Redheaded Olga takes the Switch

Redheaded Olga takes the Switch on the punishment bench

Olga is very good-looking and has a great figure, she’s very sexy but that red hair tells you that she also has a fiery personality. It looks like that’s what has gotten her into trouble again as she is tied to the bench and thrashed by a strict man in an army camouflage outfit and balaclava. The pretty babe wearing only a negligee with her pretty white pearl of a bottom bare and defenseless to the sting of the mean switch that is targeted upon her. The switch itself may not look very fearsome, it’s just a long, thin strip of wood, but when used correctly can inflict enormous pain upon it’s naughty recipient, as Olga ably demonstrates in these movies..

Redheaded Olga takes the Switch on the punishment bench movies

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German Babe gets Caned hard

Olga bends over with her bare bottom ready for the cane

This movie of a sexy German babe getting her naked ass caned is very nice indeed. The action is hot, the babe is very attractive and she’s dressed in a traditional kind of outfit. This kind of red checked, almost plaid material could be seen being worn by Daisy Dukes or even, especially as it’s from the same part of the world as Germany, in the old Heidi TV series. It’s a classic retro look for the servants and maids who worked out in the countryside of yesteryear…

German Daisy Dukes gets whipped by a cane hard gallery

The hard cane lashes at Olga's pretty bottom

But, this is not a farm in the Wild West (or even 1970s/80s) or the Alps, this is a modern scene of the chastening of a sexy German babe, Olga. Olga’s pretty red and white dress is flipped onto her back as she bends over the wooden table with her tight bottom bared for the stinging cane. It seems that Olga has been a very bad girl and the cane soon brings tears to her eyes and flow down her pretty face…

Tears flood to Olga's eyes as she gets a very painful caning

This movie definitely works for those fantasies where you’re thinking back to days gone by where discipline really meant discipline and everything was much simpler and more straight-forward. Pretty girls would dress nicely and behave just as nicely or they would know to expect the cane… It’s another nice and hard spanking scene from…

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