Marissa Berkeley learns some respect

Clarissa and Marissa Berkeley are not impressed at the idea of getting punished

Today’s update is quite interesting for everyone who likes to see the ladies’ reactions as she’s spanked. Here we have twins Clarissa and Marissa Berkeley who are in trouble with Earl Grey. It is Marissa’s turn to be spanked first so she lies across the arm of the couch and gets 45 swats from the leather paddle…

Marissa Berkeley lies across the arm of the couch for a lively paddling

…some swats are over her skimpy panties but most are on her bare bottom with her panties pulled down.

Anyway, it is quite interesting to see that Marissa gives almost no reaction at all to the lovely paddling until several strokes have landed across her lovely chocolate bottom. Then, she just jumps up, exclaiming that she thinks that’s enough. This is classic behavior from a spankee who is trying to control the spanking. Luckily, Earl Grey does not listen to her and continues on with the punishment until those delicious ebony cheeks are well-spanked.

The twins are getting punished to teach them to respect authority. The next part of this spanking will see Clarissa take her turn, so if you like to see pretty ebony teens spanked one-by-one, and who doesn’t, then check out Firm Hand Spanking!

Firm Hand Spanking

The Berkeley Twins

It’s a good week at Firm Hand Spanking with 3 sexy updates including yet another debut for two new spanking models. The two spanking models in their first scene here are actually ebony twins, Marissa and Clarissa Berkeley! Christmas must have come early.

In this scene the two cheerleader twins bend over the coffee table so that they are almost facing each other, see the below photo, and continue to chatter amongst themselves as first Marissa, then Clarissa gets her lovely booty spanked.

Marissa and Clarissa Berkeley both bend over the coffee table to get their bare asses spanked – gallery

The other updates this week are equally as tasty, if not moreso. Allaura Shane gets a fully nude spanking with the riding crop in the diaper position, and also Katherine St James gets a spanking over the billiards table with a ping-pong paddle in a skimpy yellow bikini. You can see some samples of all these updates at Firm Hand Spanking!

Firm Hand Spanking