Superheroine Spank-Off

Catgirl battles Ultra Red in a Superheroine Spank-Off

Girl Spanks Girl seems to be the place for cosplay spankings at the moment! What with Clare Fonda and Snow Mercy donning superheroine outfits and spanking each other, and now this, they are really loving the fun and colorful spankings!

This time it is Alexis Grace and… who is this?? She looks a little familiar behind that mask but it’s been a while since we’ve seen her. It’s Mary Jane!! I’m not sure if it’s the mask or the outfit or the fact that Alexis is quite tall but Mary Jane looks smaller than I remember her. Anyway, she definitely matches up well with Alexis in this superheroine spank-off! Alexis Grace plays Catgirl with her ray gun and Mary Jane plays Ultra Red with a bright red leotard and a sword. Both ladies look particularly sexy in their skimpy outfits, and we almost didn’t recognise Mary Jane in that red mask.

Mary Jane spanks Alexis Grace OTK with a plastic sword

That is until the spanking starts… Catgirl is the first to get spanked and Ultra Red spanks her with that sword over the knee. Then powerful Alexis manages to overpower Mary Jane and struggles with her on the floor, getting her in a vice-like grip with her legs while spanking her with that same sword.

Alexis overpowers Mary Jane and spanks her on the floor gripping her in a powerful leg grip

It’s good to see Mary Jane again and scenes with Alexis are always very good. Unfortuately, this isn’t a bare bottom punishment but it’s still a lot of fun and worthwhile checking out if you like either or both ladies and/or cosplay…

Is this a comeback? Has Mary Jane returned to spanking for good? Or is it just a flash in the pan? Has this stunning vixen spanked her last bare bottom on our computer screens? Find out in the next thrilling episode of Girl Spanks Girl!

Girl Spanks Girl

Mary Jane’s Office Spanking

Madison Martin and Veronica Ricci team up on Mary Jane

Quite often it seems that how good a spanking scene is depends on the quality of the models in the scene. One reason we like the Clare Fonda Pass websites is that there is always a diverse range of spanking models and the quality is always very high. This scene features three of the best-known spanking models who each have their own personality. Madison Martin is a cute and curvy brunette who is never afraid to top a naughty lady and often gets her own big booty spanked. Mary Jane is a tall and slightly quieter brunette with a delicious round bottom. And, last but not least, Veronica Ricci is a glamour model who has made the transition to the kinkier side of the web and always brings a high level of energy and humour to her scenes.

Madison Martin and Veronica Ricci team up to spank Mary Jane’s big round bottom at the office, with hand and paddle. Mary Jane struggles, but it is two against one, and they make her bottom sore.

Mary Jane gets teamed up on and spanked by Madison Martin and Veronica Ricci

Veronica Ricci spanks Mary Jane's big bottom with a paddle

But like so many of my favorite spanking scenes there is a sexy twist in this tail when Madison switches sides and joins Mary Jane to teach Veronica a lesson. The beautiful redhead goes over Mary Jane’s lap for a taste of her own medicine in this nice 3-girl spanking.

This scene is from My Spanking Roommate which can also available be joined as a part of the 4- and 5-site versions of Clare Fonda Pass.

Clare Fonda's My Spanking Roommate

Bouncy Bottom Switches

Mary Jane spanks Anikka Albrite's wonderfully big round bare bottom

Episode 127 of My Spanking Roommate features two very bouncy bottoms indeed. The first bouncy bottom we see belongs to Mary Jane who is being spanked for not paying her rent on time. She’s being spanked by the landlady’s new assistant, Anikka Albrite, who it turns out has an equally round and spankable rear. She spanks Mary Jane’s bouncy bottom very hard with her hand and hairbrush, until Mary Jane has had enough and turns the tables on her putting the sexy blonde over her knee.

Delightful blonde pornstar Anikka Albrite is quite new to the world of porn in general, but is very new to spanking. We’ve seen her on top in a femdom scene before and she was very good as a domme. In this scene we get to see both sides of this beauty as she starts off on top then gets dominated by a pissed Mary Jane. As you’ll see Anikka is every bit as good to watch getting spanked as she is when she is doing the spanking, her perfect round ass really is a thing of beauty and it gets properly dealt with by Mary Jane. In fact, the chemistry with these two sexy ladies is nice as they take turns spanking each other in this lovely new storyline on the original spanking soap opera.

If you like pretty girls with big, bouncy bottoms this is the scene you shouldn’t miss! It’s just one of the latest updates and another reason to join My Spanking Roommate, which is also available on Clare Fonda Pass!

Clare Fonda's My Spanking Roommate

The Strict Tutor

Miss Morgan is unhappy with the three schoolgirls' behavior

Strict Tutor is the latest feature-length update on Girl spanks Girl. It’s a traditional domestic discipline video where ladies are spanked in and out of school uniforms*, pyjamas, as well as tight 1950’s style skirts.

Two daughters, played by Veronica Ricci and Lilia Spinoza, have been misbehaving. Clare has had to resort to hiring a strict tutor to keep the ladies under control. Miss Morgan plays a tutor who has been recommended to Clare Fonda. The scene starts off with Clare describing how she currently disciplines the two ladies, she describes different circumstances and how she would punish them in each case. We then see Clare punishing her two naughty daughters in the way she has described. Then back to the conversation between Clare and the new tutor she ends by saying that the tutor can spank the naughty ladies however she feels fit…

Strict tutor, Miss Morgan, spanks Veronica Ricci over her knee

It is not long before both daughters and the tutor’s other pupil, Mary Jane, have all been underperforming in their studies. Miss Morgan makes them all write lines together then spanks them one-by-one over her knee. When all three ladies are made to line up side-by-side we get an amazing view of their bottoms together, it really shows off how round their big bottoms are. The tutor walks up and down the line slapping their delightful rears as she continues to scold them…

The three ladies line up with their bare, spanked bottoms on show

Strict Tutor, Miss Morgan, deals with three naughty ladies – gallery

Strict Tutor is a follow-up to the summer’s “Exclusive Education 6” movie. You can download the whole of the Exclusive Education series and this latest schoolgirl-themed spanking scene at Girl spanks Girl!

Girl Spanks Girl

* We are talking about adults (18+) in this blog post, and all posts on this website.

Exclusive Education 6

Naughty ladies line up at the front of the classroom and show off their white panties in Exclusive Education 6
From left to right: Veronica Ricci, Mary Jane, Bliss Evermore, Nena, Ten Amorette, Sophia Locke, Mandee Miller and Julie Night

It’s summertime and that can mean only one thing: a new “Exclusive Education” movie at Girl spanks Girl. This year we’re in the sixth year of the series and while it is true that every year we think the latest movie is very good, this year is no exception.

Exclusive Education 6 features some of the hottest spanking models from over the past 12 months and introduces some brand new faces. In the line-up above, you can see some of our favourites like Veronica Ricci, Mary Jane, Nena and Ten Amorette. You also might recognise Sophia Locke (redhead with tattoos and glasses) from this post. So that just leaves the newbies… Bliss Evermore is the tallish, thin brunette with braided pigtails, Julie Night is/was a pornstar but her new “short-hair” look makes her look very different and ebony Mandee Miller is the real-life niece of Lana, you’ll see the likeness of the two ladies in their faces immediately. Also, this is the first time we’ve come across Lilia Spinoza, who plays the naughty cheerleader in this movie…

Lilia Spinoza plays a naughty cheerleader in Exclusive Education 6
Lilia Spinoza

So with all the ladies from the lineup and Lilia that makes a total of nine schoolgirls* this year and the three teachers are the same as last year: Lana, Snow Mercy and, of course, Clare Fonda. So that’s a grand total of 12 of the hottest ladies in spanking, with, we have to say, some of the nicest bottoms. Ten and Mary Jane have two of the nicest, roundest bottoms in spanking, and I’d forgotten how nice Nena’s bottom is. In fact, all the ladies have nice bottoms this year and with beauties such as Veronica Ricci and Lilia Spinoza it’s going to be an epic spanking movie to remember!

This may well be stating the obvious but this year’s movie is a must for lovers of classroom scenarios, plus this year you also have a naughty cheerleader thrown in for good measure. There is A LOT of OTK spanking with the hand and the hairbrush, as with all the previous Exclusive Education movies, and this year there is this fearsome wooden paddle…

Julie Night bends over for the wooden paddle while the others watch from the front of class
Julie Night bends over for the wooden paddle while the others watch from the front of class

Each of Clare Fonda’s Exclusive Education movies are feature-length, much longer than most spanking movies and with much more action (having such large casts of sexy spankees), to give you an example of the running times, number 5 of the series was 1 hour and 40 minutes of spanking action. You can see the first five Exclusive Education movies right now in their entirety at Girl spanks Girl! Exclusive Education 6 is brand new and just starting to be added so grab it while it’s hot!

Girl Spanks Girl

* We are talking about adults (18+) in this blog post, and all posts on this website.

Two spanked in PJs

Strict cousin Alicia spanks Mary Jane's round, bubble butt over her knee

Here’s some more from the feature-length “Strict Cousin” movie from Girl Spanks Girl! This is the second scene when the two naughty ladies Ten and Mary Jane are both in their pajamas and strict cousin Alicia is in her pink nightdress.

Ten watches from the sofa as Mary Jane’s lovely round bottom gets first handspanked and then spanked with Alicia’s slipper. Then, it’s Ten’s turn to go over Alicia’s lap…

Ten's pajamas and panties are pulled down as her bare bottom is spanked hard over Alicia's knee

It’s late but both girls are well-spanked by the time they are sent to the corner to do their cornertime with rosy, bare bottoms showing…

Ten and Mary Jane do their corner time with their pajama bottoms still pulled down

You can see all of this brand new spanking movie at Clare Fonda Pass. Whichever option you choose will include the website this update comes from, Girl Spanks Girl!

Clare Fonda's Spanking Websites

Strict Alicia Spanks her two Cousins

Strict Cousin Alicia informs the two brunettes that she's just as strict as she used to be

“Strict Cousin” is the story of two ladies, Ten and Mary Jane, who were spanked by their older cousin, Alicia Panettiere, when they were growing up. Now, they are grown up and are staying with her again, the two brunette beauties are informed that they will now be punished in an even more intense manner.

Mary Jane's amazing, round, bare booty gets a hard OTK spanking

This is a feature-length spanking movie that has a running time of 100 minutes. It shows Alicia really getting to grips with her two younger cousins. There are some nice OTK scenes with one girl doing cornertime while the other gets a bare bottom spanking, there’s even a nice nightwear scene with Alicia in her nightdress spanking the two ladies in their PJ’s.

If you like domestic-style, disciplinary spanking you’ll love this movie, and if you like sexy ladies with amazing round booty’s getting a good OTK spanking you’ll love it too. Both Mary Jane and Ten have wonderful firm, round bottoms that were just made to be spanked! Mary Jane especially is becoming a favorite spanking model, while Ten maybe slightly newer but her lovely booty is just as nice. Both girls can take a nice, hard spanking and seeing them get spanked together at the end of the movie is absolutely priceless…

Ten looks full of remorse as Alicia spanks her, with Clare spanking Mary Jane in tandem

As in all good spanking movies there is a twist in the tail of this story. Alicia does not get everything her own way and the ladies’ mom, Clare Fonda, gives her a hard hairbrush thrashing that makes her squeal and squirm…

This domestic spanking update with two lovely round bubble butts comes from the all-new “Strict Cousin” feature at Clare Fonda’s Girl Spanks Girl.

Clare Fonda's Girl Spanks Girl

Bootylicious Big Butt Spankings

Clare Fonda spanks the two, big, white bootys of Maryjane and Madison

Clare Fonda has to discipline two of her naughty hookers who have been hustling their clients for gifts this holiday season. These ladies are two of the most bootylicious spanking models on the web. New spanking sensation Mary Jane and Madison Martin have the most succulent, big, round, white booty’s you’ll find anywhere. Those pretty ladies are beautiful, sexy and have two rears that were just made to be slapped. Clare spanks them with her hand and hairbrush on their big, bare bottoms in a righteous OTK spanking designed to keep her naughty little sluts in check…

Clare Fonda spanks the two, big, round bootys of Maryjane and Madison

You can see plenty more of the strict madam Clare Fonda disciplining her naughty ho’s at Spanked Call Girls. There is a whole hierarchy between the girls and their pimps, Clare and her colleagues get called into action to smack the naughty ladies’ behinds and there are even occasions when Clare herself has to taste some of her own medicine.

You can see plenty more of Clare’s spanking world at her Clare Fonda Pass which includes Spanked Call Girls!

Clare Fonda's Spanking Websites

Spanked in a Slutty Fishnet Dress

Mary Jane shows off her ass after she's spanked in her slutty fishnet dress

Mary Jane, Clare Fonda’s latest exclusive model, shows off her Jennifer Lopez-like ass for the camera. She struts and poses, bending over and showing off her fishnet clad ass, which has just taken a spanking from a male client on Spanked Call Girls. She is a sexy new spanking model who flashes her little tits and loves showing off for the camera, especially when it involves showing off what a good spanking she has just taken on her big bottom. Mary Jane is a classic small boobs and big butt beauty who has one of the best rear ends on the internet.

Mary Jane shows off her ass after she’s spanked in her slutty fishnet dress

The best value way to download this movie in full is to join Spanked Call Girls in a combo deal with all of Clare Fonda’s spanking websites at Clare Fonda Pass!

Spanked Callgirls

Mary Jane’s Perfect Spanked Bubblebutt

Mary Jane shows off her perfect bubble butt as she sticks it out for a spanking

Mary Jane was discliplined by her mom and even a babysitter growing up. She tells her spanking stories in vivid detail in her interview at Spanked Sweeties. Mary Jane is a very friendly girl but she has a naughty streak and a bottom that begs for a thrashing, and she got them until she was about 16. After she has talked all about her real life spankings it’s time to re-enact some of those scenes and turn them into sexy spanking fantasies. Mary Jane gets spanked by Clare Fonda and a guy who plays a client a dungeon where Mary Jane was a very popular submissive. And then, we see an amazing scene where Mary Jane and Kay Richards switch in a very beautiful, very sexy lesbian scene where both ladies switch. This is a lovely shot of Mary Jane kissing Kay, her leashed “slave”…

Mary Jane kisses her submissive girlfriend Kay Richards in this very sexy lesbian bondage spanking scene

Mary Jane has the most amazing bottom I’ve ever seen. for a white girl that thing is a real thing of beauty and a rare find! Taut and round and firm. She sticks it out nice and far, like a good girl, when she is bending over and taking a spanking. In fact, she is beautiful, as you can see, with a body to die for. And when she gets spanked by Kay and Clare you get a very hot series of scenes!

If you like watching interviews with beautiful models who talk about their real life spanking experiences, then act them out in some very sexy spanking movies then you need to check out Spanked Sweeties!!

Never Been Spanked Girls at Spanked Sweeties