Lilly Page gets Spanked at Work

Lilly Page gets spanked by her uncle OTK for messing up at his construction firm

In “Wrong Street“, Lilly Page’s carelessness and inattention at the office have led to costly error at her uncle Rad’s construction company. Rad Finch is a stern disciplinarian and hise naughty niece has cost him a lot of money with her blunder so there can be only one outcome for this negligent lady, especially since she is family… Firstly, she is spanked OTK over her smart office trousers. Then, in the movie clip below, she is asked to pull those tight-fitting trousers down, displaying her already crimson buttocks, and she is dragged once more over her uncle’s knee for a further hard spanking to teach her a much needed lesson in work discipline and accuracy.

Lilly Page gets spanked by her uncle OTK movie

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Lilly Page changes her tune

Lilly Page changes her tune after a hard OTK spanking

In an OTK handspanking there is more than one way to spank a bottom. There is the flat hand landing squarely upon the girl’s cheeks and here, David Pearson is demonstrating the slap across the buttocks. Lilly Page’s lovely round bottom quivers as he slaps across her ass cheeks in this movieclip.

It looks great from the camera angle that looks up at Lilly’s face from below. Her bottom is in the background and you can clearly see her right cheek wobbling from the slap. Delicious. Lilly is a very bratty babe and you can really see why she has to change her tune after this spanking.

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