Clare’s Spanking Fantasy

Steve Fuller spanks his stalker Clare Fonda OTK on the bed

In this update from Spanked Sweeties, Clare Fonda acts out one of her spanking fantasies. We all know that she can be very strict with the ladies on her websites but sometimes we forget that Clare is actually in need of a good, hard spanking herself.

Steve Fuller has not shot any spanking vids for a while so stalker, Clare Fonda, tries to get him to come back. At first she wants him to spank me but then it gets too hard. Clare never knew Steve had such a hard hand when she was home watching him in the spanking videos. And, that is exactly what she gets… a nice long, hard hand spanking on her white, delicate bottom.

Clare’s ass gets very red indeed, as you can see in this photo. It’s a great OTK shot which shows all the emotion and feeling behind a very hard, hand spanking…

Clare Fonda's bottom gets very red as her bare bottom gets spanked hard

Sometimes in spanking scenes, especially with pornstars or glamour models, the spankee can sometimes get an easy time. Not in this case! With a spanker who spanks hard and a spankee who is able to take a lot of punishment this scene is dynamite. It could almost be a husband and wife domestic discipline scene.

There may be more of Clare’s spanking fantasies in the future, but for now this update is there to download in full only at Spanked Sweeties.

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Audrey Knight OTK

Lawyer Audrey Knight comes to find Mr Ford

In the latest episode of My Spanking Roommate we see the aftermath of a previous spanking. Mr Ford had spanked Alanah Rae for not paying him for some work, so Alanah furious at being spanked so hard gets her lawyer, Audrey Knight, to pay him a visit. Audrey has all the paperwork for Mr Ford to sign when she knocks on his door but Mr Ford is unco-operative.

Thus, the sexy, curvy lawyer also goes over Mr Ford’s knee until she agrees to waive all claims…

When Mr Ford disagrees with her claims he spanks her bottom until she changes her case over his knee

Audrey Knight is gorgeous, she looks very sexy and has a petite body with luscious breasts and a pert bottom… perfection! She gets her tight skirt pulled up and her bare bottom spanked hard until she repents and drops the case. She is made to rewrite the papers there and then as she is getting her bare bottom spanked. But even at the end this little madam still has the cheek to give Mr Ford a finger gesture as she leaves.

Watch this full scene of sexy lawyer Audrey getting a very sexy M/F spanking only at My Spanking Roommate!

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Maggy Maggy Maggy

Maggy returns to Girls Boarding School and is spanked OTK

Maggy is back at the Girls’ Boarding School and she’s in trouble again! Not sure exactly why she’s in trouble, she’s making so much noise that it almost drowns out anything the strict teacher is saying, but needless to say that she is in trouble. The curvy redhead with large breasts starts off by being spanked over her trousers, then over her panties and finally gets her bare ass spanked good to finish off. This all takes place over the knee…

Maggy returns to Girls Boarding School and is spanked OTK movies

There are prettier, slimmer babes out there getting their pert little bubble butts spanked but Maggy remains a personal favorite of mine. She is a nice rounded chick with plenty of cleavage and you can spank her as hard as you like, she’ll wail and moan, but you can spank her hard and well until she’s learned her lesson.

See the full movie of Maggy’s Return at…

Girls Boarding School

Chloe Elise

Chloe Elise goes OTK for a spanking at Clare Fonda's brothel

Chloe Elise was so excited about all the money she made that she thought she could be a “Chatty Cathy” but Clare Fonda is in a bad mood – not to mention sometimes she’s a bit jealous of these young bitches. Chloe gets a hot bottom as she’s pulled OTK with her panties yanked down so her bare bottom can be spanked hard by Clare’s firm hand…

Chloe Elise goes OTK for a spanking at Clare’s brothel gallery

Watch the full movie only at Clare Fonda’s Spanked Callgirls

Spanked Callgirls

Soccer Moms

Chelsea Pfeiffer spanks Clare Fonda OTK with a hard hairbrush

I’ve mentioned this spanking before but it’s not had a whole post to itself so it’s high time we took a good look at this classic spanking featuring Clare Fonda and Chelsea Pfeiffer switching and spanking each other HARD in the same scene.

The basic story is that Clare and Chelsea are soccermoms and one of their sons has been selected for the school team at the expense of the other. Thus they have coffee together and decide to settle things once and for all. Firstly Clare goes over the knee across the sofa and her pale while butt gets a very hard hand spanking then a brutal paddling with the hairbrush… I believe this is one of Clare’s first scenes, it’s certainly an early one, and those tears at the end are real!! But, that’s not all, a twist in the tale and now it’s Chelsea’s turn to get punished and Clare’s chance at revenge…

Clare Fonda gets her revenge and beats Chelsea's ass with the same hairbrush

I LOVE this scene. One of my all-time favorites! It has two spanking superstars in some very hard girl-on-girl spanking, then the spanker is spanked! Having a righteous lady spanking another, then herself getting her own comeuppance is very sexy indeed. Throughout both spankings the two ladies are constantly talking to each other, even when Clare is spanked to tears and she struggles to speak as she sobs. Clare really does seem to get the worst of this encounter but Chelsea gets a hard time too, maybe Clare’s pain tolerance is just a little lower. Very erotic anyways…

The classic “Soccermoms” movie is one of the latest additions to Clare Fonda’s girl-on-girl spanking website…

Girl Spanks Girl

Spanking Cures the Addiction?

Amanda whimpers and squirms with every punishing smack, but is it enough to break her addiction to texting?
Amanda whimpers and squirms with every punishing smack, but is it enough to break her addiction to texting?

Cute brunette Amanda Rose has an addiction to texting. Whether she wants to or not she finds herself pressing her phone’s keypad and sending meaningless details of her life to all her friends at every hour of the day and night. It has gotten way out of hand! Not only should Amanda be doing other, much more productive, things, but it’s taking over her life and costing her money!

Always willing and able to teach a pretty lady’s bottom the error of her ways, David Pearson is at hand to show this eager texter that there is more to life than sending SMS’s… and as you’d expect, Amanda gets more than a lecture as she finds her jeans pulled down and her lovely bottom slapped hard. She’s wearing small polka-dot panties but even these skimpy panties do not last long as David is determined to really teach Amanda a very good lesson and set her free from her addiction. The panties are pulled right down, revealing an already red bottom, but this naughty babe deserves a very long, hard spanking for her own good. He smacks her tender bottom hard and firm as she squeals and fidgets over his knee. It may be painful now but she has been asking for this for some time by her persistent texting, David has had no choice but to deal with her very firmly. Perhaps this will finally get through to her…

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Office Slut Spanking

Mark Johnson spanks his naughty girlfriend in the office

Mark Johnson manages a nursing home that does business with Madison’s insurance company. When his girlfriend Faye (played by Sara Faye) comes to visit the office, she is extremely bratty. He warns that he has put up with her nasty attitude far too long. But Faye says “what are you gonna do, spank me?” Well, that is exactly what he does, taking her over his knee for the spanking of her lifetime. Her cute, plump bottom is quickly turned red until Faye finally agrees to behave.

This is another smoking-hot spanking update from the spanking soap opera that is…

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Problem Intern Lily Anna

Problem Intern Lily Anna gets a hard handspanking on her naughty bottom

When intern, Lily Anna, becomes a problem Mr Wilson has to take action so that he can get some work done. The sexy, blonde college student is hauled over the knee and spanked over her smart, grey trousers. Lily’s trousers are thin and tight so they show off her big, round bottom as Mr Wilson slaps it. But even the thin fabric is protecting her rear a little too much so those pants are soon pulled down and Lily Anna is spanked hard on her bare bottom…

Lily howls from the hard hand-smacks on her sore bottom and wriggles and moves around as she lies over the knee. None of this stops the barrage of spanks that land flatly on her naughty bottom. Lily’s pale bottom is soon a very deep, dark red as she gets more and more vocal about the stinging in her bottom.

With Lily’s behavior in check and her bottom aglow, maybe Mr. Wilson can finally get some work done.

Watch the full lively and hard spanking and see Lily’s ass get redder and redder only at Punished Brats

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