Hard All-Girl Handspankings

Kailee gets her bare ass beat good by hard-spanking Lana

I probably like F/F and M/F spankings equally, one more than another depending on my mood. The main things I look for in a scene is some kind of a story, a good-looking babe and a hard punishment. If the plot is not there I look at the scenery and imagine what might have happened for the poor lady to get such hard treatment, maybe there’s an ashtray on the table or a broken glass on the floor as a clue. I’m not super-fussy when it comes to how beautiful the naughty ladies are but I like slim with a nice bottom. If it’s a hand spanking it has to be hard and make a nice sound as the hand really slaps into the girl’s tender bum, a pat really isn’t the same.

Here, in this all-girl hand-spanking and paddling gallery we have two very hot ladies, Madison Martin and Kailee, getting a good seeing to from one of the hardest spankers I have ever seen, Lana. It’s a good job both babes can take a lot of smacking. And as for plot, there are plenty of twists and turns in this storyline, as you’d expect from episodic hard-spanking soap opera…

My Spanking Roommate

My Spanking Roommate, Episode 6

Kay Richards spanks Madison Martin in the Kitchen

My Spanking Roommate is fast turning into one of my favorite spanking sites. Episode 6, shown in this lesbian spanking gallery has Kay Richards spanking her roommate, Madison Martin. Both girls are very sexy and wearing very little.. Kay is in fact very nude indeed and sporting a bright red bottom.

See the site for the hi-def movies and all the story and action with Kay, Madison, Mistress Gemini and the All-Star cast of…

My Spanking Roommate

Lana spanks Kailee and Madison really HARD!!!

Lana spanks Kailee and Madison really HARD!!!

Madison Martin visits her sister Kailee to borrow money, but Kailee’s sugar mamma Simone Wilson (played by Lana) catches them and gives Kailee a hard over the knee hand spanking. She then convinces Kailee to give Madison an over the knee spanking with hand and hair brush. Finally, Simone bends the two sisters over the sofa and gives them hard spanks with her hand, a brush and a leather paddle.

My Spanking Roommate

My Spanking Roommate 2

Kay Richards and Madison Martin @ My Spanking Roommate

Madison Martin moves into Kay Richard’s apartment. But much to Kay’s chagrin, she arrives without her portion of the rent. So Kay uses this opportunity to get her revenge on Madison’s ass. She puts her over her knee and gives Madison a taste of her own medicine – a sound spanking. And Madison is shocked to disover that though her new roommate has never spanked anyone before, she is very good at it.

The above shows you everything you need to know about My Spanking Roommate: two very hot babes Kay Richards (looking very busty on the left) and Madison Martin move in together and teach each other lessons for whatever naughtiness each girl has been up to. Not only do the two sexy babes spank each other but they also spank and get spanked by work colleagues, friends and relatives in a series of spanking dramas.

The scene above is episode 2 but in the first episode it was Kay’s turn to get spanked. In her tiny, tight dress her boobs popped out and her dress rode all the way up her ass as she was pulled over Madison’s knee.

Kay is one of my favorite spanking models and Madison could soon join her – not only is she very cute indeed but she’s also a lot of fun and has a very strict side that is certainly needed with Kay… I love this site already. Can’t wait to see how the stories unfold…

My Spanking Roommate

Harmony Spanks Madison Martin in the Office

Harmony Rose lectures Madison Martin before the spanking begins

After a recent post saw Harmony on the receiving end of a good spanking in this naked spanking and fucking, today’s spanking flips things round and sees Harmony Rose spanking naughty Madison Martin. It is an office spanking and I think the photo below is just about the sternest I’ve seen Ms Rose look…

Madison goes over Harmony's knee for a sound spanking

Often when I see a spanking I want to see the tables turned on the female spanker so that both girls end up getting spanked. Luckily, Clare Fonda’s new site My Spanking Roommate has plenty of this kind of spanking and will definitely appeal to anyone who likes girl-girl hand-spanking.

The above spanking is a good example of a good hard OTK hand-spanking: Madison gets her skirt flipped up and her panties pulled down for some real hard punishment on her bare bottom. Check it out at..

Clare Fonda’s My Spanking Roommate