Spanked in the Pool

Casey Calvert and Amy Faye get spanked in the pool nude by Kyle Johnson

What is sexier than a spanking outdoors in the pool under the hot sun whilst on vacation? That’s exactly what we have in “Villa de Bootie” at Shadow Lane! It’s a sexy new movie starring Casey Calvert and introducing Amy Faye where they are both spanked in the pool naked by Kyle Johnson.

Kyle’s wealthy uncle has a beautiful mansion that Kyle is going to stay at during the holidays. He invites Amy and Casey along to have fun and also help him with the chores. From the outset Kyle warns his two guests that any misbehavior will be dealt with by corporal punishment.

The swimming pool scene is the second part of the movie and the two girls have already been spanked once. Now, instead of seeing to their chores, Kyle’s naughty house guests agree to skinny dip in the gorgeous swimming pool…

Taking off their clothes, they both jump in, only to be caught and scolded roundly by their host, who reminds them that security cameras around the back yard are recording their mischief for his uncle to eventually see. The girls don’t seem to care and defy Kyle when he orders them out of the pool. So in he jumps, to swim after the brats and drag them back, one in his hand and one over his shoulder, to the edge of the pool, for more spanking.

First Amy’s wet bottom is soundly spanked. Then Casey is told it’s her turn.

After both bad girls are thoroughly spanked, they are told to stand with their bottoms on display. But sticking their tongues out at Kyle earns them extra hard swats.

Casey Calvert gets an extra hard bare bottom spanking then both ladies study their spanked bottoms

Now 27, the lean, new Kyle Johnson demonstrates his mastery of the art of spanking. With two spritely brats to take in hand this time, he’s got his work cut out for him. Casey Calvert, is as always, exquisitely lovely and seductively bratty. While little Amy Faye, with her delightful figure, long brown hair, cutie pie face and glasses, enhances the ensemble with her own uniquely girlish looks and personality.

Watch both parts of this spanking movie where the two naughty ladies are spanked in p.j.’s, bare-bottomed and nude in the luxe swimming pool at Shadow Lane!

Shadow Lane

Stacy’s poolside riding crop whipping

Stacy Stockton gets a riding crop whipping at the poolside
Stacy Stockton gets a riding crop whipping at the poolside

Stunning Stacy Stockton earns herself a fabulous fun poolside spanking and whipping in the series finale of “Truly Madly Deeply”. Flirting with the pool-boy, Stacy runs off when husband Jonny asks what she’s up to. She can’t run far at the pool, so it’s a spanking then a stinging dose of the riding crop across her bare bottom.

This is the final part of this sexy spanking series and Stacy’s bottom gets quite red by the end, as you can see. Jonny does not hold back when flicking the crop towards her pert, upturned bottom as he delivers stinging blow after stinging blow to her sore, red butt. This is a sexy series between a man and his sexy wife, so while the spanking aspect is there for all to see there is also plenty of chemistry between spanker and spankee, with things getting quite sexy at times.

This riding crop whipping is just one of the recent updates with a slipper and leather strap spanking being other examples of the diverse implements on show. Stacy Stockton is one the current regular spanking models at Firm Hand Spanking, and can often be seen in scenes with her partner, Jonny.

Firm Hand Spanking

Dragged out of the pool and spanked

Sarah Gregory gets dragged out of the pool after already being grounded

Sarah Gregory has been grounded. When Daddy comes home from work early, he is not happy to find his grounded daughter out in the pool. He drags her into the house…

Sarah gets her wet bottom whacked as she's led into the house

… and gives her a hard, bare bottom spanking on her wet bottom.

Inside the house Sarah Gregory gets her wet, clammy bottom spanked hard by her daddy

Sarah has a lovely, curvy figure. Her full breasts and tiny waist give her a stunning hourglass shape which looks amazing when she is pulled, dripping wet, from the pool in her little polkadot bikini. You can imagine what her bottom would feel like once she’s back indoors over her daddy’s knee, all wet and clammy. Those hard swats would have really stung her naughty bottom.

Sarah gregory gets dragged out of the pool and taken indoors for a spanking in “Splish Splash Spank” gallery

The story ends happily with Sarah’s bare bottom bright red with her bikini bottoms around her ankles. Gotta love a happy ending! As always, you can see the full gallery and watch the full movie only at Sarah Gregory Spanking!

Sarah Gregory Spanking

Pixie spanked with the Bath Brush

Pixie spanked for skipping class with the Bath Brush

Pixie is caught skipping classes and getting ready for a day spent by the pool. When Veronica catches her, she yanks down her bikini bottom and gives her a serious spanking with the bath brush. Pixie’s delightfully round bottom is held up with two cushions as she lies on her front with her bottom bared and her skimpy bikini bottoms pulled down and the naughty girl is spanked hard and fast with the big, wooden bathbrush.

Veronica is a no-nonsense spanker and she brings that long, hard brush down hard on pixie’s lovely bottom, ignoring Pixies cries and wriggling to give her a painful and fast-paced lesson in truancy.

As Pixie’s rear gets very red very quickly and the realness of the spanking becomes very apparent you can see her reach around with one hand to protect her bottom, but then her hand stops and doesn’t get in the way. This could be because she knows that if she gets her hand smacked with that thing she’ll get much more hurt than if it’s just landing on her soft bottom… or maybe she’s just being a good girl!?

It’s another lively spanking only available at…

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