Linda’s Revenge on Kassey’s Ass

Linda Shane's Revenge Spanking on Kassey Krystal's Ass

At Spank Bad Ass we like girls who can give it as well as take it. Here we see Kassey Krystal, a statuesque and fearsome blonde, getting draped over the strict lap of Linda Shane in this nude girl-girl OTK spanking gallery.

With both girls being switches you get the possibility of an enticing revenge spanking, which this is. Linda hired Kassey as her personal trainer but her first session turned into a spanking session when her strict trainer thought that she was not working hard enough… Linda’s tight shorts were tugged down and she was given a humiliating strapping on the treadmill.

This time Linda has Kassey right where she wants her. She has Kassey under her control and is not afraid to get her own back on the busty blonde by spanking her gorgeous european ass til it’s bright red. But wait, if she has Kassey under her power she should also get her to go down on her and make her cum with her tongue…

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House of Taboo

Kassey teaches Linda to run faster by strapping her ass

Kassey Krystal teaches Linda Shane to run faster by strapping her ass

Everyone has their favorite fantasies! I have quite a few, one of them is the workout spanking fantasy… A girl is tired of being out of shape so she hires a personal trainer. The trainer is a beautiful blonde so she thinks she’ll get an easy ride until when she starts slacking off the sexy lady starts to spank her lazy ass with a big, leather strap.. just like this gallery!

One thing leads to another and pretty soon the hot but lazy chick, Linda Shane, has gotten naked with a very hot, red ass and is half over the semi-nude trainer, Kassey Krystal’s lap. But it doesn’t stop there. Both ladies are in the peak of physical fitness and they are naturally attracted to each other so of course the naughty girl’s hot, wet pussy should get a little stroking in the process.

Linda is a hot blonde with a very tight ass that seems to be screaming out for a good spanking. It’s a joy to watch her on the treadmill seeing her ass move in those tiny hotpants she’s wearing.

Kassey Krystal steals the show, she looks very mean and is certainly not afraid to swing the strap at her client’s round tush but at the same time she is smoking hot and stark naked under that very short dress. As their temperatures rise, more from the spanking than the workout, her dress falls off her shoulders to reveal her beautiful, tanned breasts and as she widens her stance to get more power into the spanking her dress rises up her legs to reveal her pretty, neatly trimmed pussy. In this scene she’s very strict and dominant but something tells me Linda will get her own back on the busty blonde very soon..

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House of Taboo