Firm Hand Spanking

Analisa Devonshire is told that she will be caned to ensure her promotion

Once again we have three pretty girls getting a harsh punishment at Firm Hand Spanking: two canings and one leather paddling of the naughty and very beautiful Samantha Woodley. The two naughty girls bending over and getting their bare bottoms caned are Leia Ann Woods and redheaded Analisa Devonshire, above.

Three naughty ladies get strictly punished movies

We’ve not featured Analisa Devonshire before at Spank Bad Ass and it looks like she’s getting promoted so may not be appearing on Firm Hand Spanking any more, so here’s a brief description of the cute, bespectacled redhead’s caning scene…

Statuesque and full-figured, Analisa Devonshire bids farewell to Firm Hand with a bare bottom caning to remember. Her boss, Mr Lyons, is a strict disciplinarian. Analisa has experienced most implements, but the one she dreads is the cane! Now, to ensure her promotion, she bends over a table for a double six-of-the-best with a swishy rod of correction.

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Firm Hand Spanking

Leia Ann Woods’ Pretty Bottom Spanked Close-up

Leia Ann Woods' Pretty Bottom Spanked Close-up

Leia Ann Woods does have a very pretty bottom indeed, so, of course, we want to see it getting slapped as she kneels over submissively on the bed in these spanking movies.

Leia’s bottom is almost perfect. Her beautifully shaved pussy is a perfect peach and looks so cute as she bends over nude, awaiting whatever her Mistress has in store for her. The all-natural English babe has an awesome body that just looks stunning as she drapes herself out submissively with her bottom sticking pertly up in the air for whatever punishment Sonia chooses to inflict upon her.

Lady Sonia (also known as Punishment Bitch) is the mean English Dominatrix who is teaching pretty Leia a hard lesson. With the firm flat of her hand the strict Lady Sonia strutts around the bed disciplining the submissive babe with her tongue and choosing her times to unleash a loud smack on her reddening British buttocks.

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Lady Sonia

Leia Ann Woods gets spanked over Jodhpurs

Leia Ann Woods gets spanked over Jodhpurs

When Leia Ann Woods gets disillusioned with her job working for the strict Lady Sonia in her stables, tending to the horses, Lady Sonia takes her inside for a good punishment. Without any nonsense the bad employee is pushed roughly over the arm of one of Sonia’s expensive sofa’s with her pert, English bottom in those tight-fitting jodhpurs sticking up prominently in the air. The tails of her work coat are brushed aside and the stern Lady begins to punish the naughty babe with the hard palm of her hand. The hard, crisp smacks make a delicious sound on the taut jodhpurs and Leia Ann’s bottom is soon reddening up under her uniform…

Leia Ann Woods gets spanked over Jodhpurs movies

In the sample movies you can definitely hear the difference between smacks when Lady Sonia is wearing gloves and when she takes them off and is using only her bare hand. Leia Ann Woods has a lovely bottom that looks amazing in her work jodhpurs, maybe you’ll get to see her glowing cheeks when she’s ordered to pull them down to display the effects of her punishment…

Lady Sonia is the Punishment Bitch!