Chelsea Spanks Molly

Chelsea Pfeiffer lowers Molly Matthews' green panties to reveal her scarlet ass cheeks

Here’s one of the latest “Chelsea Spanks” updates at Good Spanking, it sees Chelsea Pfeiffer welcome Molly Matthews back over her knee.

We’ve already seen Molly with red hair in this post where she gets a very kinky naked punishment where she is spanked in a collar and led around the room by her leash. That update was amazingly sexy and this scene is just as sexy but in a different way…

Molly now has blonde hair, and this is a very ordinary kind of spanking, more girl-next-door than BDSM princess this time. It’s amazing how just a change in hair colour can make a sexy spanking model look completely different. She’s very sexy with glamour model looks and pale skin that makes her bottom get very red indeed when Chelsea starts to spank her beautiful, round globes.

Chelsea continues to spank blonde Molly's bare bottom

The “Chelsea Spanks” updates are really just spankings without the need for any storylines. The model shows up and has a quick chat before continuing the conversation over Chelsea’s knee. They can be very cute indeed. The transformation of the spankee is particularly enjoyable as she starts off relaxed and chatting, then eventually becomes very aware about what is happening to her sore bottom. But this series of spankings are not what you’d call punishment spankings where the top lectures and scolds the bottom. These spankings are more relaxed and friendly, as the two ladies often look like they’re really enjoying the experience.

If you like these friendly “Chelsea Spanks” sessions or you prefer a spanking with a storyline and lots of telling off there are both types at Good Spanking!

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Molly Matthews’ Naked Leash Spanking

Molly Matthews shows off her sexy body over Chelsea's knee

I think I may be in love with Molly Matthews!

This sexy pale babe with long, straight red hair is unbelievably beautiful. Not only is she very pretty but the also has a body that looks amazing. She is slender with a nice round bottom and lovely breasts. For some reason her classic beauty goes well with a collar.

Molly's sexy, round bottom gets spanked til it's very red indeed

Here, in this scene with Chelsea Pfeiffer, Molly has a kinky, black collar and leash on. She’s naked except for a pair of black heels and that black collar and leash getting spanked by Chelsea as she kneels on all fours on the sofa. Then, Chelsea leads her around the floor, with her crawling on her hands and knees. A very sexy and very kinky sight…

Chelsea leads naked Molly around the room on a leash

As with all Chelsea Pfeiffer scenes there is a nice spanking with plenty of verbal humiliation to go along with the physical spanking, followed by some kinky toys. It’s is one of the newest updates on Chelsea Pfeiffer’s Good Spanking.

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