A Breath of Fresh Air at Firm Hand Spanking

It seems like there have been a lot of brand (spanking) new spanking models recently, but we’re glad that there are three new ladies on Firm Hand Spanking and we think it’s a breath of fresh air. Technically, it’s two new models because we’ve seen Pandora Blake many times before and it’s just her first time on first time on that particular website. The two newbies are Asian Yumi Bennett and gothic Dolliah Hart. All three get a nice hard hand spanking on their bare bottoms.

Dolliah is first up on our preview. With her dyed dark red hair, tattoos and piercings she looks quite gothic, and reminds us of another spanking model from a few years back: Kailee. If she does half the scenes and is half as liked as Kailee she will be doing really well, and this is a nice start! In her first scene she gets an OTK hand spanking from Alison Miller who has changed her hair color from bright red to being completely white…

Alison Miller spanks Dolliah Hart's bare bottom OTK

Alison is still mainly known for being a spankee but has done many scenes where she’s on top by now. In this scene she lets her hand do the talking, and instead of lecturing too much she simply rains a quick succession of hand smacks down on Dolliah’s bare bottom. The smacks do not seem overly hard, but they are not light either. By the end, Dolliah’s ass has had a nice introduction to spanking by the white-haired beauty.

Next, Yumi Bennett gets similar treatment while wearing a school uniform…

School skirt pulled up to her waist and non-uniform panties yanked down, new Asian student Yumi Bennett realises that things are very different at Private School. Principal Friday believes in firm discipline, so Yumi is soundly spanked with her bottom bare, despite her protests and yelling. See that creamy booty bounce crimson red!

Yumi’s punishment seems a lot slower and more deliberate. The smacks are spaced out more slowly on her bare bottom, but each one sounds like it might be harder. Yumi moans and squeals throughout, especially when a steady flow of spanks lands on one cheek…

New model Asian Yumi Bennett gets spanked OTK on her bare bottom

Finally, Pandora Blake has finally arrived at Firm Hand Spanking and she plays a maid working for Henry Higgins.

Bottom bared, new maid Pandora Blake’s jutting cheeks quiver and bounce red as her employer, Henry Higgins, soundly spanks her for breaking a valuable jug in the all-new series Maid for Discipline.

Seeing more of Pandora’s big British bottom is always welcome. And this is a nice scene with a very polite spanker in Henry. I like the part where Pandora reaches back with her hand to protect her bottom, Henry tells her to move her hand away in the most polite way I have ever heard it done. When someone asks you that nicely you’re obliged to move your hand as quickly as possible and that’s just what Pandora does. But that’s not to say that this is a gentle spanking. Pandora is well-used to being spanked and Henry gives her some very hard smacks with his hand on her quivering bottom…

Pandora Blake gets a hard spanking from polite Henry Higgins

It’s good to see some new blood on Firm Hand Spanking, it’s a breath of fresh air and bodes well for the future. To check out these three spanking scenes, and the rest of the series they are taken from, plus more Anglo-American spanking scenes sign up to Firm Hand Spanking!

Firm Hand Spanking

After hours spankings in wet swimsuits

After dragging the two after hours swimmers back to their room Dana lectures them on the bed

The latest episode to start on new website Momma Spankings features two very sexy brunettes in skimpy bikinis getting spanked by an experienced and stern domme, Dana Specht.

Sarah Gregory and her British friend Pandora Blake have accompanied Momma Dana to Atlantic City for a vacation and the girls get caught by security sneaking into the pool after hours. Momma marches the girls back to their room in their dripping wet bikinis and gives each of them a sound spanking on their wet bottom, covered then bare.

Sarah faces the wall while Momma Dana inspects her sore, red bottom

Sarah (in the turquoise/blue bikini) is spanked first over Momma’s knee before Momma Dana inspects her work and orders Pandora across her lap for more of the same. Pandora’s green bikini does not stay in place long before Momma has squeezed the bottoms into her ass crack then pulled them down altogether.

Pandora Blake goes across Dana Specht's lap for a hard OTK hand and hairbrush spanking

And then comes Momma’s hairbrush for Pandora as the whole thing was her idea and she persuaded Sarah to join in. In this scene Dana really shows that while it may be Sarah who is her “daughter”, she’ll happily discipline other girls too. Pandora gets a very thorough workout over Momma’s knee while Sarah, with her own sore bottom, watches in the background.

Momma Spankings will appeal to fans of Sarah Gregory and Dana Specht, fans of roleplay and ageplay, and good, hard F/F spanking. If you like this scene with naughty Brit, Pandora Blake, Pandora also appears on Sarah Gregory Spanking with a host other other British spanking models including Amelia Jane Rutherford and plenty of US models too. You can join those two websites together for a great value deal at Sarah Gregory Pass.

Sarah Gregory and Dana Specht in Momma Spankings

Spanked from Afar

Executor Miss Gregory demands that Amelia and PAndora get spanked before they can get any of their grandpa's money

Sarah Gregory is back, and this time with peroxide white/blonde hair… In a previous update on her website, Sarah Gregory Spanking, she was getting punished by her boss, played by striking silver-haired, Dana Specht. With both ladies having silvery white hair they definitely looked like they might be related (see Momma Spankings).

In the latest scene Sarah plays the executor of a trust fund that has been left to two stuck up brats by their grandfather. British spanking models Pandora Blake and Amelia Jane Rutherford are the brats in question. When these two stuck up and sassy girls come to pick up their first checks, they were not expecting there to be a clause that said they had to be spanked each and every time they came to collect a check. Grandpa had watched these two girls grow into stuck up, self-centered, materialistic upper east side girls and had wanted their attitudes to stop. This way he could ensure their behavior changed, even if he was not around to witness it himself.

Miss Gregory points to each girl in turn and beckons them over her knee. It is Amelia’s turn first and the tall, leggy blonde does not submit to her punishment without a fuss. Anyone familiar with AJR will know that she is more than capable of brattiness, especially after she has gone over someone’s knee. In this scene there is something about either her clothes or the camera angles but her long legs seem to go on for longer than ever!

Tall blonde Amelia Jane Rutherford gets spanked hard OTK

Then, Amelia kneels herself on the couch and it’s Pandora’s turn to go over Sarah’s knee. Pandora is wearing a type of skimpy panties which seems to match Sarah’s top. She makes the perfect spoiled brat in her pretty dress and tan nylon holdup stockings.

Amelia kneels on the couch, facing the wall as she watches Pandora take her spanking

To see more of Sarah and her sexy spanking adventures with many more American and British spanking models sign up today at Sarah Gregory Spanking!

Sarah Gregory Spanking

Trying out a Spanking

Pandora Blake spanks Amelia Jane Rutherford OTK

Sometimes if a spanking scene looks particularly hard, possibly with tears, it can make you think that maybe things might have gone out of control somehow on the set and things may have gone too far. That could never be the case in any scene involving Amelia Jane Rutherford, not because she is not spanked very hard (she gets spanked very hard indeed!) but because she is an experienced spankee who has a very high tolerance.

Having said that in a spanking/paddling/caning scene such as this, especially with Amelia’s wonderful reactions, it certainly feels like the tall, British blonde is getting spanked for the very first time. She’s getting put through her paces by Pandora Blake who certainly knows her way around both ends of a spanking implement. The scene starts off with a good ol’ OTK hand spanking then progresses to the spanking bench where Amelia bends over for a long, leather strap…

Amelia gets a dose of the black leather strap over the spanking bench

Finally, Pandora uses a painful-looking cane on Amelia’s delightful bottom…

Finally, Pandora gives Amelia a thrashing with the cane

This is a very nice scene with two of the best English spanking models putting on quite a display. Pandora is very British-looking and strict, and Amelia Jane Rutherford plays the innocent but curious spankee very well. It’s a nice hard scene with Amelia’s famous bottom getting spanked til it’s bright red. Fans of both ladies should definitely take a peek at this scene now only at Sarah Gregory Spanking!

Sarah Gregory Spanking

Pandora’s trip to the Headmaster’s Study

Pandora Blake gets her big bottom spanked in the Headmaster's Study

Pandora Blake gets her big bottom spanked in the Headmaster’s Study – gallery

In “Disruption at Upton“, Sarah and her father are visiting England because he has a teaching opportunity. Sarah and one of her new British schoolmates, Pandora Blake, get into a fight which results in their ending up in the new headmaster’s office, which also is Sarah’s father. Both Pandora and Sarah are each spanked, caned, and paddled.

Pandora's regulation school knickers are pulled down and she is spanked on her bare bottom

This is another one of Sarah’s UK adventures, to see more of her shapely American bottom and her pretty girlfriends getting spanked take a look at Sarah Gregory Spanking.

Sarah Gregory Spanking

Triple A Spanking

British ladies Pandora and Leia-Ann Woods in Red Breakfast

Today’s update comes from new British spanking website: Triple A Spanking! This scene has all the ingredients to get you hot and bothered: two sexy British spanking models Leia-Ann Woods and Pandora Blake, a strict spanker: Jean Bradley, and a very eventful breakfast time…

Leia-Ann and Pandora are having their breakfast but they don’t seem to be in any hurry to get ready for school! The girls are being looked after by Miss Bradley who knows every trick in the book when girls will try anything to wriggle out of going to school and these two are no exception! She has received a text from the Admin Office which informs her of their absence & late arrivals so she is well aware that they are lying when she confronts them. Each girl is taken over her knee and given a solid sound spanking with their pyjamas pulled down! Pandora is especially lippy and gets an extra dose of the hard wooden hairbrush which soon makes her squeal as Miss Bradley tries to instill more discipline and order into these brats to motivate them not to get thrashed again and get themselves off to school!

Triple A Spanking