Spanking Website Review: Punished Girls

Brunette with a perfect body spanked OTK in this movie

Punished Girls is a movie-only site. There are no pics at all and I actually don’t mind it – I’d rather have big vids and quality spankings than photos.

So what do you get? Well, it’s basically a collection of really nice spanking videos burned into WMV video files and posted up on the site. The site presentation is simple, yet looks good and the vid title and the three big thumbs for each movie give a good idea of the movie you’re about to download. The movies are all able to be downloaded in full or downloaded in sections. The files are very big, mainly due to the scenes being the full length of the DVD. As such each movie will be anything up to about 600MB which is quite big but split into 10 parts is very manageable.

Sometimes the DVDs are one story from beginning to end and sometimes, like the picture above, there are two scenes on a similar theme. Above, a hot babe with amazing breasts is getting her bottom spanked OTK as the man sits on the sofa. She eventually takes off those knickers and bra and presents her naked body to us before her punishment continues. This girl is very beautiful and takes her punishments very well. She’s thoroughly hand-spanked then caned in this, the second part of a livingroom spanking double-header. The earlier part had two babes getting spanked and caned by a third girl.

Another all-girl spanking is this classroom spanking scene…

Another nice brunette gets her bottom punished

The girls have cheated in their exams so their teacher brings them to the headmistress, in the pink T-shirt, who lectures them and gets to work at disciplining their naughty bottoms. Despite the baggy pink T-shirt making this scene look a bit dated its a good scene and the two bad babes are pretty hot in different ways, one is thin with pigtails, the other is curvier but both have nice big, bottoms that are about to get bared spanked and caned. The strict headmistress is very vocal as she strips the girls down with her tongue then thrashes their rears. I like the OTK with the headmistress perched on a stoll with the girls over her knee and the teacher holding their arms out in front of them.

I like this site. The vids are all large in terms of screensize but having been converted from the original VHS the quality is not the best there is, but it was good enough for me and the scenes themselves were very nice. Most scenes see more than one girl get a spanking, often two or more unlucky babes get taken OTK in some nice scenarios. I give Punished Girls 8 out of 10.

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