Punishment Office

Naughty schoolgirl gets spanked and caned in the punishment office

Whether it be in the workplace or at an educational establishment, something tells me that a lot of institutions could use a room like the Punishment Office in this OTK spanking and caning gallery.

The female spanker is certainly a disciplinarian and believes that naughty ladies deserve to be dealt with very firmly indeed. In this case the feisty blonde is taken inside the office and given a firm hand-spanking on her bare bottom before her punishment continues with the leather strap and then the cane.

But every good deed deserves another.. there are plenty of naughty girls* in this school and it’s not even lunchtime. There are plenty more hard spankings, including many school-themed spanking movies at the one and only…

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* We are talking about adults (18+) in this blog post, and all posts on this website.

Two Naughty Ladies Caned by School Nurse

Two naughty schoolgirls are spanked and caned by the teacher and the school nurse

With so many naughty ladies in the classroom, a strict teacher may not have the time to punish them all. But wait, what if she had a little help from the equally stern school nurse? See the results in this nice English caning gallery from “Their Lesson”.

The two sexy blondes bend over a small wooden desk for their canings. The cute English babes get a very strict lesson for their misbehavior and after the nurse has thrashed their naughty bottoms it is the teachers turn to finish their punishments herself by caning their bare buttocks and making them hold out their hands for some strokes of the cane across the flats of their hands. Ouch. You can be sure that these two girls remembered their lesson for some time to come…

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* We are talking about adults (18+) in this blog post, and all posts on this website.

Girls Catfight and Spanked as Punishment

19 y.o. schoolgirls start cat-fighting in class and are both spanked as a punishment

When two sexy 19 year olds start cat-fighting in class everything goes quiet for a second then the room erupts with noise as all their classmates cheer them on, enjoying the spectacle. In catfights, along with the wrestling and hair pulling there is often torn clothing and revealing of underwear, as in the photo above. But the fight ends just as it began, with a moment of hushed silence, as the stern teacher arrives and everyone drifts back to their seats leaving the angry teacher looking down on the two naughty girls*. That is when the punishment begins and these two girls are in for quite a spanking after their little display, see the sample catfight spanking photos.

Both ladies get a zealous OTK spanking on their gym knickers as they bend over teachers lap with their pleated skirts flipped up onto their backs. This teacher does not mess around and, feeling that her hand is not teaching the girls quite the lesson they deserve, she adds to their misery with a sound spanking with a gym shoe. Up to this point the two girls have had the pleasure of being able to wear their regulation school knickers but all that changes when during their caning the strict teacher makes them pull them down so she can deliver the last few strokes on their bare bottoms.

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* We are talking about adults (18+) in this blog post, and all posts on this website.

Naughty Maid gets the Cane for a Bad Job

Naughty Maid gets the Cane for a Bad Job

This is a very nice Catherine Corbett gallery from the movie Bare Bottom Maids 2.

As the name suggests (Bare Bottom Maids), Catherine is a naughty maid who has been very bad. Her employer deals with her sharply in the hope that she will learn quickly and do better in future. She has a nice body, in these photos her small, round bottom gets a good hand-spanking over the knee before she bends over the table for a slippering and is finally stripped naked for a sound thrashing from the cane. A must-see movie for fans of Catherine Corbett and lovers of good, hard English Discipline

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Penny’s OTK Punishment

Penny and her friend get a good spanking from the strict teacher

When Penny and her girlfriend get into trouble at school* their strict teacher decides that there is only one thing that will improve their behavior in this case the two naughty ladies are spanked OTK and caned in this schoolgirl spanking gallery.

But even after they have been thoroughly punished it seems that the two girls’ behavior has not improved and the teacher makes them change into their gym uniform to continue their education by spanking their rosy bottoms OTK on top of their gym shorts. After the caning they’ve already felt on their naughty bottoms the OTK is especially hard for the two babes, even on top of those full, navy-blue gym knickers as their no-nonsense teacher gives them a lesson they’ll both remember. Ouch!

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* We are talking about adults (18+) in this blog post, and all posts on this website.

Erica Delemar gets her Bottom Tanned

Erica Delemar gets her Bottom Tanned

One girl who we have not featured nearly as much as we should have is Erica Delemar! So, to make up for this oversight take a look at this scene from “The Beating Of Erica Delemar” where you can immediately see that this is a girl who likes being spanked and can take a lot of punishment on her round bottom.

This time Erica gets a good OTK hand-spanking followed by a dose of the strap as she kneels over the back of a chair, and finally, some hard strokes of the cane. It’s a hot scene from Pure Spanking and it has everything going for it! I like the way she even gets a further hand spanking on her red bottom at the end… just to make sure she learns her lesson. More from Erica Delemar soon…

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Strict Teacher Spanks a Class full of Naughty Girls

Strict Teacher Spanks a Class full of Naughty Girls

Any spanker can take a single submissive girl over his or her knee and slap their naughty bottom but it takes a real man or woman to deal with a whole class full of naughty teens. The real woman in this school caning gallery is a strict teacher. It really doesn’t matter how many girls there are, they’ll all get a good spanking and caning til they’ve all learned their lesson.

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Strict Lesbian Teacher Spanks Naughty Schoolgirl

Strict Lesbian Teacher Spanks Naughty Schoolgirl

I love this strict slippering and caning from That’ll Teach Her 2, check out the sample spanking gallery.

Slippering, or in this case, beating with a gym shoe, is not seen as much as maybe it should be. It takes an old-fashioned school, with an old-fashioned mistress for the slipper to strike the girl’s lovely bottom and it is the perfect thing to have after the OTK hand-spanking and before the caning.

As this is a school scene it gets even better when the slippering is over the knee on the bare by a strict teacher and the caning has the naughty girl stretched out over her school desk, pushed up against the thick wood and caned hard and fast by a strong flick of the wrist on her vulnerable bottom. Very hot disciplinary caning scene.

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Chubby Girl gets a Spanking

Chubby Girl gets a Spanking

To say this girl is chubby is perhaps a little harsh but she definitely has a full figure and is definitely a little overweight… and chubby. I like girls of all shapes and sizes so seeing a woman with a few extra pounds go OTK for a spanking is not only unusual it is also sexy, especially as I’ve found that the larger the ass the more punishment it can take. And this babe does take a lot of punishment in this spanking and caning gallery.

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One Expelled – Three Spankings

Sweet blonde gets expelled from school and gets spanked

When the blonde on the right gets expelled from school her teacher, Miss Melley, decides to pay her a visit, but its not just the naughty schoolgirl* who’s in line for a spanking tonight in these OTK spanking movies.

Without going into the plot of this scene (which is actually rather good) the spankings are very hard and lovely to watch. The girl in the pink nurse’s uniform gets a jolly good paddling before it is time for the two other naughty girls to get their just desserts. Hot stuff!

See the full girl on girl OTK spanking movie at Pure Spanking!

* We are talking about adults (18+) in this blog post, and all posts on this website.