Four girls spanked in detention

Two geeks, a cheer leader and the head girl are in detention together

In “Multiple Detentions” on Triple A Spanking a cheerleader, two geeks and the headgirl are all in trouble. Joelle Barros and Nyssa Nevers are two bespectacled geeks, Ashley Graham is a cheerleader and Carissa Montgomery is the head girl. All four are in detention together and have their regulation white knickers pulled down for some old-fashioned discipline…

Four girls line up with their bare, spanked bottoms on display

Four girls are given a detention punishment together at the same time. They are the most unlikely collection of naughty reprobates to ever appear together. Two bookworm types who have committed infractions in the School Library, a slutty cheergirl due yet another discipline session and the Head Girl who also has good reason to be there and give a full report on these girls – but she also gets a surprise punishment too for some poor behavior not befitting a girl of her status! This is the one and only time all four of these girls have ever appeared together for this rare multiple punishment.

Four red, spanked bottoms

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Triple A Spanking

Nyssa Nevers Breaks a Vase…

Miss Susan Spanks Nyssa Nevers

Miss Susan promises Nyssa Nevers won’t be punished for breaking the vase and gives her one last chance to admit to the accident. True to her word, Susan does not punish her for the vase, but immediately takes Nyssa over her knee for lying about it.

Ok, so even though she breaks the vase, that’s not the reason for her spanking! Naughty Nyssa! Will she ever learn? Here’s a sample movie of this OTK spanking (lovely red bottom!!).

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Nanny Paddle

Nyssa Nevers & Veronica Bound in Nanny Paddle

When Veronica catches the nanny, Nyssa Nevers, dishing out spanking punishments without permission it’s time for this nanny to get a taste of her own medicine. Veronica pulls her over her knee flips up her dress, down with the panties and her sexy, white, Asian bottom gets a paddling on the bare…

Nyssa Nevers & Veronica Bound in Nanny Paddle gallery

It’s good to see Veronica getting straight to work and yanking those panties down right from the off so we can see the leather paddle land on Nyssa’s pearly white bottom and gradually get redder and redder.

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