Punished Switches

Bianca Rose spanks Chloe Noir with a leather paddle

Today we have some punished switches from Punished Brats.

The first switch we’re looking at here is Bianca Rose. When you see Bianca in scenes where she is getting spanked she has a high girly voice and appears very submissive indeed. So, it’s a shock to see how she changes when she tops other girls and gets to spank their bare bottoms. The sexy redhead turns into a no-nonsense spanker who tells the spankee off as she robotically slaps their ass, not caring about their whines or protests.

So then we have to pinch ourselves when we go back to see her take a spanking to make sure we weren’t dreaming…

Bianca Rose submissively bends over the bed for her punishment

Nope, that’s definitely the same spanking model. Bianca makes a great spanking model because she is a pretty redhead who has some lovely reactions as a spankee, but can also give a mean spanking herself. Fantastic for lovers of switches! She also has a lovely bottom, which turns a nice red color when she gets spanked…

Bianca Rose's bare bottom gets well spanked

Another switch who is also very beautiful is brunette Audrey Sugarsmak (or Audrey Jeanine). Audrey is as good on either end of a spanking as Bianca is. But while Bianca can sometimes appear very submissive indeed as a spankee, Audrey always seems like more of a challenge as a spankee. We always enjoy watching the feisty brunette get spanked but here she gives a stern lesson to Chloe Noir (another spanking model who switches) who can be seen getting spanked a lot in the recent updates at Punished Brats

Audrey Sugarsmak spanks Chloe Noir OTK with a wooden paddle at Punished Brats

But, luckily, we’re still able to see Audrey getting spanked herself in the many movies she’s in at Punished Brats. In this recent scene she gets spanked by another redheaded switch, Mari Sladen

Mari Sladen spanks Audrey Sugarsmak OTK

Many websites have a core group of characters that you’ll see appear regularly in their spanking movies. When current regulars at Punished Brats include Audrey Sugarsmak, Bianca Rose, Chloe Noir and Mari you know that the scenes will be good. They also have some very experienced tops, not least David Pierson who still makes occasional appearances. The website used to be most strongly associated with Pixie who was mainly a spankee, but these days most of the ladies seem to be either switches or tops.

Most spanking websites have their own special personalities. Punished Brats is no different. While the website itself looks a little dated and there may occasionally be some technical issues the quality of the spankings is always very good. They definitely have a good mix of F/F and M/F spanking. While they may have fewer spanking models than some sites, the scenes are often very creative and the punishments nice and hard!

Watch much more from these punished switches in the movies at Punished Brats!

Punished Brats

Mandie Rae’s 1960’s Spankings and more

Mandie Rae bending over and about to get a whack of the strap on her bare bottom

One of the most recent spanking series on Punished Brats is this scene written by and starring sexy blond Mandi Rae. With the general theme of 1960’s era spankings she and Dominik (along with another shapely brunette called Audrey) get involved in some very sexy scenes that range from play spanking to quite hard disciplinary spankings with implements such as the belt, as shown in these photos, and various paddles.

Mandie is a cute blond with a nice body and nice, round bottom. Having written the scenes herself she is obviously very kinky, and she proves it with her range of characters for the different scenes. In each scene the common denominators are her pretty blonde looks, her girl-ish little slightly squeaky voice and her sense of fun. She is quite slender and does not have the biggest bottom in the world but she has a lovely little bubblebutt which looks awesome as she spreads for the belt…

Mandie Rae's lovely bare bottom close-up during her strapping

As we’ve not featured Punished Brats for a while…. another recent scene features Joelle Barros getting punished by her father’s new fiancee, Veronica Bound in “Affection Rivals”…

Joelle Barros spanked OTK by Veronica Bound on the couch

As the pain in her bottom increased, Joelle came to the realization that her father’s new fiancee was not a woman to trifle with.

There seems to be an interesting mix of older scenes revamped for 2015 involving Pixie plus a lot of newer scenes with some of the newer spanking stars, such as Mandie Rae and Joelle Barros plus lesser known models such as redheaded Bianca Rose, and brunettes Penny Stone, Cadence Lux and Brittney at Punished Brats. No-nonsense Veronica Bound is still one of the regular spankers and her calm, unrelenting style has the naughty ladies wriggling and reacting beautifully.

Audrey (or Audrey Jeanine) is another curvy brunette switch who looks great giving and receiving. Here’s some photos of Audrey… Firstly on top as she paddles sexy naked brunette in glasses, Penny Stone

Audrey paddles naked and nerdy Penny Stone

Then getting spanked OTK by David Pierson

Audrey gets hand spanked OTK by David Pierson

And finally, sexy redhead Bianca Rose bending over for a hard punishment…

Sexy redhead Bianca Rose bending over showing her well-spanked bare bottom

See more of these naughty ladies at Punished Brats.

Punished Brats

Pixie spanking Ashley Graham OTK

Pixie spanks her sister, Ashley Graham, for throwing a party

I’ve thought for a while that Pixie would make an amazing top/switch so it’s great that she’s started to take my advice. In this scene she’s punishing her sister, played by a new spanking model, Ashley Graham. As you can see these two ladies are beautiful all over. There is always something nice to look at and Pixie’s stern chat during the hard paddling is very nice to hear. As you can see, Ashley takes quite a thrashing, her bottom gets very colorful indeed…

Pixie spanks her sister, Ashley Graham, for throwing a party gallery

You can see more of sexy Pixie on both ends of a good spanking, and see this full scene with Ashley only at Punished Brats.

Punished Brats

Disqualified for Hand Gesture

Piper Hill gets bent over Veronica's knee on the couch and given a hard bare bottom hairbrush spanking

Tennis is a very civilized game with plenty of strict rules and regulations to keep the game fair. Unfortunately, some players do not always play the game in the correct fashion… Piper Hill is disqualified and not allowed to continue participating in the tennis match after she gives the finger to the umpire. The fiery redhead’s poor judgement continues in the locker room when she flips off her coach, Veronica Bound too! Veronica’s response is even stronger than the umpire’s as she applies a wooden hairbrush to the bratty girl’s backside.

You can watch this enticing “tennis gone wrong” scenario with exciting new newbie, Piper Hill, only at Punished Brats.

Punished Brats

Spanking The Nanny

Ms Wells spanks the naughty nanny hard and long with the leather paddle

Pixie, or Ms Wells as she’s called when she’s on top, is back in this hard punishment spanking on Punished Brats. The nanny, alexis, has been letting Audrey drink alcohol so Ms Wells has to punish her. In her tight, smart sweater and a stern expression on her face Pixie gets to work on the careless nanny’s behind with a leather paddle. Even with the nanny’s panties still up you can see that the monotonous regularity of the hard spanking makes her behind very red indeed. But then the panties come down…

The nanny gets extra humiliation when her panties are lowered to complete the spanking

This is a very nice, and very hard girl-on-girl punishment. It’s definitely punishment strength and the poor nanny is soon feeling sorry for herself.

You can see much more of naughty Pixie (Ms Wells) and the other lovely spankers and spankees at Punished Brats.

Punished Brats

Office Pals

Pixie spanked OTK in Office Pals preview movies and photos

Pixie is one of the most famous spanking models, certainly in the US, but sometimes we can forget why it is she’s such a fan favorite. This update at her Punished Brats website reminds us exactly why we like seeing her getting a much needed spanking.

In this “Office Pals” scene David Pierson really gets to grips with Pixie’s delectable rear. The sexy blonde with the lovely round bottom gets spanked over the knee over her office pants, then sexy panties and finally on her reddening bare bottom.

Pixie spanked OTK in Office Pals preview movies and photos

As you can see Pixie has a very nice bottom that is not too big, not too small and very round indeed. The combination of that lovely rear getting slapped as she squeals in her high-pitched voice is very sexy. And, Pixie certainly knows how to earn her spankings too. The name of her website proves that she is very bratty indeed.

Pixie spanked OTK in Office Pals preview movies and photos

You can see much more of naughty Pixie getting her comeuppance along with her equally naughty and bratty girlfriends at Punished Brats.

Punished Brats

Naughty Brats get Punished

Here’s a quick catch-up from some of the recent spanking action at Punished Brats.

Schoolgirl Pixie gets spanked OTK by teacher Beverly Bacci in the classroom

In “Facing The Music“, naughty schoolgirls Pixie and Joelle Barros are in trouble. In the photo, above, Pixie should feel lucky to only have to serve one day of special detention, but she feels anything but lucky while over Ms. Bacci’s knee.

But there is more music to be faced when it’s Joelle’s turn to be disciplined by teacher, Beverly Bacci. Here she is getting spanked with a painful wooden paddle over teacher’s knee…

Joelle gets an OTK paddling on her bare bottom

Beverly is in full control in this scene, but she is also no stranger to getting into trouble and needing punishment herself. The scene “Alarming Business” sees her go over the knee for a very sexy spanking in stockings and garter belt as her bottom is thoroughly punished by her boss, Veronica Bound.

Next, Veronica has another naughty nymph over her knee. Newbie Audrey and her lovely plump bottom are feeling the full force of Veronica’s firm hand in a lovely mother/daughter spanking fantasy called “A Daughter’s Discipline“…

Naughty Audrey gets her plump bottom spanked over her mom's knee

Audrey, or Audrey Jeanine, is a lovely curvy brunette with a delicious curvy bottom that is very spankable, as you can see when she gets spanked by David Pearson in “The College Girl and The Nanny“…

David Pearson spanks naughty Audrey's big, round bare bottom

For some famous faces (such as Pixie, Beverly Bacci, Ten Amorette and Charlie Skye) and plenty more unknown and newbie spanking models (Audrey and Joelle) and even some pornstars who are trying spanking for the first time (Taylor Rain and Andy San Dimas), see plenty more of these kinky ladies and their lovely bared bottoms getting spanked at Punished Brats.

Punished Brats

More Punished Brats…

Everyone knows that Punished Brats is the home of Pixie (also called Amber “Pixie” Wells), and that she has been joined by Lily Anna recently as the two ladies have received some goold, old-fashioned spankings for their misdemeanors. But as well as these two beauties there are some newer models at Punished Brats that you might not be so familiar with…

Lorraine plays a spoilt TV star who gets taken down a peg or two by David Pearson
Lorraine plays a spoilt TV star who gets taken down a peg or two by David Pearson

Lorraine is a very sexy brunette with short hair and a pretty face. She’s quite slim, with a firm but curvy bottom so the hairbrush makes quite a compact sound as it impacts in this scene. When she first feels the hairbrush she makes quite an indignant exclamation, but as the punishment continues her indignation turns into feminine whimpers… very sexy.

Pi gets a hard hand-spanking on her bare bottom in Communication Breakdown
Pi gets a hard hand-spanking on her bare bottom in Communication Breakdown

Pi is another brunette but this time with a bigger bottom that ripples slightly as she gets spanked on the bare. She often has her hair tied up in bunches making it easy to see her pretty face as she gets spanked. Pi is definitely a wailer, especially when she gets some nice hard smacks on her well-spanked bottom. She takes a medium-force spanking quite well, but the change in her reactions when the big hitters come in is remarkable… as her bottom jiggles deliciously with every smack.

Amaya almost squirms herself off Veronica's knee in Insolence and Consequence
Amaya almost squirms herself off Veronica’s knee in Insolence and Consequence

Amaya is a slim blonde with a little bottom who looks lovely wearing glasses as she goes over the knee. Instead of making a lot of noise Amaya can stay fairly quiet but she wriggles and fidgets a lot. She is the kind of spankee who can try to reason her way out of a spanking whilst getting spanked fairly hard with a hairbrush. She’s able to keep her head and formulate the arguments in her head and convey the arguments well, the only clue to her discomfort is her fidgetting. However, even Amaya can squeal, Veronica can make any brat start to squeal over her knee!

Angelina is always full of promises to be good when she is over the knee and having her bottom smacked
Angelina is always full of promises to be good when she is over the knee and having her bottom smacked

Angelina is a tall, very slim brunette who also looks great getting spanked in glasses. Like Amaya, Angelina is another lady who is fairly quiet during a spanking. Maybe it’s the glasses! Angelina has quite a high-pitched little voice, as she gets some very firm spacks of the hairbrush to her little butt and upper thighs she lets out some little squeaks. But then she screws up her face, bites her lip and bucks her body slightly in reaction to the hard spanking. One thing to note is that Angelina will agree with anything the spanker says in order to get herself out of trouble.

The one thing all four of these brats have in common is that they find it very easy to get themselves into trouble. You can watch all four in action, getting their lovely bottoms smacked at Punished Brats.

Punished Brats

Lily Anna’s Big Bottom

Lily Anna looks concerned as Veronica lowers her pink panties and continues to spank her bottom

It seems like quite a while since we’ve seen Lily Anna’s big bottom on here so now is the perfect opportunity. Lily Anna is a curvy blonde lady with a nice pair of breasts and a luscious, big, round bottom. It really is a thing of beauty! In this scene both Lily Anna and Pixie, another smoking-hot blonde, take turns to get spanked after it’s found out that the punch has been spiked…

Lily & Pixie thought it would be funny to liven up the Spring Formal by adding some alcohol to the punch. But Principal Veronica doesn’t find the humor in the situation when she has to drive down to deal with the matter. Pixie endures her humiliating punishment for spiking the punch as Lily Anna watches her bottom grow redder and redder. Lily Anna is in every bit as much trouble as Pixie and now it’s her turn over Principal Veronica’s lap as Pixie sneaks peeks from the corner. Lily Anna kicks and screams for Veronica to stop spanking her … as if Veronica is going to take orders from an errant brat.

With this scene being during a formal ball all three ladies are very well-dressed in their pretty outfits and high heels. It is all very civilized! That is until the two brats get their skirts flipped up and their panties lowered for their bare bottom hand-spanking over Veronica’s knee. Veronica is on form too, she spanks Lily’s soft white bottom until it gets very red indeed. She ignores the squeals and protests, instead spanking those plump cheeks until they’ve learned their lesson.

Lily Anna's big bottom gets spanked until it is very red indeed

To see plenty more of this all-girl spanking scene and plenty more sexy girls-next-door getting their curvy bottom spanked take a look at Punished Brats.

Punished Brats

Lorraine’s Cookie Drive Spanking

Lorraine admits that she took some of the Cookie Drive money so Lily Anna takes her over her knee for a spanking

The saga of the Cookie Drive has already meant the spanking of several naughty bottoms as both Lily Anna and Pixie have been spanked by Veronica Bound over the disappearance of the money they’d raised. But, now it seems that Lorraine took some money too. She admits what she did and it is decided that the only fair way to deal with her is for the naughty brunette to get the same treatment the other two ladies received… and get her lovely bottom spanked. If anything, you’d have to say that getting spanked by these two would be slightly less painful than getting spanked by Veronica but then maybe this saga is not over yet…

Lily Anna, who has already received a firm punishment herself takes the naughty Lorraine over her knee and delivers a barrage of smacks to her cute, round, bubblebutt. She fidgets and whines, but whatever she does Lily Anna continues the thorough, fast-paced spanking. Pixie is standing nearby watching as the lovely bottom gets put through her paces, and it really is a lovely sight.

With both Lily Anna and Pixie being switches and with this scene being set in a bedroom, there is a very soft, feminine feel about this spanking. As Lily Anna pulls Lorraine over her knee her own bottom is still smarting from Veronica’s hard hand when she was lying in the same position over the same bed.

To see plenty more of this all-girl scene and plenty of female switches spanking and getting spanked over the cookie drive affair, and many other scenes, check out Punished Brats.

Punished Brats