Spanking Cures the Addiction?

Amanda whimpers and squirms with every punishing smack, but is it enough to break her addiction to texting?
Amanda whimpers and squirms with every punishing smack, but is it enough to break her addiction to texting?

Cute brunette Amanda Rose has an addiction to texting. Whether she wants to or not she finds herself pressing her phone’s keypad and sending meaningless details of her life to all her friends at every hour of the day and night. It has gotten way out of hand! Not only should Amanda be doing other, much more productive, things, but it’s taking over her life and costing her money!

Always willing and able to teach a pretty lady’s bottom the error of her ways, David Pearson is at hand to show this eager texter that there is more to life than sending SMS’s… and as you’d expect, Amanda gets more than a lecture as she finds her jeans pulled down and her lovely bottom slapped hard. She’s wearing small polka-dot panties but even these skimpy panties do not last long as David is determined to really teach Amanda a very good lesson and set her free from her addiction. The panties are pulled right down, revealing an already red bottom, but this naughty babe deserves a very long, hard spanking for her own good. He smacks her tender bottom hard and firm as she squeals and fidgets over his knee. It may be painful now but she has been asking for this for some time by her persistent texting, David has had no choice but to deal with her very firmly. Perhaps this will finally get through to her…

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Problem Intern Lily Anna

Problem Intern Lily Anna gets a hard handspanking on her naughty bottom

When intern, Lily Anna, becomes a problem Mr Wilson has to take action so that he can get some work done. The sexy, blonde college student is hauled over the knee and spanked over her smart, grey trousers. Lily’s trousers are thin and tight so they show off her big, round bottom as Mr Wilson slaps it. But even the thin fabric is protecting her rear a little too much so those pants are soon pulled down and Lily Anna is spanked hard on her bare bottom…

Lily howls from the hard hand-smacks on her sore bottom and wriggles and moves around as she lies over the knee. None of this stops the barrage of spanks that land flatly on her naughty bottom. Lily’s pale bottom is soon a very deep, dark red as she gets more and more vocal about the stinging in her bottom.

With Lily’s behavior in check and her bottom aglow, maybe Mr. Wilson can finally get some work done.

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