Madison Martin and Stevie Rose

Spanking model Stevie Rose spanks Madison Martin with a large wooden paddle

Madison Martin and Stevie Rose are two cute spanking models with nice, round asses. Here they go up against one another in the latest scene at My Spanking Roommate.

Spankings are generally given for a punishment. Here the two have remembered giving each other a motivational spanking so have upped the ante with their next motivational spanking. In “Episode 220: Madison vs. Stevie” they spank each other with a large wooden paddle to get them to improve their behavior.

There are some nice close-up booty shots, as you’d expect with two booty-full babes…

Madison Martin's round booty gets paddled - close-up

Stevie Rose and Madison Martin agree that the last time they spanked each other it was motivation to improve their lives. So they agree to spank each other again to improve behavior but this time they up the ante and include a large wooden paddle. Excellent scene from two curvy bottom girls who go at each other bums with a vengeance.

My Spanking Roommate Episode 220: Madison vs. Stevie gallery

Madison Martin paddles Stevie Rose over her knee

Madison Martin has long been one of our favorite spanking models. Here Stevie Rose shows us why she should be on the top table too. The two compliment each other nicely. Madison is a tanned brunette who is becoming an expert top. Stevie is a cute blonde with fair skin who gives Madison a good spanking but possibly comes off slightly worse out of the two. Stevie’s reations are fantastic!

For plenty more from Madison Martin and Stevie Rose sign up today to My Spanking Roommate.

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200th Episode Spanking!

Madison Martin and Kay Richards in the 200th Episode of My Spanking Roommate

It’s the 200th Episode of My Spanking Roommate! It’s an anniversary of sorts and to celebrate the site’s two main stars Kay Richards and Madison Martin are re-united. The two ladies reminisce and talk about their current roommates but then an argument breaks out, as always, and the spankings begin.

Kay is the first one to go over the knee and get a spanking and hairbrush paddling on her bare bottom…

Madison Martin spanks Kay Richards over her knee

Then Kay pulls Madison over her knee for an equally lively spanking. This is a great close-up an an interesting angle of Kay spanking in a great action shot…

Busty Kay spanking Madison Martin close-up

Finally, when both have a well-spanked bottom, the ladies make up and examine their red bottoms together…

Kay Richards and Madison Martin examine each other's well-spanked bottoms

With a website such as My Spanking Roommate it couldn’t always be the same two ladies spanking each other, so we’re glad that many more cast members have come and gone. But, it’s always good to see these two in a scene together! It maybe several years since we first saw them together but they show that they are both still sexy as ever. In this scene it looks like Madison has darker hair than before, making them both look more similar than before. We like her new one-sided shaved hairstyle too.

You can see much more of both spanking models at My Spanking Roommate and the other websites that make up Clare Fonda Pass!

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Madison Martin and Snow Mercy

Madison Martin and Snow Mercy discuss becoming roommates

Spanking models Madison Martin and Snow Mercy are together in a sexy spanking scene for episode 194 of My Spanking Roommate! The movie is called: Snow and Madison Become Roommates and it shows us the discussion these two have to see if they are suitable to be roommates. Anyone who has followed the dramas in this website will know that there has been many changes of roommates since Madison was living with Kay at the very beginning. Recently the spanking lifestyles of these beauties have not helped them keep a roommate so they are drawn together, perhaps they’ll be more successful this time!?

Snow Mercy spanks Madison Martin's big, tanned bottom

Snow has gone through so many roommates she is looking for some stability. Madison also needs a new roommie. They agree to give it a try, but Snow insists on giving her new roommate a spanking to seal the deal and Madison must return the favor. Two spanking legends together for the first time ever is electric.

Madison Martin spanks Snow Mercy's white bottom OTK on the bare

Madison Martin and Snow Mercy are both famous spanking models but each has their own style. Madison is curvy and pretty with long, brown hair and all-over tan. Her big bottom is legendary and is tanned golden brown. Snow Mercy has raven-colored hair and comes from the BDSM world of LA dungeons. Snow, as her name suggests, is untanned and has a lovely milk-white bottom which Madison soon brings some color to. Together these two perform well together and it is the difference in styles, together with each one bringing their own infectious personality, that makes this scene great.

Madison Martin and Snow Mercy agree to become roommates after they have each spanked the other
After spanking each other’s bare bottom OTK the ladies agree to move in together and become roommates.

My Spanking Roommate more than any other of the Clare Fonda Pass websites seems to bring big name spanking models together week after week. The two main characters at the beginning, Madison Martin and Kay Richards, are still very much involved in proceedings but now they are not in every scene and whoever is in the scene will tend to be a well known spanking model. Scenes like this with Madison Martin and Snow Mercy, bring beautiful models, storytelling and nice, bare bottomed spanking together in an intoxicating package.

See plenty more of Madison’s big tanned booty and Snow Mercy’s equally nice big, white bottom in this spanking movie at My Spanking Roommate, the world’s favorite spanking soap opera!

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Pandora Blake: Madison’s New Roommate…

Madison and Pandora Blake become roommates and discus how they solve disagreements

Madison Martin’s big bottom looks so round and delicious that you either want to eat it …or spank it! Luckily, she’s moving in with sexy British babe Pandora Blake whose fictional profession is a lawyer in the My Spanking Roommate drama.

Lawyers and judges are concerned with certainty and proof, but what happens while sharing an abode with someone else? With both ladies known for their misbehavior the evidence is pointing towards chaos errupting in this household. Madison and Pandora discus their moving in together and come to the understanding that disagreements should be handled with spankings and paddlings! To establish the precedent early on, the two babes spank each other over the knee with the hand and a bright yellow paddle…

Madison’s lawyer Pandora Blake has lost her job and needs a place to stay. She visits Madison’s apartment and they strike up a deal to be roommates, as long as they can spank each other up front to establish how disagreements will be handled – with spankings and paddlings.

New roommates Pandora Blake and Madison Martin spank each other OTK gallery

Pandora Blake spanks Madison Martin's big round bottom with a paddle

See plenty more of Madison’s big booty and Pandora Blake’s kinky British-ness in this sexy switching scene which is playing now at My Spanking Roommate, the world’s favorite spanking soap opera!

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Battle of the Bottoms

Madison Martin spanks incompetent lawyer Pandora Blake in Legal Spanking

Episode 172 of My Spanking Roommate has famous spanking models Pandora Blake and Madison Martin. The episode is called “Legal Spanking” but an alternative name could definitely be “The Battle of the Bottoms” as it features two ladies with ample posteriors taking on each other in a very sexy scene.

Madison begins by taking control and spanking her lawyer, Pandora, when it turns out that she’s a very incompetent lawyer. The British spanking model finds herself upturned over Madison’s lap getting spanked by her hand. I don’t normally spend much time describing panties but in this case Pandora’s black lace panties deserve a mention. In the photo below you can see Pandora’s nicely blushing bottom through the pattern…

Pandora's blushed spanked bottom shows through her intricate lace panties

Pandora Blake debuts on this site as a slightly incompetent lawyer. Madison seeks out legal advice about getting kicked of her apartment by Kay. Pandora doesn’t offer much sound advice, so Madison gives her a sound spanking, with hand and a wooden ruler. When Pandora has had enough, she spanks Madison, who struggles to no avail. Two cute, curvy bottom ladies square off.

Madison Martin spanks Pandora Blake’s big bottom in Legal Spanking gallery

Pandora's panties are pulled down and her big bottom is bared for more spanking

And, what bottoms! Those intricate panties are pulled down and Pandora’s big, white bottom is uncovered. A beautiful sight! Madison gives it a good working over with the hand and ruler, then Madison in her little hotpants finds herself over the knee. And then, eventually we get to see her equally delicious, golden brown bottom…

It really turns into the Battle of the Bottoms when Pandora starts to spank Madison Martin's big booty

This turns out to be quite a scrap between two experienced spanko’s. There’s a nice contrast between the two ladies: British/American, tanned/untanned, lace/cotton panties and stockings/bare legs.

This scene is playing now at My Spanking Roommate, the world’s favorite spanking soap opera!

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Mary Jane’s Office Spanking

Madison Martin and Veronica Ricci team up on Mary Jane

Quite often it seems that how good a spanking scene is depends on the quality of the models in the scene. One reason we like the Clare Fonda Pass websites is that there is always a diverse range of spanking models and the quality is always very high. This scene features three of the best-known spanking models who each have their own personality. Madison Martin is a cute and curvy brunette who is never afraid to top a naughty lady and often gets her own big booty spanked. Mary Jane is a tall and slightly quieter brunette with a delicious round bottom. And, last but not least, Veronica Ricci is a glamour model who has made the transition to the kinkier side of the web and always brings a high level of energy and humour to her scenes.

Madison Martin and Veronica Ricci team up to spank Mary Jane’s big round bottom at the office, with hand and paddle. Mary Jane struggles, but it is two against one, and they make her bottom sore.

Mary Jane gets teamed up on and spanked by Madison Martin and Veronica Ricci

Veronica Ricci spanks Mary Jane's big bottom with a paddle

But like so many of my favorite spanking scenes there is a sexy twist in this tail when Madison switches sides and joins Mary Jane to teach Veronica a lesson. The beautiful redhead goes over Mary Jane’s lap for a taste of her own medicine in this nice 3-girl spanking.

This scene is from My Spanking Roommate which can also available be joined as a part of the 4- and 5-site versions of Clare Fonda Pass.

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Hot, Blonde and Spanked!

Madison Martin points to where she wants Aaliyah to lie over her lap

This is the post where I finally concede that blondes can be just as hot as brunettes. While a good spanking scene is good no matter what hair color the lady, or ladies, have, there was something about certain brown-haired models that drove me wild. However, after today there is another spanking model who drives me crazy, and this time she’s a smokin’ hot blonde babe named Aaliyah Love…. There, I said it!

In this scene, Madison Martin revisits her strict, new boss, Aaliyah, who has already given her a spanking. This time the boss has a favor to ask of Madison but Madison has a price for this “above and beyond” request. Since she’s been spanked by her boss, it’s her turn to spank Aaliyah. So Madison spanks her over her knee with hand and hairbrush before bending her over the desk for some swats with a wooden clip board…

Pretty blonde Aaliyah Love looks amazingly sexy with her big brown eyes over Madison's knee

Aaliyah Love is a petite and perky glamour model who looks tiny over Madison’s knee. She has a lovely body, big, brown eyes and is just very cute indeed…

Nude Aaliyah Love gets spanked with a hairbrush

On top of all her sexy qualities, petite Aaliyah Love has an amazing ass! Especially after she has just had a good hard spanking over Madison’s knee. By the end of the spanking beautiful Aaliyah is completely naked with a bright red, rosy behind. OMG…

Madison gets revenge on her boss, Aaliyah Love, for an earlier spanking in Episode 137 of My Spanking Roommate

Aaliyah examines her curvy, well-spanked bottom

The office scenes with Aaliyah Love, Madison Martin and Ashley Rose are up now on the newly refurbished My Spanking Roommate. Follow Madison’s adventures at work with her new boss, and many other sexy spanking storylines featuring some of the best spanking models such as Missy Rhodes, Snow Mercy, Kay Richards and Mary Jane in this spanking soap opera!!

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Sexy Aaliyah Love

Sexy Aaliyah Love holds up a clipboard

One of the most exciting prospects in spanking at the moment has to be sexy blonde Aaliyah Love! In the few spanking scenes I’ve seen her in so far she’s been every bit as good as you’d expect from a lady so beautiful.

Aaliyah, like Veronica Ricci, comes from glamour modeling and so has very sexy looks. The blonde babe has a strikingly beautiful face that is so perfect she almost looks like she’s a character in Anime/Hentai. Her long, blonde hair and small, round face with eyes that seem huge with her long, eye lashes.

But this sexy switch is not all about the looks, she also gets stuck into her scenes with gusto…

Aaliyah Love spanking Madison Martin in My Spanking Roommate

Here, we see Aaliyah in her role as Madison’s boss on My Spanking Roommate. On her first scene she gave sexy Madison Martin‘s big, round bottom a good spanking, and then in a more recent episode she’s turned her attention to Ashley Rose. Madison was spanked for being late, but the strict boss spanks Ashley for being a terrible worker.

Aaliyah spanks Ashley Rose OTK

Aaliyah looks like she’s tiny from her movies and photos. In a scene with Ashley Rose, who I believe is quite tall, she looks very small indeed. But, what the petite blonde lacks in stature she makes up with screen presence as the pretty babe spanks each girl with her hand, then implements such as the hairbrush, wooden ruler, and even a clipboard.

These scenes with beautiful Aaliyah are up now on the newly refurbished My Spanking Roommate. Recently the members’ area has been tidied up with improved navigation, but all the vast amounts of hot girl-on-girl spankings are still there as ever. Follow Madison’s adventures at work with her new boss, and many other sexy spanking storylines featuring some of the best spanking models such as Missy Rhodes, Snow Mercy and Mary Jane in this spanking soap opera!!

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Pretty OTK Bottoms

Missy Rhodes pulls down Madison's panties OTK

Missy’s Revenge Spanking is another very sexy spanking scene on My Spanking Roommate that showcases two lovely bottoms that belong to Madison Martin and Miss Claw. This spanking scene is the follow-up to another scene where Missy got herself turned over the knee for a sound spanking herself. But now it’s time to dish out some revenge on sexy Madison and Claw. One-by-one the two beauties lie across Missy’s knee and she spanks their lovely round bottoms.

Madison Martin has a very famous big, juicy round bottom that we’ve loved to see get a good hiding for some time now. Miss Claw is newer on the scene but when she lies over the knee you can see that she has a smaller bottom than Madison but it’s lovely and pert and round.

My favorite part is “the reveal” where Missy uncovers each juicy bottom before resuming the spanking…

Missy pulls up Miss Claw's leather dress and bares her bottom

Missy uses her stingy hand, a bathbrush and a wooden spoon on the two naughty ladies in an attractive scene with three gorgeous girls. Missy makes a very sexy top and she is not shy of dishing out the pain, while it’s always a pleasure to watch Madison Martin and Miss Claw get a spanking.

Missy Rhodes uncovers Madison Martin and Miss Claw’s lovely round bottom when they lie over her knee for a revenge spanking

This is one of the latest updates and is just one of many very good reasons to join My Spanking Roommate, which is also available on Clare Fonda Pass!

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Chloe Elise’s Last Ever Spanking

Chloe Elise spanks Madison Martin over the knee

Normally we like to spread happy news, but within this halloween-themed spanking gallery is some embedded bad news. Chloe Elise has become a fan favourite in recent times and this will be her last ever spanking (on film). In the bigger picture this is not really so bad when there is so much craziness in the world but Chloe will be missed. This scene showcases her talents wonderfully in her final bow. The sexy lady has a wonderfully bratty look and a cute, pristine little bottom that just begs to be spanked. In this scene with Madison Martin there are two favourites together in one very sexy spanking with two pretty switches. Madison with her big, curvy bottom looks very sexy in her costume and Chloe has fun spanking her until the tables are turned…

Chloe Elise lies over the couch as Madison spanks her bare bottom

Madison and Chloe Elise are getting ready to go to a Halloween party, only one of them has lost the car keys. They look around, can’t find them, and then argue over who is to blame. They have a spanking contest to determine the guilty party and spank each other over and over and over in all varieties of positions with hands and many implements until one gives in.

Madison Martin and Chloe Elise inspect their spanked bottoms together

My Spanking Roommate!

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