Christy Cutie’s Real Punishment

Christy Cutie gets spanked with the clear lexan paddle in her real discipline request

Christy Cutie is becoming a star in the latest wave of spanking models to hit our screens. The pretty and curvy beauty started off as a fan of spanking before she became famous for it. As is normally the case, this means she can take a lot of punishment… and that’s just what Dana Kane gives her!

Christy Cutie has a pretty big problem – she’s late to work a LOT. But she’s not late because she oversleeps, or because she takes too long to get dressed. No, Christy is late for work so often because she can’t stop touching herself in the mornings.

I ask Christy if she’s serious – if she’s REALLY late to work because she masturbates in the morning – and she said yes. “I have naughty dreams,” she says, by way of explanation. Christy receives 100 HARD whacks with my great big, clear lexan paddle – not for masturbating, but for allowing herself to be late for work because of it. Naughty girl!

Dana Kane tends to spank on the harder end of the spectrum, depending on the model in the scene. The femdom scenes in which she spanks her subby husband in “domestic discipline” are very hard indeed, but she gets pretty hand with other men and women too.

For plenty of misbehaving men and naughty ladies like Christy Cutie getting spanked hard by smart and sexy Ms Kane go to Dana Kane Spanks!

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Head Mistress & the Anal Whore

Head Mistress & the Anal Whore

Everything Butt is a new-ish site from Kink, and, like a lot of their sites, I like it a lot!

As the title suggests, everything goes in those gorgeous butts.. dildos, strapons, enemas, fungers, cocks… plus, there is plenty of spanking, caning and whipping.

In this episode the Anal Whore, Carmen Stark, is being punished by Head Mistress, Maitresse Madeline. The sexy blonde teacher is prim, proper and strict with her hair tied back, the spectacles perched on the end of her nose and that mauve blouse buttoned up a little too tight, underneath her tight, black skirt she’s wearing stockings and a garter belt with some sexy heels to finish off her elegant look.

Her redheaded student, on the other hand, is an anal whore who requires discipline now. The punishment takes the form of a hard bare-bottomed paddling with the lexan paddle, followed by some extra services for Maitresse’s pleasure.

On top of the paddling, the highlight for me was seeing the Head Mistress bend over the desk in nothing but her stockings and heels while Carmen kneels between her open legs and polishes her button with her tongue. Depraved and very sexy.

Everything Butt