Spanked by a Sexy Police Officer

Off-duty police officer Scarlett Summers spanks naughty Sarah Gregory for speeding

On Sarah Gregory Spanking you may have seen a very sexy M/F scene where Scarlett Summers plays a genie and gets spanked by Paul Rogers. It was a very nice M/F spanking but alas we’ve not seen that much of Scarlett getting spanked, or spanking, until now.

Here she is playing a sexy police officer who has agreed to punish Sarah Gregory with a spanking after work when she catches her speeding. Of course, Sarah had thought herself lucky and hadn’t imagined the strict police woman to actually show up ready to spank her, but that’s what happens here. And after the hand spanking comes the paddling Sarah richly deserves.

Scarlett Summers and Sarah Gregory in “Police and Paddles” spanking gallery

Sarah gets paddled by the strict police officer

Sarah Gregory is one of the busiest people in the spanking world. On her website she is both spanked and spanks other sexy ladies. See more of Sarah’s naughty adventures at Sarah Gregory Spanking!

Edit: Scarlet Summers is now called Jordana Leigh.

Sarah Gregory Spanking