Sha Luciana

Sha Luciana gets in trouble with her husband for spending too long getting ready

Sha Luciana is a new spanking model, making her debut on Sarah Gregory Spanking in “Sha’s Real Discipline“. The curvy ebony beauty is getting a real-life spanking from her actual husband in this movie. When she spends too long getting ready and makes them both late, he drags her over his knee for a sound hand spanking over her tight jeans…

Ebony Sha Luciana gets spanked over her tight jeans

But, the punishment does not end there. The jeans get pulled down and she gets her large ebony bottom paddled with the hairbrush over her panties, then on her bare bottom…

Ebony Sha Luciana gets a hard hairbrush punishment from her husband

Sha has been spending too much time getting ready to go out when they have to be somewhere and her husband is sick of being late on account that she can’t seem to be ready on time. She knows how they handle matters of discipline. It is right over his lap for a hard hand spanking on her tight jeans. She is sent to fetch the hairbrush next and he has her pull down her jeans. She lays back over his lap and he brings the stinging Mason and Pearson hairbrush down hard on her beautiful bottom. She wiggles and kicks in pain. Just when she thinks her punishment is over, she must fetch the strap. she bends over reluctantly as he straps her until he feels she has learned a proper lesson!

But, even then, after the spanking Sha’s punishment is still not over. With her jeans still bunched up around her knees, she bends over on the couch and gets her big, brown booty strapped…

Sha Luciana bends over the couch and gets her big ebony booty strapped

When the spanker and spankee know each other very well, the resulting spanking can often be spectacular. That’s what happens here. The husband is obviously used to giving his wife a good OTK spanking. He starts off steadily, then gradually increases the speed and force of the punishment.

Sha Luciana ebony spanking gif

Watch ebony cutie Sha Luciana in this movie getting a nice hard, real-life spanking from her husband at Sarah Gregory Spanking!

Sarah Gregory Spanking

Stevie Rose’s Real Punishment

Stevie Rose gets spanked OTK by Sarah Gregory in a real punishment

Where does a spanking model go when she needs a real-life punishment? Well, the answer in this case is Sarah Gregory! Sarah, while still being a mischievous brat at times, is also blossoming into a master spanker. So, of course Stevie Rose would turn to her in her hour of need. But don’t take my word for it, the full session is called Stevie’s Real Punishment and is up on Sarah Gregory Spanking.

Stevie Rose may well spank aswell as getting spanked, but she is probably best known for getting that little bottom of hers spanked really hard. We’ve admired the tiny blonde spankee for a long time and, if anything, the added vulnerability shown in this scene makes her even more special. Stevie is a spanking model who seems to be able to take whatever you can throw at her. She definitely has had some very hard punishments indeed, and this is another one where Sarah does not seem to hold back at all. In fact, is there any spanking implement that Sarah does not use in this strict and sexy scene…?

One of the things we love about Stevie is her reactions. Here, she does not disappoint, as you can see…

Stevie Rose reacts to the leather strap on her bare bottom

Last time I stayed with my good friend Stevie, she admitted that she was in need of some real punishment for her excessive drinking. She was drinking to the point of blacking out at spanking parties. Since I care about her and we are friends, I gave her areal punishment. She gets spanked with my hand, leather paddle, straps, canes, and paddles.

Stevie’s Real Spanking gallery

Sarah looks particularly strict with her hair tied back and wearing this blue dress. If ever there was a strictness uniform, this dress must be it, for women, at least…

Super strict Sarah Gregory canes naughty Stevie Rose on the couch

“Stevie’s Real Punishment” is the latest update at Sarah Gregory Spanking! And, for plenty more of both sides of Stevie Rose and Sarah Gregory, check out the extra scenes at the other Sarah Gregory Pass website.

Sarah Gregory Spanking

Real Discipline Request

Dana Kane spanks Joelle Barros's bare bottom hard in this real-life spanking

Sometimes we see spanking scenes with gorgeous models and the scenes are great but we don’t know much about the models themselves. So, it’s always nice to get some background, especially when she is a spanko!

Here, we’ve just learned that Joelle Barros is a pro switch in New York City. So, she likes being spanked and spanking is a big part of her life. But even people who work in spanking sometimes need a real-life punishment. In this case Joelle has gone to Dana Kane to try to fix some personal issues with a spanking…

Another thing it’s interesting to find out about is when someone is spanked A LOT does it still hurt? I think the answer to this is clear from Joelle’s close-up reactions…

Close-up of Joelle's reaction as she takes her real-life discipline

Our spanking scene became about the real issue that Joelle is having finding a balance between work and personal life. A long, hard OTK hand spanking which begins over her skirt, then across her full-bottom cotton panties, then inevitably to her bare bottom, again and again. Excellent close-up face shots of Joelle’s pretty face reacting to the discipline she requested.

It may only be a hand-spanking but Joelle’s bottom gets a nice rosy color…

Dana inspects Joelle's rosy red bottom after the spanking

Watch this full movie right now at Dana Kane Spanks along with plenty more no-nonsense F/F and F/M spanking action with spankees such as Joelle, Fiona, Angel, Ela Darling and Christy Cutie.

Dana Kane Spanks

Hard Spanking and Real Tears

Dana starts off by giving Sarah Gregory a hard hand spanking on the bare bottom

In a world where a lot of effort is put into making scenes look good sometimes you need a no-frills, very hard spanking with real tears. This update from Momma Spankings is a fly-on-the-wall type amateur movie that is filmed in a hotel room. You’ll not find any acting for the cameras or scripting here, this is just a hard punishment spanking between two sexy ladies who in a spanking relationship. The reason for the punishment is Sarah’s selfishness, and this is a real punishment for naughty Sarah Gregory. Starting off with a hand spanking on the bare bottom the lesson starts the way it’s going to end and Sarah’s bottom changes color very quickly indeed with Dana’s hard smacking.

Dana's array of implements include this wooden yardstick which looks like it hurts a lot

She may be used to getting her bottom spanked and slapped but a really hard spanking hurts a lot, and here you can see that by the end Sarah is in floods of tears. Part of the reason for this is Dana’s array of implements, the first implement is a little slapper which in the right hands can be very sting-y and painful. But after this the implements are not going to get any friendlier and Dana Specht is in no mood to go easy on her naughty “baby girl”.

It may be a punishment but there is still time for some soothing cream to be worked in at the end and, of course, a hug…

With Sarah in tears Dana gives her a much needed hug at the end

While there is a mixture of different styles of spankings on Momma Spankings, there are some spankings which are probably some of the hardest you’ll see, with proper tears. You can join this website along with Sarah’s personal website together at Sarah Gregory Pass.

Sarah Gregory and Dana Specht in Momma Spankings

Momma Spankings

Sarah gets dragged out of the bath for a wet hand-spanking from Momma

Momma Spankings is the NEW website from Sarah Gregory and Dana Specht! With Dana playing the Momma, and Sarah playing the “baby girl” the two have various spanking adventures on their new website.

Whereas, Sarah Gregory Spanking is a lot of diverse situations, lots of different spanking models with Sarah on either end of a spanking, on this new website she is definitely submissive to her Momma Dana. And, while there may be guest models on this new website, the idea is that it is mainly the two ladies and their domestic discipline relationship.

That’s part of the fascination about this website. In real life Dana and Sarah have a mother/daughter spanking relationship, meaning Dana is not Sarah’s real mom but she acts as a mother figure and of course spanks naughty Sarah in real life.

Already there has been a “Real Punishment” in the members area of the site… what that means is that it was an actual punishment that Dana gave Sarah that was unscripted but that was filmed as it happened. What you’ll find in that scene is that Sarah gets a proper, very painful spanking that brings this experienced spanking model to tears… real tears!! It’s an actual punishment so there are no posed-for photos, perfect lighting or fancy angles… it’s a warts-and-all severe punishment between two ladies that love and care for each other.

But, the scenes are not always as serious as that. the “Goodnight Spanking” scene is much less serious, and much less severe…

Sarah Gregory gets a goodnight spanking from Momma Dana

Sarah Gregory gets a goodnight spanking from Momma Dana

While for the most part it may only be Sarah and Momma Dana, there has already been a guest appearance in the form of Uncle Givan in the “Old-fashioned Spanking” scene. This is also quite hard as both Uncle and Momma discipline naughty Sarah very firmly indeed. Dana is angry and disappointed to find that Givan had to resort to spanking Sarah himself, so she gives Sarah a nice hard spanking with the hairbrush (below)…

Sarah gets an old-fashioned spanking after Dana found she'd been spanked by Uncle Givan

Sarah is one of my favorite spanking models because she is a naughty brunette (well, sometimes blonde and redhead) with bags of personality and an amazing curvy body. Just because a pretty lady has a small waist and some lovely large natural breasts doesn’t mean she shouldn’t be spanked… hard!! As you’d expect from an experienced spanking model who loves getting spanked in real life, there is plenty of hard spanking here with the hand, hairbrush and various leather straps and canes.

Momma Spankings will appeal to fans of Sarah Gregory and Dana Specht, fans of roleplay and ageplay, and good, hard F/F spanking!!

Sarah Gregory and Dana Specht in Momma Spankings