Spanking and Diapers…

Madison Young and Paris Kennedy get kinky with diapers and spanking

Over the years Clare Fonda has been doing some very kinky spankings.. in particular, I’m thinking of the old site she used to have called Kara Prepare Yourself where there were rectal thermometers, diapering, corner-time and all manner of humiliating punishments in a soap-opera style spanking site.

Well, times move on and the Kara site has become archived within Clare’s Spanked Callgirls website, as Clare took those kinky spankings in a harder, more mature direction.

So what happened to all the really kinky diaperings from Kara Prepare Yourself?? Well, now you can check them out at the brand new Naughty Diaper Girls! The site contains all the diaper scenes from Kara plus a whole bunch of new diaper scenes with hi-res photos and hi-def movies. This is now the only place you can see Clare’s diaper scenes and the only place to get all the new diaper storylines as they emerge.

As you can see from the above photo the spankings have an extra humiliation for the girls as they are made to wear the huge adult diapers before, after and during their spankings. There are some familiar faces, like Madison Young and Paris Kennedy, above, and some new faces like Candle Boxxx and Anita Blue. I particularly like the scene with Mika Tan, one of my favorite pornstars.

You can see more by going to Naughty Diaper Girls

Naughty Diaper Girls

Chelsea spanks Madison Young

Madison Young gets her Promiscuous Little Ass spanked hard over the knee

Today, Chelsea Pfeiffer shows us how gratifying it can be to spank a redhead’s pale rear, making it get redder and redder! The redhead in question is Madison Young, herself no stranger to a good spanking, but she hasn’t experienced Chelsea’s firm hand before.. until now!

Madison Young gets a good OTK spanking from Chelsea Pfeiffer movies

Both Chelsea and Madison do very well at the demonstration. The hard handspanking gets big red patches on both white cheeks. Madison’s panties are down and now Chelsea finishes off with more lecture, and finally a mean-looking blue paddle. Ouch. Chelsea wields that paddle and spanks that naughty tushy with the same zest as she did the handspanking and the spankee is soon yelping wildly..

Watch the full movie at…

Punished Angels

Five Sweeties Spanked in the Classroom

Five Sweeties Spanked in the Classroom

You may remember Tabitha James getting spanked by her father for something that had happened at her school, well, here’s what happened…

Tabitha and her classmates Madison Young, Anastasia Pierce and Angelica Black decide to start playing a game with their sexy teacher, Kay Richards. The game is a spanking game and involves all the girls spanking each other and their hot teacher. The spankings are all very fun and light-hearted until Principal Fonda stops by to see what all the noise is about. The spankings are about to get harder, as you’ll see at Spanked Sweeties!

Classroom Spankings @ Spanked Sweeties

Double Spanking for Two Naughty Girls

Clare Fonda spanks two naughty girls over the knee in Kara Prepare Yourself

If you like seeing a naughty girl get a well-deserved spanking you’ll like it even better when two ladies are spanked at the same time by the same spanker.

In this case the two naughty girls are Paris Kennedy and Madison Young and the strict spanker is spanking Diva, Clare Fonda. The two girls are in for a sore, stinging time but there will not be any waiting for your turn in this punishment: both girls are spanked at the same time whilst both lying across Clare’s knee.

You don’t see very much of this kind of double-spanking but if anyone was going to try it out on a couple of unruly girls it would have to be Ms Fonda. She really is the Mistress of Spanking and, as Aunt Gwen in Kara Prepare Yourself, gets very creative with her spankings as she and others dish out the discipline in a firm but fair way on all the naughty babes.

The scene, above, with Paris and Madison is the ultimate girl/girl spanking scene. Not only do you get to see the two girls spanked by Clare Fonda, they also spank each other in some twists to the storyline and there’s even a mouth-soaping for one foul-mouthed girl.

To find out why the two girls are being spanked so severely by Clare and to see the movies of their cute asses getting smacked red sign up to Kara Prepare Yourself.

Spanking Models: Kay Richards

Madison Young spanks naughty babe Kay Richards

Readers of this spanking blog might should know that I like Kay Richards a lot, especially when she is spanking other girls and getting spanked. I mentioned her briefly in this spanking site review, but she’s back, this time on the Spanked Sweeties website.

So what do I like about Kay? Well, she’s hot. I like her natural, girl-next-door quality and her attitude. Her beautifully sculpted natural breasts and nice round ass are very sexy, especially when she’s being spanked for talking back.

Madison Young spanks naughty babe Kay Richards

In this scene Kay Richards is being spanked by the fantastic redhead Madison Young who has an enticing nipple ring, watching Madison’s natural breasts and nipple ring as she spanks Kay is almost hypnotic.. very very nice!!

Kay Richards was once again not so hot at keeping in touch with Momma Clare. We were impressed with how well top end switch Madison Young handled Ms. Richards and maybe the problem will be worked out now. Kay has never been that good at counting while she is getting spanked, and Madison called her out on it and made it an extended session with a lot of speckling on the bottom. Recently Kay has been more more prompt getting back to Clare so we will see how long this lasts.

You can download the entire scene in movies and photos at Spanked Sweeties where Kay appears in the “never been spanked” and “sweeties” sections. Not only are there plenty of photos and videos of her but I counted 8 interviews with her about spankings. The photo below is from “Kay Returns”…

Clare Fonda hand spanks Kay Richards nude OTK

Spanking Underwear: Spanked Sweeties

Madison Yound gets spanked OTK with her lacy panties around her knees

I’ve been thinking recently about the underwear a naughty girl is wearing when she is spanked. Do girls tend to be better behaved in certain types of panties? How about if they’re not wearing panties at all? Not wearing panties is cause for a spanking in itself!

The girls of Spanked Sweeties are spanked in the domestic home environment, they are nice girls who go to a nice school but whose behavior and attitude often gets them in trouble.

In the photo above, Madison Young is being sternly spanked by Clare Fonda. I can see 3 things from this one spanking photo.

Firstly, Madison is very neatly dressed, she’s wearing some gorgeous, lacy panties that have been pulled down and are around her knees. It’s possible that today’s spanking is just another spanking for Madison but those panties suggest that it is a special occasion.

Secondly, Madison’s face shows obvious discomfort and it is not the look of a girl who is about to stand up. Madison is only part way in to her hand spanking. Her wince shows that she is expecting some hard smacks to her pretty butt.

Thirdly, Madison is being spanked in her bedroom. Perhaps there are guests in the house and Madison has been brought upstairs so as not to disturb dinner. Maybe she is being spanked instead of eating with the others as a punishment for her naughty behaviour.

It’s a nice photo but check out the hot spanking video for yourself at Clare Fonda’s Spanked Sweeties!

Site Review: Clare Fonda’s Spanked Sweeties

Madison Young gets a good OTK spanking from Clare Fonda

When a spank-o-phile thinks of spanking personalities one of the main ladies of the scene has got to be Clare Fonda. Clare is both a spanker and spankee, something which is very appealing to many of us fans. She has been spanking and getting spanked as long as I’ve been surfing spanking sites on the web and it’s always great seeing her give a strict bare bottom spanking to a naughty girl or having the tables turned on her and getting spanked to tears.

Clare has been in spanking movies with pretty much everyone from Chelsea Pfeiffer to Kailee and is a true spank-o. She has a very prim and proper appearance which is also very cute.

I love the fact that her spanking site has become a part of her personality, there’s loads of gossip and roleplay with the cute sweeties she gets to spank. Recently she has got one of the biggest names in spanking to bend over her knee for an OTK session: Niki Flynn. Every update brings new drama and tears as Clare pushes every girl to her limit with a firm hand.

In the photos above and below, Clare Fonda is punishing the lovely Madison Young. Madison describes how she was spanked when she was younger and then the scene is acted out in some mouth-wateringly hot domestic scenarios.

Madison Young bends over the bed and awaits her punishment

The attention to detail is one of the things I love about Clare’s spanking scenes. We give Spanked Sweeties a 9.5 out of 10 for some of the hottest girl on girl spanking you’ll ever see by the mistress of spanking herself. See for yourself at Spanked Sweeties!!

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