Lily Anna’s Big Bottom

Lily Anna looks concerned as Veronica lowers her pink panties and continues to spank her bottom

It seems like quite a while since we’ve seen Lily Anna’s big bottom on here so now is the perfect opportunity. Lily Anna is a curvy blonde lady with a nice pair of breasts and a luscious, big, round bottom. It really is a thing of beauty! In this scene both Lily Anna and Pixie, another smoking-hot blonde, take turns to get spanked after it’s found out that the punch has been spiked…

Lily & Pixie thought it would be funny to liven up the Spring Formal by adding some alcohol to the punch. But Principal Veronica doesn’t find the humor in the situation when she has to drive down to deal with the matter. Pixie endures her humiliating punishment for spiking the punch as Lily Anna watches her bottom grow redder and redder. Lily Anna is in every bit as much trouble as Pixie and now it’s her turn over Principal Veronica’s lap as Pixie sneaks peeks from the corner. Lily Anna kicks and screams for Veronica to stop spanking her … as if Veronica is going to take orders from an errant brat.

With this scene being during a formal ball all three ladies are very well-dressed in their pretty outfits and high heels. It is all very civilized! That is until the two brats get their skirts flipped up and their panties lowered for their bare bottom hand-spanking over Veronica’s knee. Veronica is on form too, she spanks Lily’s soft white bottom until it gets very red indeed. She ignores the squeals and protests, instead spanking those plump cheeks until they’ve learned their lesson.

Lily Anna's big bottom gets spanked until it is very red indeed

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Lorraine’s Cookie Drive Spanking

Lorraine admits that she took some of the Cookie Drive money so Lily Anna takes her over her knee for a spanking

The saga of the Cookie Drive has already meant the spanking of several naughty bottoms as both Lily Anna and Pixie have been spanked by Veronica Bound over the disappearance of the money they’d raised. But, now it seems that Lorraine took some money too. She admits what she did and it is decided that the only fair way to deal with her is for the naughty brunette to get the same treatment the other two ladies received… and get her lovely bottom spanked. If anything, you’d have to say that getting spanked by these two would be slightly less painful than getting spanked by Veronica but then maybe this saga is not over yet…

Lily Anna, who has already received a firm punishment herself takes the naughty Lorraine over her knee and delivers a barrage of smacks to her cute, round, bubblebutt. She fidgets and whines, but whatever she does Lily Anna continues the thorough, fast-paced spanking. Pixie is standing nearby watching as the lovely bottom gets put through her paces, and it really is a lovely sight.

With both Lily Anna and Pixie being switches and with this scene being set in a bedroom, there is a very soft, feminine feel about this spanking. As Lily Anna pulls Lorraine over her knee her own bottom is still smarting from Veronica’s hard hand when she was lying in the same position over the same bed.

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Pixie spanks Lily Anna

Pixie spanks Lily Anna OTK

Finally!! I’m not sure I’ve ever seen Pixie topping in a scene, maybe she has but my memory is going, either way, I was very excited indeed on seeing the above photo where Pixie is dealing very firmly with Lily Anna in “Sister’s Authority”.

Pixie looks fantastic in this scene! She looks very slim indeed and has breasts – two things you wouldn’t normally notice when she is the bottom. With my love of switches I am very happy indeed as Pixie proves that she has what it takes to give a hard spanking. Lily Anna struggles over her lap getting her full bottom spanked into a very deep pink color as she complains about her bare bottom punishment.

Pixie gleefully spanks Lily Anna for coming home past curfew, but although she was left in charge by Mom, she didn’t have the authority to dish out discipline.

…so the scene is set, enticingly, for a further spanking to follow this one…

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Bronte, Lily Anna and David Pierson

Bronte gets hand spanked by David Pierson OTK as Lily Anna watches and laughs

Bronte and Lily Anna keep bickering as David tries to work in his home office. Fed up with the noisy interruptions, he puts his work on hold to give Bronte a bare bottomed spanking. Fair-skinned Bronte is hard spanked very hard over his lap, Lily watches on and laughs and taunts poor Bronte as the smacks keep raining down on her bottom. Bronte’s bottom is as red as a fire engine red by the time she is placed in a time-out after her spanking…

Poor Bronte's bottom turns very red after her long, hard spanking

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Lily Anna

Naughty blond Lily Anna gets her bare bottom spanked by Mr Windsor

Just when Lily Anna was thinking that boarding school life wasn’t so bad after all, she ends up in big trouble with Headmaster Windsor. Lily soon learns that getting into trouble at this school means a sore, spanked bottom. Lily Anna promises never to wander over to the boy’s campus and swears she’ll start wearing the regulation panties if only Mr Windsor would end her punishment. Lying over the arm of the chair with her lovely rear upturned and getting spanked Lily Anna looks very naughty and that bottom looks delicious…

Lily Anna gets her bare bottom spanked by Mr Windsor preview movieclip

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Problem Intern Lily Anna

Problem Intern Lily Anna gets a hard handspanking on her naughty bottom

When intern, Lily Anna, becomes a problem Mr Wilson has to take action so that he can get some work done. The sexy, blonde college student is hauled over the knee and spanked over her smart, grey trousers. Lily’s trousers are thin and tight so they show off her big, round bottom as Mr Wilson slaps it. But even the thin fabric is protecting her rear a little too much so those pants are soon pulled down and Lily Anna is spanked hard on her bare bottom…

Lily howls from the hard hand-smacks on her sore bottom and wriggles and moves around as she lies over the knee. None of this stops the barrage of spanks that land flatly on her naughty bottom. Lily’s pale bottom is soon a very deep, dark red as she gets more and more vocal about the stinging in her bottom.

With Lily’s behavior in check and her bottom aglow, maybe Mr. Wilson can finally get some work done.

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Punished Brats