Mandie Rae’s Mistake

Mandie Rae's mistake is faking one illness too many

It’s been a while since we’ve seen Mandie Rae so here’s a nice, hard strapping scene at Triple A Spanking.

Mandie Rae’s mistake is that she has already been given a hand spanking and is now faking an illness to avoid leaving the house. Unfortunately for her, she has tried faking illnesses before and now John knows what to expect from this naughty young lady. To make sure he gets a very accurate reading of her temperature he insists on waiting in the room and taking her temperature himself with a thermometer in her ass. John takes her temperature rectally and the results come out negative so she is in line for another punishment on her already spanked bare bottom…

Mandie Rae gets spanked with a big black strap on her lovely bare bottom

The punishment itself is a tale of two straps. One is big and black, the other is much smaller and tan colored. Mandie, with her bottom already bared from the thermometer, kneels on all fours on the bed for this double strapping. With many scenes featuring illocent-looking Mandie, there is an element of age play here, and Mandie plays on her youthful looks by acting as child-like and bratty as she can.

The second strap is much smaller and tan colored for naughty Mandie Rae

Mandie realized her mistake but it was too late and he was disappointed that she would have to have another lesson in not to tell fibs.

Naughty Mandie Rae gets spanked to tears and her lovely bottom looks amazing in this pose near the end of the punishment…

Mandie Rae shows off her well-spanked bare bottom

Watch Mandie Rae’s mistake unravel in this nice strapping scene at Triple A Spanking!

Triple A Spanking

Multi Generational Spanking

Momma slaps Mandie Rae's face

Wow, this is a hard and long FF/F spanking that sees naughty Mandie Rae get quite a severe spanking and strapping. While the bulk of the punishment is on Mandie’s bare bottom, things start off when Dana Specht gives Mandie a face slap, above. Sarah Gregory plays Mandie’s mom and it was she who had gone to Dana for advice. In spanking land there can be only one solution to an out-of-control 18+ teen…

Dana Specht spanks Mandie Rae OTK while Sarah Gregory watches in this multi generational spanking

Mandie starts off wearing an outfit with a short skirt, showing off her long legs, and a top that reads “Disobey”. She is first of all spanked in this sexy modern outfit before changing into something that is much more to Momma’s tastes for the end of the punishment, a hard strapping as she bends over, then kneels on the blue seat. In between there is plenty of spanking as Mandie is spanked in different stages by both Sarah and Dana. Even, the mom, Sarah gets an OTK spanking for her part in all the drama.

Mandie is sent to her room crying her eyes out then Momma turns the tables on Sarah and orders her over her knee for a well deserved spanking for not being the strict mother she should be. After they both spank Mandie otk again and strap her.

None of these ladies are related in real life, and Sarah is very young to be Mandie’s mom, but this scene does have the feel of a three generational spanking. You can imagine a woman going to her mom about the granddaughter, then both mother and daughter getting well-punished by the strict grandmother.

Mandie Rae gets strapped by both Sarah and Dana on her sore, red bottom

This long scene is called “You Must Spank Your Daughter” and is currently being added at Momma Spankings. You can join Momma Spankings together with Sarah Gregory’s other website at Sarah Gregory Pass for a great value deal!

Sarah Gregory and Dana Specht in Momma Spankings

Mandie Rae’s 1960’s Spankings and more

Mandie Rae bending over and about to get a whack of the strap on her bare bottom

One of the most recent spanking series on Punished Brats is this scene written by and starring sexy blond Mandi Rae. With the general theme of 1960’s era spankings she and Dominik (along with another shapely brunette called Audrey) get involved in some very sexy scenes that range from play spanking to quite hard disciplinary spankings with implements such as the belt, as shown in these photos, and various paddles.

Mandie is a cute blond with a nice body and nice, round bottom. Having written the scenes herself she is obviously very kinky, and she proves it with her range of characters for the different scenes. In each scene the common denominators are her pretty blonde looks, her girl-ish little slightly squeaky voice and her sense of fun. She is quite slender and does not have the biggest bottom in the world but she has a lovely little bubblebutt which looks awesome as she spreads for the belt…

Mandie Rae's lovely bare bottom close-up during her strapping

As we’ve not featured Punished Brats for a while…. another recent scene features Joelle Barros getting punished by her father’s new fiancee, Veronica Bound in “Affection Rivals”…

Joelle Barros spanked OTK by Veronica Bound on the couch

As the pain in her bottom increased, Joelle came to the realization that her father’s new fiancee was not a woman to trifle with.

There seems to be an interesting mix of older scenes revamped for 2015 involving Pixie plus a lot of newer scenes with some of the newer spanking stars, such as Mandie Rae and Joelle Barros plus lesser known models such as redheaded Bianca Rose, and brunettes Penny Stone, Cadence Lux and Brittney at Punished Brats. No-nonsense Veronica Bound is still one of the regular spankers and her calm, unrelenting style has the naughty ladies wriggling and reacting beautifully.

Audrey (or Audrey Jeanine) is another curvy brunette switch who looks great giving and receiving. Here’s some photos of Audrey… Firstly on top as she paddles sexy naked brunette in glasses, Penny Stone

Audrey paddles naked and nerdy Penny Stone

Then getting spanked OTK by David Pierson

Audrey gets hand spanked OTK by David Pierson

And finally, sexy redhead Bianca Rose bending over for a hard punishment…

Sexy redhead Bianca Rose bending over showing her well-spanked bare bottom

See more of these naughty ladies at Punished Brats.

Punished Brats

Sorority Slut Mandie Rae

Sorority Slut Mandie Rae gets spanked OTK by Sarah Gregory

Sexy blond Mandie Rae is back in “Sorority Slut Shamed” playing the afore-mentioned slut. She has been sleeping around on an epic scale so gets a harsh punishment from Sarah Gregory who shames her into better behavior. First she is stripped naked, then she is spanked OTK with the hand, and then made to bend over for a hard dose of the sorority paddle on her bare bottom.

Sarah uses the sorority paddle on naked and shamed slut Mandie Rae

Mandie has shamed the sorority house with her promiscuous behavior. She is having sex with as many as 10 men per night. Head sister Sarah has sent Mandie to the punishment room to wait. When Sarah arrives she gives Mandie a very humiliating punishment. She chastises her for being a dirty little slut, and then forces her to strip. Next she gives her a hard otk bare bottom spanking followed by forced masturbation. Sarah stands over Mandie and forces her to get herself off before taking the Sorority paddle to her sore spanked behind.

Sorority Slut Mandie Rae gets spanked and paddled by Sarah Gregory

Sorority Slut, Mandie Rae's well-spanked bottom as she bends over the chair

You can watch this sexy update with Mandie Rae, “Sorority Slut Shamed“, plus many more with big-boobed brunette Sarah Gregory at Sarah Gregory Spanking.

Sarah Gregory Spanking

Mandie Rae

Sarah Gregory spanks bratty daughter Mandie Rae

In “The Bad Little Girl” Mandie Rae plays a naughty daughter who must be spanked by mom, Sarah Gregory. It’s a great example of one of the newer updates at Momma Spankings that features a guest. In this case the guest is a sexy new spankee and it’s actually Sarah who does the spanking!

Mandie is a brand new fetish model / porn star who we’ll hopefully see much much more from. She is blonde, cute and quite young-looking although she is definitely over 18 years old!

In this mother/daughter role play, Sarah plays a young mom whose daughter is way out of control. Mandie will not take mom seriously and go to bed when told. Mom sees her therapist who suggests that she use discipline to teach her daughter to listen. Pushover mom Sarah is finally taken seriously when she spanks her bratty daughter. She is a pushover no more.

Sarah Gregory spanks bratty daughter Mandie Rae

To download the whole of this scene with Sarah and Mandie Rae, and plenty more of Sarah Gregory getting spanked, with some of the best dommes including Dana Specht, Miss Chris, and now Sarah herself join Momma Spankings! Or to join Momma Spankings together with Sarah Gregory Spanking, where Sarah switches much more and spanks many more naughty bottoms, for a great price at Sarah Gregory Pass!

Sarah Gregory and Dana Specht in Momma Spankings