Pool Table Strapping

Ebony gymnast Anna Grant in pool table strapping
Ebony gymnast Anna Grant in pool table strapping

Pool tables make a nice prop for spankings and a variety of different porn scenarios. The nice thing from a spanking point of view is that the spankee can either bend over or lie on top of them. Perhaps they’re too high to properly bend over, but they definitely make a nice change from lying over a bed.

Here, Anna Grant, is lying over a blue pool table but there are many different colors of pool table out there! With the differently colored balls you have a nice bright scene already without any models. Anna is beautiful but it’s probably a good thing that she’s wearing black lingerie to stop the movie from becoming too colorful…

Toned gymnast beauty Anna Grant graduates with a stunning spanking and strapping from Earl Grey that reduces her to tears. See her bottom and thighs tanned in Gymnast Hell with classic Reaction Cam shots capturing every grimace: what a finale!

Anna Grant gets punished in this Pool Table Strapping gallery

This is the finale of this particular storyline and is one of the latest spanking movies at Firm Hand Spanking!

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75 with leather paddle for sexy sports student

Ashley Thomas is reprimanded for tardiness by her Life Coach

Here’s a nice scene with sexy, slim glasses-wearing brunette, Ashley Thomas. In “Life Coach” she plays a sexy sports student and looks great in her skimpy lycra sports outfit. However, just looking hot will not get you a graduation, there are classes, assignments and other responsibilities on the sports course. With a lot of work to do at university, even in a sports course, punctuality is very important. If everyone has showed up to play a game they can’t all wait ten minutes until the last student finally arrives. But sexy Ashley Thomas is late again! Life Coach, Patrick Bateman, tells her he’s going to give her “A very stern lesson about time management and responsibility.”

Life Coach spanks naughty Ashley Thomas's bare bottom with a leather paddle until it is red

Nervously, Ashley lies flat across a pool table for a 75-swat paddling. First she is punished over her tight shorts, then they come down and the paddle strikes her over her panties, and finally the punishment finishes with her red, bare bottom getting well-spanked by the stingy leather paddle.

Ashley's sore, red bottom and reactions are captured in this sexy spanking movie at Firm Hand Spanking

This scene has a Reaction Cam that captures every sexy squirm and facial expression from sexy Ashley, and there’s a slow-mo replay of the leather paddle hitting her delicious bottom!

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Spanked on Pool table

Here’s a quick sneak peak of the latest episode that is just starting on Sarah Gregory Spanking! Savannah Sly is spanking naughty switch, Sarah Gregory over a pool table.

Over the knee is by far the most popular position for spankers and spankees alike due to the closeness and body contact during the spanking, but spanking a naughty lady over a table is also a popular choice. Sometimes the spankee bends over the table with her feet on the ground; her legs can be together or spread wide apart. Here, Sarah is lying on the green felt of a pool table while Savannah spanks her round bottom.

It’s nice that you can see everything at once… sexy Savannah leaning over to punish her friend, Sarah’s reactions, her panties bunched up around her knees, and of course the red bottom that is receiving the punishment.

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