Spanking Model Stats

If you’re the kind of person who enjoys statistics you may enjoy these spanking model stats taken from this website over it’s entire duration (10 years or so). So, these are the top 21 spanking models over the ten years in order of the number of times we’ve mentioned them on this website. Just cold hard stats!

  1. Sarah Gregory
  2. Clare Fonda
  3. Veronica Ricci
  4. Kay Richards
  5. Snow Mercy
  6. Amelia Jane Rutherford
  7. Chelsea Pfeiffer
  8. Lana
  9. Madison Martin
  10. Katherine St. James
  11. Dana Specht
  12. Spanking Sarah
  13. Pixie
  14. Christy Cutie
  15. Alison Miller
  16. Samantha Woodley
  17. Koko Kitten
  18. Miss Chris
  19. Chloe Elise
  20. Leia Ann Woods
  21. Sinn Sage

Readers could maybe have guessed at the top 5, but for me there are some surprises. There are some models who I didn’t think I’d talked that much about, and there are others who I thought would have been higher than they are.

Because it’s taken over the 10 years, this really is a list of some of the most hard-working models over that time. There will be very famous spanking models we haven’t featured as heavily as maybe they deserved.

Plenty of spanking models have come and gone in that time. Most of the list was not filming spanking 10 years ago, I believe. I like that it’s quite a diverse range of spanking models from the USA/UK that includes those famous for being dommes: Dana Specht, Chelsea Pfeiffer, Snow Mercy and Miss Chris… those famous for purely being spankees: Pixie and Amelia Jane Rutherford… and all the rest, who you could say are probably known equally well for giving and receiving.

Readers will know that we love ladies who switch, so the fact that most, if not all, of the ladies here have done at least some switching may reflect our tastes somewhat.

We stretched the top 20 slightly to fit Sinn Sage onto the list, but there are plenty more big names just outside the top 20. For example, Maitresse Madeline, Dane Kane and Veronica Bound, three ladies are are best well-known for being on top but who have occasional appeared as a bottom, are all in the top 30 along with the likes of Casey Calvert, Lily Anna and Missy Rhodes.

It’s going to be interesting how this list will look in another 10 years time. Sarah Gregory is going from strength to strength so I think she may still be top in another 10 years, but there will probably be a whole lot of names who we’ve never heard of yet.

I hope you found my top list of spanking models interesting.

EDIT: There is an updated “All-Time Top 10” list on Top 10 Spanking Model Stats 2016.

Angel Lee’s Hard Punishment

Angel Lee gets spanked hard OTK on the couch by Miss Chris

The latest update on Momma Spankings is “My Bratty Daughter” with naughty Angel Lee getting punished by strict Miss Chris. It’s quite a long and severe scene, with Angel looking a bit unsure about whether she wants to continue to be bratty after her initial spanking. It’s not something we’ve thought about before but the above photo of Angel getting spanked OTK on the couch makes us think about those shoes on the couch… it’s a good job they look brand new.

In this long age play film, Angel plays the bratty and ever so rude daughter of Miss Chris. Angel ignores Mommy when asked several times to turn down her music as it is late at night. When Mom comes in to scold her, she is a rude brat and even flips her off. Mom is not happy and gives Angel a very hard otk spanking over her dress, panties, and then on the bare bottom.

Angel Lee's panties are pulled down for a hard OTK hand spanking on her bare bottom

When Angel is still not learning to behave and flips her off yet again, she is stood up and given a strap across the palm of her tender hand. This she hates and cringes in pain.

Angel looks like she might be unsure about whether she wants to continue being bratty as she flips Miss Chris off…

Angel Lee flips Miss Chris off in the middle of her punishment

After her hand strapping she must go and get the dreaded “Mommy” paddle for some hard swats with it. She is made to ask Mommy for a paddling, which further embarrasses her. Angel’s punishment ends with a hard strapping over her pajamas. Mommy pulls down her dropseats to strap her naughty daughter until she is contrite, and promising to be better behaved.

My Bratty Daughter gallery

Angel Lee's sore red bottom in dropseat pajamas

You can watch this scene with naughty Angel Lee at Momma Spankings and join this site along with Sarah’s other website at Sarah Gregory Pass.

Sarah Gregory and Dana Specht in Momma Spankings

Spanked in a Bikini

Sarah Gregory pulls a funny face in a green bikini

Sarah Gregory gets spanked in a bikini in this update at Momma Spankings. “Bikini Bottom Blistering” has Miss Chris as Momma who is quickly running out of patience with Sarah. The naughty daughter spent too long at the pool getting a tan and is now going to get her bottom tanned by Momma’s hard hand over that skimpy bikini. I like the face she pulls at the start of the scene, above.

Sarah Gregory gets spanked in a bikini in this update at Momma Spankings

Once the scolding and arguing is out of the way its down to business. We always enjoy watching scenes with Miss Chris dishing out the discipline. She’s able to do plenty of scolding and the spanking can be quite hard. Sometimes how hard a spanking is might be different to how it looks, but hand spankings generally look very hard from this strict domme.

Sarah Gregory gets spanked in a bikini in “Bikini Bottom Blistering” gallery

Sarah is being a stuck up little brat. Mom is waiting for her spoiled daughter to get back to the hotel room as it is time to check out. Sarah is taking her good old time at the pool trying to get a nice tan. When she gets back to the room, mom is very upset. Sarah continues to have attitude with mom until she earns herself a spanking from mom over her skimpy bikini and then on the bare bottom. This isn’t exactly the kind of tan Sarah was hoping for.

The bikini bottoms come down and Sarah is spanked on her bare bottom

Watch this sexy mother/daughter F/F scene of Sarah Gregory and Miss Chris now at Momma Spankings. And, of course, you can join together with Sarah’s main website for a special deal at Sarah Gregory Pass!

Sarah Gregory and Dana Specht in Momma Spankings

Disappointing and Spoiled Daughter

Here are two maternal spanking scenes featuring bratty Sarah Gregory from Momma Spankings.

Sarah Gregory and Dana Specht in Disappointing Daughter

The first scene is called “The Disappointing Daughter” and has Dana Specht as the strict mom.

Sarah is out way past her curfew again and Momma sits up and waits for her with a leather strap on her lap ready to take action. As usual Sarah gives Momma a lame excuse but to no avail. She is flipped over Momma’s knee for a hard bare bottom spanking and an OTK strapping then sent to her room to get her pajamas on to be punished further. A strict on the bed strapping ensues while she struggles on the bed and cries real tears, leaving her pretty bottom red, welted and very sore.


Dana Specht gives Sarah an OTK strapping

Then, in “The Spoiled Brat“, mom (played by equally stern and hard-hitting Miss Chris) is not happy that her daughter has skipped school and has taken the new car to the beach instead, especially as it’s not even Sarah’s car and she tried to lie about it. Mom deals with her naughty daughter the way she knows best… by spanking that naughty bare bottom…

Miss Chris and Sarah Gregory in The Spoiled Brat

This second scene is an OTK hand spanking with no implements. But we always feel that Miss Chris does not need any implements to make a naughty bottom very sorry indeed… and very sore. Sarah is spanked over her skirt, then over her bikini bottoms, then on the bare bottom. Sarah may be a spoiled brat, but for how much longer..?

Miss Chris gives Sarah a hard OTK hand spanking

Watch these two scenes with two different but very strict moms at Sarah Gregory’s maternal F/F spanking website: Momma Spankings!

Sarah Gregory and Dana Specht in Momma Spankings

Adriana Evans bends for Wooden Paddle

Adriana Evans brats Miss Chris

If you like seeing a good, hard spanking with the wooden paddle then you’ll like “Adriana’s Painful Lesson“! Experienced spanking model, Adriana Evans gets a nice naked paddling from frighteningly strict Miss Chris (or Miss Chris Grey, as she’s called in this scene).

Sexy nude Adriana screws up her face as she reacts to the wooden paddle over the knee

Wearing nothing but her black shoes and a few tattoos, Adriana starts off smiling as she brats her way into the scene. But soon there is not even a smile to hide behind when Miss Chris starts to get into her swing. Bratty Adriana manages to continue to stoke the fire even while her bottom is on fire from the mean wooden paddle. However, there’s no doubt Miss Chris’ painful lesson will eventually get through.

Adriana Evans' plump, bare ass cheeks get well paddled

Bored at home one sunny afternoon, stunning Adriana decides to attract the attention of the pool boy by doing a strip tease in front of the windows. Sashaying back and forth while pulling off her tiny shorts and flannel shirt, Adriana is unaware that her older, wiser girlfriend, Miss Chris, is watching the spectacle and growing more incensed by the moment. Striding in to confront the naughty brunette, Miss Chris delivers a scathing scolding on the dangers of reckless exhibitionism. When Adriana scoffs at Miss Chris’ common sense advice and is rude to her friend and benefactor, Miss Chris doesn’t hesitate to drag the fully nude beauty face down over her lap and spank the living daylights out of her. The hard, indignant spanking brings out the wicked little brat in sex kitten Adriana and she baits Miss Chris as much as she dares to, even while yowling in pain at her female patron’s discipline.

Adriana Evans bends over the couch naked for a final paddling on her sore bottom

Watch this hard nude paddling with two of the best known performers at the moment at Shadow Lane.

Shadow Lane

Melody Nore and Miss Chris

Miss Chris catches Melody Nore trying to run away from the orphage and immediately grabs her teddy bear off her

Melody Nore is a redheaded spankee who lends herself nicely to the role of the brat in “Orphan Annie Spanking”. Perhaps she chose the wrong person to annoy with her bratty behavior when she misbehaves with drunken orphanage owner, played by Miss Chris. Melody had been trying to sneak out of the orphanage when she is caught red-handed with her belongings in a knapsack.

Along with the rest of her belongings the naughty brat also has her most prized possession, a teddy bear, with her. Hard-spanking Miss Chris torments her with the teddy while giving the naughty redhead a very hard OTK spanking. Here Miss Chris has counteracted Melody’s wriggling by wrapping her legs around in a vice-like grip while she swings her powerful arm towards her quickly reddening bare bottom…

Melody Nore gets a very hard OTK spanking on her bare bottom from powerful Miss Chris whilst being held in a leg lock

If you like scenes where the spanking is very hard, Miss Chris is one of the hardest out there, or that’s the way it looks from the videos. Here, she dominates a pretty redhead who she’s able to let loose on. The result is a breath-taking, hard-hitting scene where we see how sorry Miss Chris is able to make naughty Melody for attempting to run away.

Melody Nore is spanked OTK on her bare bottom and paddled until it was very red and sore

Miss Chris swings the leather paddle hard at Melody Nore's bare bottom

To watch this hard disciplinary spanking movie go to Sarah Gregory Spanking which is also a part of Sarah Gregory Pass!

Sarah Gregory Spanking

Melody’s Halloween Spanking

Miss Chris is unhappy that Melody Nore has been pranking the neighbors at Halloween

Any time is a good time for spankings, especially Halloween, as shown in this Halloween spanking update called “Prank Punishment”. Redhead Melody Nore has been trick or treating in her neighborhood and upsetting the neighbors so mom Miss Chris punishes the naughty pranker with her hand and her hairbrush!

Melody Nore gets her bare bottom spanked hard by Miss Chris in this Halloween spanking

It’s Halloween and Melody has decided to go trick or treating even though she is too old for that. She is 19 and should be at home helping mom hand out candy. When people refuse to give this teenager candy she plays some not so nice pranks on them (leaving them tricks because she doesn’t get treats). Mom hears of this crude behavior and gives her naughty daughter a hard bare bottom spanking and hairbrushing when she gets home.

Melody Nore is spanked hard over the knee with a hairbrush in Prank Punishment – gallery

Melody Nore is spanked hard over the knee with a hairbrush in Prank Punishment

Melody plays the role of an out-of-control neighborhood brat very well, perhaps helps by her fiery red hair, and Miss Chris powerfully pummels her naughty ass cheeks with some hard-sounding swats. It’s the perfect combination of a spanking model who is able to take a hard punishment, and a spanker who is more than able to give her just that!

This Halloween spanking and many more maternal spankings by strict and dominant ladies (Miss Chris, Dana Specht, Sarah Gregory and more) to pretty, young beauties (Melody Nore, Mandie Rae, Katherine St. James and more) can be found at the Momma Spankings website.

Sarah Gregory and Dana Specht in Momma Spankings

How to Discipline… Miss Chris and Jenni Mack

School Governor bends young teacher over a desk to show her how to discipline

The spanking duo of Miss Chris and Jenni Mack are back in this old-fashioned “how to discipline” scene. Miss Chris is a School Governor who is demonstrating to the young teacher what discipline looks like. Of course, this means bending her over the desk, lifting up her long skirt and spanking her bottom.

Both ladies look spectacular in this period piece. Jenni Mack with her red hair tied back and wearing a long, old-fashioned outfit looks very submissive, although we’re not sure those panties are retro-style. It’s a great looking scene from Northern Spanking

An inexperienced young teacher is shown how discipline should be applied in the classroom, by a School Governor with a particularly hands on approach.

School Governor bends young teacher over a desk to show her how to discipline

As always with classroom fantasies and classroom spanking scenes, please refer to our about page for a desciption of what this site is all about.

Miss Chris spanks Jenni Mack over the desk

There are plenty more famous British and American spanking models in all kinds of sexy and kinky scenarios like this at Northern Spanking!

Northern Spanking

Lying Daughter

Sarah Gregory gets pulled over the knee by Miss Chris in Lying Daughter

Sometimes a lot of what is good about a fantasy is unintelligible. It’s good because it hits all the right buttons, but we’re not necessarily aware of exactly what the buttons are. Here, in this movie, is a good example of what I’m talking about!

Sarah Gregory has been caught lying by her Mom, Miss Chris, in this scene. It has everything I want in a spanking scene, namely tits, ass and spanking.. but it also has an extra ingredient. It just feels right. Miss Chris could really be Sarah’s mom and she does a very good job at disciplining the wayward beauty!

Sarah has been telling her mother that she is a waitress, until one day, one of her mom’s co-workers recognizes the photo on her desk as “Trixie” the stripper. When Sarah’s mom confronts her about this she continues to lie right to her face. Eventually when the truth comes out, she is in for one of the hardest hand and hairbrush spankings ever that brings REAL tears to her eyes.

Sarah Gregory gets pulled over the knee by Miss Chris in “Lying Daughter”

See sexy Sarah get her comeuppance in various states of undress as she gets spanked and spanks some of the people in her world. The latest update sees Sarah get punished while working as a hotel maid during a spanking convention…

Sarah Gregory Spanking