Kat Foster all tied up and kinky

Kat Foster tied to a spanking bench in Weeds

Today we go into mainstream culture as Kat Foster gets all tied-up and kinky on the Showtime’s “Weeds” from earlier this year. You may recognize classically trained actress, Kat Foster, from her frequent boob tube appearances on Law & Order, ‘Til Death, The Unusuals, The Good Wife, and Law & Order: Special Victims Unit. Unfortunately this leggy California native has been shy about showing off her sexy body onscreen. However, on the hit Showtime series, Weeds, Ms. Foster bares her ass cheeks in some skimpy black lingerie while tied over a spanking bench and receiving a leather paddling.

Kat Foster gets paddled on TV series Weeds

The result is quite sexy as the sexy actress looks like she’s enjoying herself when she’s tied to the spanking bench with a ballgag in her mouth.

Kat Foster gets paddled on TV series Weeds

This is a nice example of fetish and kink crossing over into mainstream TV. The good thing about Mr Skin is that you can watch the sexy parts without having to sit through the whole series, or movie. There’s plenty of household names getting naked and sexy in various programmes and movies, and, like here, sometimes the scenes can get kinky.

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