Spanking The Nanny

Ms Wells spanks the naughty nanny hard and long with the leather paddle

Pixie, or Ms Wells as she’s called when she’s on top, is back in this hard punishment spanking on Punished Brats. The nanny, alexis, has been letting Audrey drink alcohol so Ms Wells has to punish her. In her tight, smart sweater and a stern expression on her face Pixie gets to work on the careless nanny’s behind with a leather paddle. Even with the nanny’s panties still up you can see that the monotonous regularity of the hard spanking makes her behind very red indeed. But then the panties come down…

The nanny gets extra humiliation when her panties are lowered to complete the spanking

This is a very nice, and very hard girl-on-girl punishment. It’s definitely punishment strength and the poor nanny is soon feeling sorry for herself.

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Punished Brats

Ms Wells gets Strict in the Punishment Room

Ms Wells gets strict with Mischa in the punishment room

Pixie, I mean, Ms Wells is becoming quite a domme. Whereas Pixie, is/was bratty she has also found her dominant side and has also found that there is a ready supply of naughty girls for her to work with. This time it is Mischa who must bare her bottom for Ms Wells’ wrath.

A spanking isn’t the only punishment Mischa receive from Ms. Wells. She is made to write lines while seated on a very sore bottom.

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