Michaela McGowen

Bratty princess, Michaela McGowen bends over in the livingroom for a dose of the strap on her plump bottom

In the College Discipline series at Firm Hand Spanking we are treated to the lovely Michaela McGowen’s lovely bottom this week. As they say in the description, “If there’s a bottom designed for spanking, Michaela McGowen owns it!” That is certainly true, she does have a delightful bottom, but more than that this little American princess is also sexy and has her spoilt brat act down to a tee. What can be more sexy that a beautiful lady acting up and throwing a tantrum before being made to bend over and bare her lovely rump for a slow and thoughtful punishment. Here she is getting the leather strap for letting her college grades slide. In her bratty, indignant way she cries, “I’m going to call my dad and let him know exactly what you’re doing to his little princess!” But her protests fall on deaf ears. She bends over in high heels that make her lovely, juicy booty position at just the right angle for the strap. We see the leather strap make her delicious globes jiggle and bounce as her panties come down for 20 hard strokes.

Michaela McGowen bends over in heels that make her lovely, juicy booty position at just the right angle for the strap

Michaela is very pretty and if you like little, bratty 18+ princesses you’ll love her. Her style is quite similar to the just-as-pretty and equally bratty, Samantha Woodley, and you can see them both pout, squirm and yell as they get punished for various misdemeanors at Firm Hand Spanking!

Firm Hand Spanking

Michaela gets 10 with the school paddle

10 bare bottom strokes from the school paddle leave Michaela McGowen very sore
10 bare bottom strokes from the school paddle leave Michaela McGowen very sore

Sometimes watching spanking movies can make me think different things. Sometimes it looks like the spankee is getting off lightly. Sometimes the spanking can be a little too extreme for some tastes. Other times you can see that the spankee may be inexperienced, or have a low tolerance, so while she is reacting a lot to the spanking that is not down to overacting, but down to her sensitivity. I haven’t seen that many scenes with the punishment board, or school paddle as it’s called here, but every time I do it looks far too big and solid to be swung at sush force at an already spanked bare bottom.

This scene is no different! … In the final scene of Michaela McGowen’s Legal Penalties series, Cindy Wallace finishes off the punishment and really makes her point with a paddling to remember! Michaela’s reactions are priceless, so every second of the reaction camera is shown too, plus slow-motion cheek quivering replays.

The only other punishment board scene I can remember was with Cindy as the top aswell. In that scene, as in this, she really does not hold back. It looks like each smack of the heavy paddle could damage Michaela’s lovely bottom, but she’s obviously survived to take another spanking.

It seems to me that heavy paddles must do much more than canes and straps when they impact at full-force. I think it’s because canes are thin and straps are flexible, whereas the punishment board is big, solid and not flexible at all. Thinking about it a little more: the surface area of the impact would mean that the force is spread out over a larger area and the paddle should not cut or welt like the cane can. And there would obviously be some air resistance so it might not be able to be the absolute maximum force.

What you can say is that it certainly looks dramatic, especially in the slow-motion on this scene. Pretty Michaela bends over for ten of the hardest looking swats you’ll see and her lovely white bottom gets paddled til it’s very sore indeed. A very hot finale!!

Firm Hand Spanking

Realtor gets a Spanking!

When a pretty realtor, Ally Cole, gets reprimanded by her boss for abusing her access to a very nice property with an outdoor pool he is determined to punish her thoroughly. Ally had been sunbathing and relaxing by the pool in her bikini. “This is all about power for you,” snaps realtor Ally Cole. “Just because your dad owns the company.” Provocatively, Ally strips off her bikini top and bends over, impressive bare breasts swinging! Those bikini panties come down for a 25-swat almost nude tanning using a leather paddle.

This is another one of the three updates this week at Firm Hand Spanking. As well as this scene there is also beautiful brunette Michaela McGowen getting a harsh strapping from Cindy Wallace and Caroline Harper getting spanked with a paddle over her jeans.

Firm Hand Spanking

Cheerleader gets 40 of the strap for nosying in a closet

Babysitter Brittany Mayes enters Ms Wallace's room without permission

Babysitting for Mrs Wallace brings in some bucks for varsity cheerleader Brittany Mayes. But she’s destined for a strapping when she’s found looking through Mrs Wallace’s closet. The naughty cheerleader is thrown across the end of Cindy’s bed, cheer skirt up, white cotton panties pulled down, then she endures 40 strokes with the thick, black, leather strap on her bare bottom.Brittany’s teen buns get some serious heat as Cindy gives her some much needed Attitude Adjustment!

Brittany is thrown over the bed and strapped on her bare bottom

Cindy Wallace has always been one of my favorite lady spankers and here she has a fresh bottom to work on. Brittany is a very sweet teen and the full-force swats on her tender teen buttocks are really a sight to behold. You can see that her lovely bottom gets very red indeed after all 40 hard strokes of the strap…

After her spanking Brittany has some cornertime in front of the closet

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Firm Hand Spanking

Amelia, Michaela and Samantha

Spanking entertainment at its best!… Firm Hand Spanking has three very diverse spanking updates a week that is perfectly shown by today’s 3 scenes of three of the top spanking models out there!

First off we have A.J.R…

Amelia Jane Rutherford gets strapped in this Victorian Spanking scene

Amelia Jane Rutherford is smoking hot and every scene I have seen of her has been very good indeed but I don’t think I’ve ever seen her in such an extravagant, period scene as this. We’re transported back in time to Victorian England where Amelia’s strict uncle just happens to be prison govenor, Sir Matthew. It’s a very hard 30 stroke strapping but something tells me there is more to come for poor Amelia…

Then it’s Michaela’s turn to go over the knee for her punishment. She’s a nanny but even the nanny isn’t excused lateness and here she pays the price with the leather paddle on her bare bottom…

Nanny Michaela McGowen gets a leather paddle spanking

Lastly, Samantha Woodley gets a wet, bare bottom spanking in the bath. Sam is far too cute and sexy in this spanking movie but that does not mean that she escapes a hard spanking on her soaking wet bottom.. that’s gotta sting!

Samantha Woodley gets a naked spanking in the bath

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Two Air Hostesses get a firm Hand Spanking

Flight attendant, Michaela McGowen, gets a hard hand spanking over her panties

When air hostesses Samantha Woodley and Michaela McGowen get into trouble at work the result is a smokin’ hot spanking scene. When it comes to uniforms and fantasies the female flight attendant fantasy is one of the best.. those girls look so neat and tidy in their smart uniforms. As with all professions the cabin crew can be super-friendly and efficient or lazy and bitchy.. Here we find out what happens to the latter type of employee at this airline in the movie OTK Air

Flight attendants Samantha Woodley and Michaela McGowen get spanked in OTK Air vids

Flight attendant, Samantha Woodley, gets her panties pulled down for a spanking on her bare bottom

Yes, the strict discipline at OTK Air includes panties down for a bare bottom spanking as the two American babes are given a stern reprimand after they land.

I love this movie and can’t imagine why more sexy stewardesses haven’t been spanked in movies and pics. Well, this is a hint if any spanking sites are reading this.. it’s smokin’ hot!

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