Disciplinarian, Sarah Gregory

Melody Nore is sent to see disciplinarian, Sarah Gregory

Sarah Gregory plays a Disciplinarian in this sexy and hard-hitting spanking scene with redhead, Melody Nore in “Sent to a Disciplinarian“. The two famous spanking models get together for this scene which is similar to many sessions that may have happened all over the world in a private session with a dominatrix or pro-domme.

The word “disciplinarian” is defined as “a person who believes in or practices firm discipline” and that is certainly the case here. Once the formailities are out of the way Sarah takes Melody over the knee for a sound hand spanking. Then, with Melody’s panties pulled down and her bottom already well-spanked and a rosy color, Sarah turns to the leather paddle for some extra discipline…

Redhead Melody Nore gets spanked with a leather paddle OTK

Then it’s time for Melody to lay flat on her front on the couch with her bare bottom exposed for the leather strap. A very painful and stinging strapping follows with plenty of reactions from poor Melody…

Melody lies face down for a bare bottom strapping on the couch

Melody’s husband is at his wits end with his wife’s behavior and sends her to see Miss Sarah, a disciplinarian. Miss Sarah discusses this behavior with Melody and explains that she deals with things through spanking. Not just hand spanking, but with many different implements. Melody agrees to her punishments as she knows she has not been a good wife, but she doesn’t like it one bit. Miss Sarah spanks this sorry girl with her hand and multiple leather implements to teach her to be a better behaved young lady.

Melody Nore is sent to see Sarah Gregory gallery

Melody has been seen getting very well punished by various dommes, she obviously has an aptitiude for getting in serious trouble. You can see previews in these Melody Nore scenes. And, of course, watch this full scene in awesome HD along with many others with Sarah and Melody at Sarah Gregory Spanking!

Sarah Gregory Spanking

Melody Nore and Miss Chris

Miss Chris catches Melody Nore trying to run away from the orphage and immediately grabs her teddy bear off her

Melody Nore is a redheaded spankee who lends herself nicely to the role of the brat in “Orphan Annie Spanking”. Perhaps she chose the wrong person to annoy with her bratty behavior when she misbehaves with drunken orphanage owner, played by Miss Chris. Melody had been trying to sneak out of the orphanage when she is caught red-handed with her belongings in a knapsack.

Along with the rest of her belongings the naughty brat also has her most prized possession, a teddy bear, with her. Hard-spanking Miss Chris torments her with the teddy while giving the naughty redhead a very hard OTK spanking. Here Miss Chris has counteracted Melody’s wriggling by wrapping her legs around in a vice-like grip while she swings her powerful arm towards her quickly reddening bare bottom…

Melody Nore gets a very hard OTK spanking on her bare bottom from powerful Miss Chris whilst being held in a leg lock

If you like scenes where the spanking is very hard, Miss Chris is one of the hardest out there, or that’s the way it looks from the videos. Here, she dominates a pretty redhead who she’s able to let loose on. The result is a breath-taking, hard-hitting scene where we see how sorry Miss Chris is able to make naughty Melody for attempting to run away.

Melody Nore is spanked OTK on her bare bottom and paddled until it was very red and sore

Miss Chris swings the leather paddle hard at Melody Nore's bare bottom

To watch this hard disciplinary spanking movie go to Sarah Gregory Spanking which is also a part of Sarah Gregory Pass!

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Melody’s Halloween Spanking

Miss Chris is unhappy that Melody Nore has been pranking the neighbors at Halloween

Any time is a good time for spankings, especially Halloween, as shown in this Halloween spanking update called “Prank Punishment”. Redhead Melody Nore has been trick or treating in her neighborhood and upsetting the neighbors so mom Miss Chris punishes the naughty pranker with her hand and her hairbrush!

Melody Nore gets her bare bottom spanked hard by Miss Chris in this Halloween spanking

It’s Halloween and Melody has decided to go trick or treating even though she is too old for that. She is 19 and should be at home helping mom hand out candy. When people refuse to give this teenager candy she plays some not so nice pranks on them (leaving them tricks because she doesn’t get treats). Mom hears of this crude behavior and gives her naughty daughter a hard bare bottom spanking and hairbrushing when she gets home.

Melody Nore is spanked hard over the knee with a hairbrush in Prank Punishment – gallery

Melody Nore is spanked hard over the knee with a hairbrush in Prank Punishment

Melody plays the role of an out-of-control neighborhood brat very well, perhaps helps by her fiery red hair, and Miss Chris powerfully pummels her naughty ass cheeks with some hard-sounding swats. It’s the perfect combination of a spanking model who is able to take a hard punishment, and a spanker who is more than able to give her just that!

This Halloween spanking and many more maternal spankings by strict and dominant ladies (Miss Chris, Dana Specht, Sarah Gregory and more) to pretty, young beauties (Melody Nore, Mandie Rae, Katherine St. James and more) can be found at the Momma Spankings website.

Sarah Gregory and Dana Specht in Momma Spankings

Spanking in Literature

Melody Nore is in trouble with strict Marilla in Anne of Red Bottoms

I’m the most well-read person in the world, so there may be plenty of spanking in literature throughout the years that I may be unaware of. There are scenes in old movies, and I’m sure old classic books too, where there is either spanking or whipping. I think there was a short spanking in the “Gone with the Wind” movie, although I don’t know if that’s directly from the book.

“Anne of Green Gables” is not a book I’ve read but a quick trip to wiki and I’ve discovered that it’s a bestselling 1908 novel by Canadian author Lucy Maud Montgomery. Momma Spankings parodies the book with the scene Anne of Red Bottoms, where the main character redheaded Anne gets spanked along with Michael by the strict Momma.

Inspired by the famous Canadian story that took place on Prince Edward Island, only this red-headed girl gets spanked. Feisty Melody Nore plays ‘Anne’, and Sarah Gregory plays Diana, Anne’s best friend. Uncle Givan Take plays Matthew and Dana Specht plays Marilla. In the first scene, Matthew gets spanked by his sister Marilla for bringing home a girl when he promised to adopt a boy. Next, Anne is spanked for being a girl and having a cheeky attitude. In part two, the girls get into some raspberry cordial and are drunk and silly when Marilla comes home. Both naughty girls get turned over her knee and spanked soundly. Anne continues to get herself in trouble at school, which earns her a spanking with the dreaded hairbrush.

Melody Nore and Givan Take are in trouble with strict Marilla in “Anne of Red Bottoms” gallery

Over the knee spanking in literature: Anne of Red Bottoms

Alas, the other spanking in literature I know of are in Enid Blyton books. Apparently they have been reworded and changed so that they no longer feature as many, or any spankings. There are of course many kinky spanking books these days. With the birth of the kindle there are even more kinky books being published these days in Kindle-only editions, including from Jenni Mack I notice.

This is the first part of “Anne of Red Bottoms” with plenty more of Melody and Sarah (Anne and Diane) getting spanked later in the story.

For more real discipline between Sarah Gregory, Momma Dana Specht and various guest spankers and spankees check out Momma Spankings. And for plenty more from Sarah with the likes of Jenni Mack and Miss Chris, you’ll want to see her special Sarah Gregory Pass!

Sarah Gregory and Dana Specht in Momma Spankings

Two Well Spanked in Hotelroom

Melody and Angel are caught making out when they should be at the party

While we each have our favourite spankers and spankees it’s always nice when a fresh, new spanking model appears in front of us, and today there are two lovely newbies to enjoy. Melody Nore is the redhead and Angel Lee is the busty brunette.

In this scene the two ladies have been missing from the party so Sarah Gregory goes off to find them. When she finally tracks them down the two naughty ladies are making out in a hotel room. Sarah is understandably appalled and decides to right their wrong by spanking both naughty girls together.

While it’s the first time these two have been featured on here they seem familiar somehow. Redheaded Melody reminds me of another model, maybe Madison Young. If you like brunette’s like Sarah then you’ll love Angel Lee, below who is pretty with big, natural breasts and a curvy and spankable bottom…

Sarah Gregory spanks big-boobed Angel Lee naked over her knee

By the end these two naughty ladies have been hand-spanked and punished with Sarah’s hairbrush and a stingy crop. The results are spectacular!!

Melody Nore and Angel Lee show off their well-spanked bare bottoms

Angel and Melody are just two of the latest guest stars to grace Sarah’s kinky spanking site where she spanks her girlfriends and gets many very hard spankings herself. To see more of Sarah and her sexy spanking adventures sign up today at Sarah Gregory Spanking!

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