss leaves and Katrina is left alone with Bill Bailey

The boss decides to give her a chance and leaves her alone with Bill Bailey. Eager to show Bill what a “nasty fucking bitch” she is, Katrina opened her mouth wide to make his raging hard-on disappear down her throat. After she gagged and throatfucked his big hard cock, Bill bent her over the table and gave Katrina what she wanted more than anything else: a spanking with his hand and belt.

Katrina Jade is spanked and whipped with a leather belt

She gets her ass cheeks and pussy spanked with his hand, then he takes off his belt and gives her quite a few strokes with the leather belt folded in two. This is actually harder than you might expect from a hardcore scene and Katrina’s bottom gets quite red. Katrina spread her cheeks wide to get her ass eaten, and then jumped on the table to get fucked hard and raw in every position.

Busty Katrina Jade sucks cock and gets fucked

As she’s bent over the desk getting fucked her big natural breasts are swinging enticingly and she begs to be spanked more, then harder. “Spank me, I want you to fucking spank me harder, harder…” Bill, still pounding her pussy, with those gorgeous breasts swinging, continues to spank her ever reddening ass while the foul mouthed pornstar moans loudly.

In “ZZ Recruits: Agent Katrina“, Katrina Jade gets her big tits slapped, her ass spanked and sucks cock and gets fucked in some very rough sex. It’s rough but we’re never in any doubt that Katrina really wants it. Watch this kinky hardcore scene and much more XXX action at Brazzers Network!

Brazzers Network

Bathtub Spankings

Samantha Woodley is dragged out of the bubble bath for a spanking on her wet bottom

These two bathtub spankings are good examples of why bathroom spankings can be so sexy.

In the first scene Samantha Woodley is dragged out of the bubble bath for a spanking on her soapy, wet bottom on the side of the tub. Not only is sexy brunette Samantha totally wet through and naked, but she’s joined in the tub by her sexy blonde girlfriend, Katherine St. James, who watches her punishment close-up.

Sexy Samantha Woodley's wet bottom gets spanked in this bathtub spanking

Then, in this next scene Amelia Jane Rutherford stands up in the bathtub and bends over, leaning on the side of the tub for her strapping with the detective’s leather belt…

Amelia Jane Rutherford bends over for the strap naked in bathtub

Totally nude, Amelia Rutherford’s bath strapping is hot in every way in Safe House! Detective Earl Grey hears an illicit phone call, so her bare bottom gets 46 with his belt.

Watch these two sexy bathtub spankings at Firm Hand Spanking!

Firm Hand Spanking

Belinda’s office strapping

Incompetence in the office costs Belinda Lawson a hard, bare butt strapping

This week at Firm Hand Spanking they have a nice office strapping scene with pretty Belinda Lawson. They also have an OTK and punishment board scene but we chose this one to feature because the strap, or belt, has always seemed underused. Perhaps that’s because of the damage it can do. Belinda bends over for her punishment in this scene and gets strapped in the office, ending up with getting her lovely bare bottom whipped by the flying leather belt.

Belinda Lawson sticks her bare bottom out and awaits the next stroke of the belt

Incompetence in the office costs Belinda Lawson a hard, bare butt strapping. She’s already had her peachy bottom spanked for not bringing a pen to a meeting. Now her inefficiency costs her close to 50 strokes with his belt from Perfect PA boss Richard Anderson, and that’s a lot worse. “Mr Grey was more forceful!” she admits afterwards.

Richard Anderson stings Belinda's bottom with the belt in this office strapping scene

See this office strapping and plenty more of Belinda Lawson and the other sexy ladies getting spanked, this week with Amelia Jane Rutherford and Jodi Biltmore at Firm Hand Spanking!

Firm Hand Spanking

Spanked for her own safety…

Alex Reynolds is told off by her daddy for texting while driving

The latest guest spankee on Sarah Gregory Spanking is Alex Reynolds! Alex has been texting and driving, not only is this against the law it is extremely dangerous. When Daddy finds out he is very upset, and had expected much more from his precious daughter.

If real-life spankings are perhaps not politically correct these days, perhaps they become slightly more understandable when it comes to teaching a naughty lady the error of her ways when it comes to road safety. Persistent offenders are at risk of harming themselves and others, perhaps even worse. Perhaps the old-fashioned spanking of naughty ladies texting behind the wheel could prevent accidents and make the roads a safer place.

If it doesn’t happen in reality it makes a very nice scenario in this spanking scene. Alex’s big bottom is the perfect canvas for a long essay in road safety and Paul is determined to give it to her. He gives naughty Alex an over the knee hand spanking and bare bottom belting that she won’t soon forget…

Naughty Alex is given a hard OTK hand spanking and then the belt

You can watch Alex’s full hand and belt spanking, plus much more of spanking model Sarah Gregory and her naughty girlfriends at Sarah Gregory Spanking!

Sarah Gregory Spanking

Kami Strapped before Bedtime

Kami Robertson lies face down on bed for belt before bedtime

Kami Robertson had been a very naughty girl and had shamed everyone at home with her poor behaviour at school. She knew what was coming before bedtime as she had been promised a proper good old fashioned humiliating discipline with his hand, hairbrush and something else which would be a nasty surprise! Kami was understandably nervous but only had herself to blame as she was told to assume the position over his knee for an unwanted bare bottom spanking. She was then given the hairbrush which stung like hell as she was further punished, wriggling in shame over his lap before the concluding part of her punishment she knew nothing about… an old fashioned leathering with his belt!

This is a particularly hard scene which has Kami whimpering and in tears at the end ensuring she is a little more aware of what would happen to her again if she dares to bring the family name into disrepute!

Kami Robertson lies face down on bed for belt before bedtime gallery

You can catch up with all of the many British ladies getting disciplined in sexy spanking fantasies such as this one at Triple A Spanking!

Triple A Spanking

The Folded Leather Belt

A sexy coed takes a belt spanking to prove that she is willing to do any job for her boss

Today we have 2 belt spanking updates from Bad Tushy.

First up we have an office scene. A new female employee wants to join the company and is eager to undertake any tasks to show how enthusiastic she is. Of course, the mean boss wants her to demonstrate her suitability for the job by taking an OTK spanking with the hand and the belt. The sexy coed is first spanked over her trouser suit, then her trousers are pulled down and she is spanked on her bare bottom in these movies.

A naughty blonde takes a belt spanking from her teacher infront of the class

Then, we have a classroom scene. This time Ariel X is the strict teacher who has singled out a very sexy gum-chewing blonde for a spanking. While the office coed is spanked and takes the belt across her bare bottom over her boss’s knee, here we have an OTK belting and a standing-up belting. The blonde stands with her hands on her head facing the teacher’s desk and pushes her big, plump bottom out for the teacher to strike her across it with the folded, black belt. You can see for yourself in these sample movies.

The similarities between the two scenes are there for everyone to see. It’s the “Bad Tushy” trademark spanking of having beautiful ladies together in a scene with the elder one spanking a younger one, with a couple of girlfriends watching. It’s a formula, but what a formula. Very sexy indeed and visually stunning with all the bright colours you can see here in these scenes.

There is a skill, a knack to using the belt in a spanking. You need patience and timing and a steady hand to be able to deliver a belt spanking like these two ladies. Luckily no skill what-so-ever is needed to appreciate their handiwork. Watch these two scenes and many more lovely ladies getting a handspanking, paddling and strapping at Bad Tushy!

Bad Tushy

Learning with Leather

Adrienne Black tastes the tawse on her bare bottom in school uniform
Adrienne Black tastes the tawse on her bare bottom in school uniform

Today we have an ode to leather from this week’s updates at Firm Hand Spanking. And what better way to see how lovely ladies react to some leather discipline than by observing the gorgeous duo of Adrienne Black and Samantha Woodley. Both ladies lie across the padded furniture in the livingroom with their pert bottoms bared, Adrienne gets the strap and Samantha gets the heavy, leather belt. As always, these two scenes are not only beautifully shot and sexy, but there is some very nice and firm punishment of these two lovely ladies…

Mocking Earl Grey by dressing in a provocative school uniform will only earn beautiful Adrienne Black extra swats with a smarting leather tawse! “I had to lie over a footstool,” explains Adrienne, “so at least my bottom wasn’t so stretched as bending over. But it still stung like hell!” See those panties come down as she submits to a well-deserved strapping in College Discipline!

Samantha Woodley's stinging attitude adjustment with a belt
Samantha Woodley’s stinging attitude adjustment with a belt on her beautiful bare bottom

The style and classiness of Samantha Woodley is something to savor, as her bare bottom is soundly strapped with a thick leather belt! Her style and energy is matched by Eric Strickman in her new series, Learning Curve. The heavy leather sizzles her butt enough to make even Samantha wince, and her facial reactions are absolutely priceless!

To watch all three of these updates plus the huge archive of pretty babes reaping the rewards of their constant bratting and bad behaviour, check out Firm Hand Spanking.

Firm Hand Spanking

Samantha Woodley has panties pulled down for the Christmas Belt

Samantha Woodley is shown Daddy's leather belt

Samantha Woodley is sooo cute! She plays the bratty angel role very well.. and with every bratty angel comes a bratty spanking. This particular Christmas the spanking takes the form of many different spankings over the course of the whole day, getting Samantha’s perfect bottom very sore and red by bedtime. You may remember that she starts off being a little madam from the outset and getting a Christmas morning spanking while still in her nightie. But later in the day her behaviour has not improved so it is time for Samantha to bend over the wooden stool and raise her bottom high in the air for the leather belt…

Brattiness has no place during the festive season, as Samantha has already learned. Making demands instead of being a Christmas angel means spending an entire day confined to her bedroom. Now it’s time for “daddy’s” belt to be applied to her bare rear to ensure her behavior improves. It’s a bottom-reddening finale to Domestic Discipline!

Samantha Woodley gets her panties pulled down for her Christmas spanking finale gallery

With her bare bottom high in the air Samantha Woodley gets a very hard belt punishment

It’s yet another immaculate threesome of spankings from Firm Hand Spanking. Every spanking has the prettiest, brattiest girls getting dealt with very firmly indeed. Download all the sizzling spanking scenes at…

Firm Hand Spanking