Lady Sonia is prepared for her spanking…

Lady Sonia tied to a spanking bench

You’ve seen Lady Sonia before spanking Leia Ann Woods and other English models but you might not have seen her on the other end of the spectrum. Here, she’s restrained, tied to a bench with her big, English bottom on display through her pantyhose. Then slowly her pantyhose and peeled down, her knickers pulled down, and she’s finally ready for the cane..

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Why is Lady Sonia tied to the bench??

Not entirely sure, but as her site says she is “Britain’s most unfaithful wife” so maybe that has something to do with it. If it is then it could not be her husband, Charles, deciding to teach her a lesson because he has been fully cuckolded over the years, maybe one of her virile studs has decided to have some fun with her.

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Lady Sonia