The English Lesson

Clare Fonda spanks Lilith in The English Lesson

Girl Spanks Girl was one of Clare Fonda’s first websites and has many early scenes from the spanking diva, but none as early as this one. “The English Lesson” was Clare’s first ever spanking scene and led the way for many many scenes later on. It was originally released on VHS before she had any websites and has not found it’s way onto the web at all in the years since then. It’s probably 15 or so years old! But now, finally, it is here on the oldest and biggest of the Clare Fonda websites.

Clare is the English teacher of naughty Lilith, so when the bratty student misbehaves the strict teacher gives her an old-fashioned OTK spanking. Lilith is in her school uniform and her plaid skirt is flipped up and regulation white panties pulled down. Clare gives her bare bottom a nice hand spanking with her lying over her lap on the couch.

But when Lori, Lilith’s sugar mommy, enters, she is not happy that her baby girl is being treated in such a way by her teacher.

Lori drags Clare Fonda over her knee for a spanking

However, Lilith’s sugar mamma Lori overhears the spanking, and decides to give Clare her own spanking. And she includes a large paddle.


The paddle itself is huge, and not very aerodynamic. It looks like a huge ping pong paddle, but it looks too big for table tennis. Or maybe it’s the regular size of a ping pong paddle and it’s the angle that makes it look big. Either way, it’s a big, flat paddle with no holes drilled in it. Both Lori and Lilith take part in the spanking. Afterwards Clare sits down very gingerly indeed on the couch.

Clare is given a bare bottom spanking with a huge paddle

The scene does look very dated, especially as the clarity and size of video cameras has improved a lot in however many years ago this was. Clare looks very youthful and it’s a nice scene with domme Lori wearing ridiculously kinky boots and schoolgirl Lilith in pigtails. This scene and other scenes from a similar time period, right up to the latest scenes in crystal clear HD can all be seen now at Girl Spanks Girl.

Girl Spanks Girl


Sorority Initiations at Clare Fonda's Girl Spanks Girl

Sorority Initiation stars Clare Fonda as the sorority leader and the naughty prospective sorority members are: Alicia Silver, Nikki, Sybil, Venus, Lilith and Smokin’ Mary Jane. The movie starts off unexpectedly (I won’t spoil the surprise but its a nice, unusual way to begin) and soon all the girls are discussing the XXX sorority there are plenty of rumours but no-one really knows until they meet Clare, who firstly punishes each girl over her lap, one-by-one, then it’s time for the dreaded sorority paddle…

This is classic Clare Fonda: hot girls, nice bare-bottom OTK and a finale of butt-blisteringly hot paddling. Check it out at..

Clare Fonda’s Girl Spanks Girl

Spanking Review: Girl Spanks Girl

Kay Richards and Lilith: Lesbian Spanking in Girl Spanks Girl

Girl Spanks Girl is an all-female spanking website from Spanking Diva, Clare Fonda. There are three sections: Disciplinary Spankings (school scenarios etc), Sensual Spankings (one girl spanks another then switches) and Erotic Spankings (with lesbian sex).

The website has a very simple layout and has a homely feel but with updates EVERY DAY there is a lot of content on the site already, literally gigs of clear realmedia spanking videos to download. There are plenty of different scenarios to get into. Every scene I saw had some kind of plot and involved at least one girl being spanked hard. Often the girls switch so the spanker becomes the spankee and sometimes there are a number of girls spanked by one or more ladies.

As well as Clare Fonda (who’s not in every scene) there are plenty of girls spanking and being spanked from spanking and fetish models to pornstars. Some of the girls on the site who are known for their spanking movies are Chelsea Pfeiffer, Ashley Fires, Lena Ramon, Clare Fonda (of course) and others. Other hot ladies that I hadn’t seen in spanking scenes before were Adele Stevens, Brea Bennett, Smokin’ Mary Jane, Dana DeArmond and Amber Grey. The scene pictured, above, is with Kay Richards and Lilith, Kay is sublimely hot in a few different scenes!

You get a lot of movies in easy-to-download segments. There’s an 8 girl group spanking and some incredible scenes with sexy babes, some lesbian sex and masturbation. I give Girl Spanks Girl a 9.5 out of 10.